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  1. This is a wonderful aquaponics system and something I would love to have here, even though I have a huge yard and greenhouse with lots of good ground for growing things. But...here it is April 5 and I still have a few feet of snow on the ground (sad but true). I would love to see where you are with the system today and hear how you supplemented your water to fix the nutrient problems. I would put this in my house, if I had the space, for growing winter greens and what not. I'm excited to get my little system going.
  2. I just finished reading through the thread about gel foods for floaty fish. Everyone's recipe calls for cooking all the ingredients. Why would feeding raw veggies and fish be detrimental?
  3. Thank you for the link. I spent a lot of time on this site this afternoon going through threads but didn't read this one because it was "food for floaters". Thanks again.
  4. So.....my tank is cycling and while I wait for that to happen I'm about to start making my own gel food. Can anyone direct me to your favorite recipes and has anyone used those silicone gummy bear molds to freeze their food in? I thought it would be really fun to feed my fish gummy bears.
  5. Hi. Shakaho, The type of worm bin I use is a DIY project based on this design http:// You put your produce in the top and harvest the castings from the bottom. No lifting. My canvas bag hangs inside a 50 gallon barrel with one side cut out for access. The worms are pretty small but there are gangs of them. http:// I have a very large veggie garden and plenty of material to feed them. Here is my summer greenhouse, plus I have an outside patch even bigger. I couldn't afford to heat the greenhouse in the winter. I'm just a poor small-scale farm girl. I was pretty amazed at how much my little aquarium cost to set up, even tho I had some of the things and made some. http:// The ants..........well the ants go back to my childhood, when I loved all things like that. Ant farms and aquariums were up my alley but I didn't have a clue what they needed to thrive and they never lasted long. Now I have the internet and know how to research and I want to do all these things in an adult way. Here is my formicarium with out world. Now I need to capture a queen ant that has had her nuptial flight. http:// So that's my story and I'm stick'n to it...haha
  6. Yes. I started a flow through bin last year and they have done very good and I have an ubundance of them. They are in an upstairs spare bedroom now; cold, but not freezing. I use their castings in the garden.
  7. http:// Hi, I am a new member (see welcome new members post) and I am interested in mini-ecosystems and the cycles and connections of all life. I have built a mini aquaponics (fish waste to feed plants to filter the water) system in my kitchen. I am also into vermiculture (red composting worms) and myrmeculture (raising ants) and normal agriculture. See my greenhouse for raising veggies above. My question is: do any of you raise red worms, ants or veggies to feed your fish and do goldfish eat ants? I am really interested in making my own gel fish food with my summer vegetable garden this year and welcome all suggestions, especially things to avoid. That is, if the snow ever goes away. We have gotten another foot since the photo was taken.
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