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  1. Thank you! Can’t wait to pick out and bring home my guppies
  2. Thank you I’ll probably have an all male tank for a bit while i get used to having guppies, as in haven’t had them before. Then possibly later on try my hand at breeding and or get another tank if my space will permit haha
  3. Setting up a guppy tank 💕✨ 27L Aqua One Xpressions Nano Tank, old from my storage. No guppies, yet!
  4. Hi everyone! Im a returning member! After many years I’ve come back and my has this place changed, it’s so good! I’m no longer a goldfish keeper unfortunately, due to space restrictions!! However I’m getting into Guppies :) wondering where in the forums here I can post about and ask questions that are Guppy specific? I remember back in the day the forum used to have a “Other Fish” section or something. I can’t find anything like that on this new design of the forums. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks in advance :) Lellie
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