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  1. ah ok....I probably wont be able to do that while at work. All the scales are missing from a clumped area on one side with a couple random spots on the same side outside the clumped area. Underneath where the scales are gone is bright white. I do not see any redness or sores or anything like that.
  2. Hi thank you to you both. I can not check pH at the moment as my test kit is at my boyfriends house (he borrowed it yesterday, go figure) but it hasn't been too high or low and is consistent ( I can't remember the # on the card at the moment).I can fill out the whole form on my lunch break. I do about 80% water changes weekly, the last one was Sunday the 19th. Tank temp is around 71-72 degrees F. Nitrate out of the tap is around 5. I use Prime water conditioner. How do I upload a photo? I couldn't figure that part out! I see the option for insert other media but don't know how to get to the photo....
  3. Hello, I am fairly new to goldfish. I acquired a rescue oranda a few months back (he was a gift at a work function raffle and in a very small bowl). Thankfully my boyfriend keeps fish and was able to give me some of his established media so I was able to cycle a tank fairly quickly... About two weeks ago I added a second oranda after quarantine. I did only quarantine (salt and hex shield) about a week but he had no issues (so it seemed). Never any sitting on bottom after shipping always greeting at the glass and healthy appetite. Once the two of them were together I did two rounds of treatment of PraziPro just in case as the other fish hadn't been treated with that yet either. Everything has been going well. They both get along and eat normally and are actively swimming around. However this morning to my horror I noticed what I thought looked like scales laying on the bottom of the tank. Sure enough the new fish has lost a ton of scales on one side overnight. I am not sure if he has something wrong with him or if he got stuck on the filter intake while sleeping and damaged himself when getting off of it or what happened! He ate like normal this morning and is swimming around like nothing happened. I haven't noticed any flashing or the other fish picking on him. I have a clear picture but I am not sure how to attach it. 36 gallon (plans for 75 this summer) Fluval 306 canister filter and Aquaclear 70 HOB 2 oranda goldfish (one 2 inches other 2-3 in body length) 0 ammonia 0 Nitrite around 5 nitrate (APT Master Test Kit) Weekly water changes Just switched from sand substrate to bare bottom (this was done gradually)
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