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  1. A better photo of her mouth. Sorry for always questioning the virus prognosis, just hoping for something less permanent ?
  2. Hi, sorry for slow responses... I appreciate everyone asking for updates. Unfortunately, she is the same. I have been keeping the water optimum for her and I have treated multiple times for flukes and salt dipped for costia, but she is the same and is never far from the surface. Makes me sad watching her... When I looked at her gills they seemed to be a dark red colouration, rather than bright pink. The white spots on her lips are still there. Can the exposure to air cause these sores or is it definitely the virus. Thanks again
  3. Unfortunately she is only getting worse ? Just hangs at the surface sucking air. The growths on her mouth are getting bigger and she is developing more spots on her anal fins. Her tank mates are all fine...
  4. I'm treating with prazi at the moment, she has been gasping at the surface pretty bad. Hopefully she will stop after a few treatments. The spot on her tail has reduced a little, but everything else is the same. Do you think this was a fungus or ich on her tail? My water is all normal, nitrates are 10ppm.
  5. She has shown possible respiratory distress since she came to me. Perhaps it is epitheliocystis? Would I be able to see the cysts on her gills? When I looked, I didn't notice anything obvious.
  6. There's still a firm lump where I scraped the tail...
  7. The lips I couldn't scrape off, but I was able to remove a glob of jelly off of the tail.
  8. Hard to see in the photo, but it is a smooth white lump with a mucous layer over it.
  9. Unfortunately 2 more of these lumps have formed on her tail...
  10. Oh ok, do you know what the actual name of the virus is? sorry for all the questions...
  11. Koko, can goldfish catch this from koi fish or it a different type of virus? Thanks
  12. Ok Thankyou again. I'll be doing some more research about this. I've removed the fish from the main tank, but I feel it's too late...
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