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  1. Their tank water is 72-75F. The hose water is in the 50s!
  2. Getting ready to start up my outdoor tank this year. The hose water is so cold though where I live! Any suggestions on how to heat it for water changes to a more comfortable temperature, besides letting it sit in tubs?
  3. Thanks all I need to post some updated photos of him so you can see how he has grown/changed. It's hard to represent how cool he really is!
  4. Just had to share with all y'all fish people today This is my broadtail Numis. (Don't worry, I just put him in the empty tank for the photo.) My baby who keeps me company all day <3 This photo was taken about 6 months ago. Since then his belly has turned completely shiny gold and he has some unusual gold on his chin and in his eyes. I was initially surprised by the color change but have decided it suits him better. I think some people would refer to him as Apache. He has probably gotten 1/3 of his size bigger too. His fins are huuuuuge! You can't really tell in the photo but he has three rows of breeding stars on each of his front fins. Sometimes I wish I could get him a girlfriend lol. His babies would be adorable. I'd been wanting a broadtail for years after my last one (from Petsmart, oddly enough) passed away. His name was Koko, and he was a chocolate broadtail with pom poms. Beautiful fish I saw one other at Petsmart several years back like him - probably from the same farm - but he was too big for me at the time. I'd always regretted not getting him. So when I saw this one from Goldfish Emporium (he was listed on their website http://emporium.puregoldfish.com) I fell in love. I don't think they are well known but I had a good experience buying there. Numis has the personality of a laid back gentle giant. I think moors are more laid back in general. He loves to eat though and has a healthy appetite! Happy Sunday everyone
  5. How do you have all those plants on top of the tank?? Love the oranda in front. <3 Beautiful tank & fish
  6. Septicemia can be isolated in my experience. Very common at the base of a fin/fins where the blood vessels are.
  7. To me, that fin does not look injured - it looks like septicemia.
  8. Culling is a subjective term. IMO, a true cull is a fish that needs to be prevented from reproducing genetic deformities: i.e. crooked mouths, missing eyes or sets of fins, etc. A single tailed Oranda? The tamasaba would have to be considered a Ryukin cull, but no - it is its own breed.
  9. The white on the fins might be normal I have a fish that has long trailing fins that drag on everything and he has "callouses" from it.
  10. I got hair algae outdoors one summer so thick the fish hardly needed me to feed them. It was like grass on the side of the wall lol. Never could get it to grow indoors, only the green filmy stuff or brown on a bad day.
  11. Super cute! Is that the fish in your avatar?
  12. Opaque window coverings by DC Fix at home depot. Waterproof & many options to choose from!
  13. Not bad advice, you are absolutely right. I once forgot water conditioner in my tank when I did a water change and within 10 minutes the fish were showing signs of distress. Tap water is highly highly bad for fishies...
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