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  1. He's almost 100% again! The fin itself still looks a bit odd and deformed (from being clamped up is my guess) but is fully mobile and mostly clear again. There does seem to be some slime coat shedding from it though. There's also no signs of redness where the pectoral meets the body either.
  2. Just wanted to post a small update! So clean water wasn't really doing the trick and the bleeding was actually spreading so much after about a week. Since I needed to go to the LFS anyway, I decided to show one of the clerks the pictures of the fin. Immediately he could tell it was infected and causing hemorrhaging from the fin. He sent me home with some Melafix and told me to dose aquarium salt and lo and behold, it worked! The fin is now fully mobile and the swelling/opaque colour seems to be decreasing by the day. There's still a bit of redness behind where the pectoral meets the body, but that's going down as well. Here's a picture from this morning And another from this afternoon Thanks everyone for your help! I hope this info helps in diagnosing similar problems in the future!
  3. A little update: I got Metro and Prazi just in case and so I have them on hand for the future. I haven't dosed the tank yet but it looks like the fin might be healing a bit? It looks like dead skin falling off the fin, so I'm hoping that means there is new fin growth underneath. The red where the fin connect to the body still looks super irritated. Fin 1 Fin 2 They're definitely not worms or a parasite, but I'm almost positive it's dead skin/fin. Do goldfish even have the equivalent of a scabbing process?
  4. Sounds good, I'll look into them! Unfortunately I know that's the case. This tank was sold to me as a 40 gallon but it wasn't until later that I measured it and found out it was 10 gallons smaller than it was supposed to be. I've been trying my best to make up for it in extra water changes, but I wouldn't be able to get a larger tank unless I move it out of the house I am in currently. I've been in the progress of planning out a larger tank with a sump for some extra gallons of water, but the problem is location and permission, unfortunately. Until I can get moved out and settled, I've been making do with keeping an eye on water parameters and changing the water whenever it reaches 20ppm and changing as much as possible. Within the next year I should have the resources to get a new place and a bigger tank though, fingers crossed!
  5. I don't think I'll be able to find Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride locally, but I can ask for Maracyn 2 and see if they stock it. Is Metro a good fall back if I can't get it?
  6. Metro+? Not on hand, but I might be able to get a hold of some tomorrow. Right now I only have Tetracycline and Fungus Guard in my fishy medicine cabinet.
  7. Thank you! It would be very surprising if that did happen because he almost never swims up to it unless it is to get the larger chunks of food that get caught in the bars. Do you think a salt dip to prevent infection would help in the mean time?
  8. Does septicemia appear so quick and specific like that? There are no other symptoms of it and there wasn't an ammonia spike and the water is definitely not contaminated. The new fish also has no symptoms of septicemia and there is no other bleeding on the body at all. I have no experience at all with septicemia so I don't know.
  9. Hello! The homemade food is all vegetables, but I sometimes supplement bloodworms for protein if I don't have salmon for the gel food. The new fish was quarantined for a month before adding him to the tank and he did not receive any treatments during quarantine. I currently have Tetracycline and some Fungus guard, as well as aquarium salt. The other pectoral fin is completely normal and fully functioning! This is an older photo but the fin looks exactly the same apart from the orange spot. This is a picture of what would be the damaged fin taken the same day. The larger fish is a little over a year old now.
  10. He can move it, but he seems to favour not using it if he can. He seems to have a bit of trouble staying upright/moving now because of it.
  11. Thank you! I'm really worried that it may continue spreading and cause permanent damage.
  12. So I check on my goldfish a couple days ago after I had been away for the day and found that he seemed to have some sort of injury on its pectoral fin. I was told on another goldfish group that it looked like a minor injury and treating with a peroxide swab should do the trick. Three days later and nothing has improved and in fact gotten worse. The blood seems to be pooling into the fin more and starting to come onto the body. My fear is that he broke his fin and, because he can still use it, is making it worse by swimming. When he rests the fin lays by his side kind of limp, but he does have movement with the fin. I'm not sure what to do at this point to help it heal. I've included some pictures in the links below. Fin 3 days ago Fin today
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