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  1. Thanks for the info! I'll absolutely get some and keep it around. If it doesn't start to look better soon I'll dose accordingly and report back with updates.
  2. They came with small black gravel in the 55g BF and I changed to sand for the 75g. They've had sand for about 3-4 months now. I have a 30g QT I can set up at a moments notice. Sand in the nose huh. Interesting. How could that be remedied?
  3. Hi everyone, So long story short, I inherited my sisters goldfish as she moved out of the province. I've been fish-keeping for 3 years now and have 3 tanks. I'm a member of Fishlore and was suggested to check this forum out. For now the Goldfish in a 75g Bow Front, which I know is not what they should be in. They came to me in a 54g Bow Front so I immediately upgraded with what was available. Let's not discuss this, they'll be moved to a suitable environment in the spring. Fish: 1x Large Ryukin 9" (Fancy J) 7-8yr 1x Comet Goldfish 11" (Goldie) 8-9yr 1x Bristlenose Pleco 5.5" (Un-named) 6yr About 5 weeks ago we noticed Goldie had an "injury" over her right nostril. It looked like maybe she hit the handle of the glass lid while eating and or playing, we've watched it happen previously but never saw any injuries. Nonetheless we lowered the water level and continued to monitor it. As the days and weeks progressed it grew, changed colours and imo continued to get worse. It seems to be busting out of itself while it grows. Little flakes of "dead skin" falls off every couple of days. It's been red, turned almost white and has been purple-ish in colour. None of the fish show any signs of being in distress, everyone is super active and eating normally. It doesn't seem it be bothering her but it's weirding me out. My water is always immaculate due to my obsessiveness for the hobby. I do water changes of 20% twice a week on this tank and keep spreadsheets on all the tests I do before every water change, for all of my tanks. Filtration: 2x Penguin 350 (700ghp) 1x 75g HydroSponge 1x MaxiJet Powerhead Tank Parameters: 0ppm 0ppm 5ppm 7.0pH Tap Parameters: 0.0ppm 0.0ppm 0.0ppm 7.2pH I think I covered everything, sorry if I missed any helpful info. If I did just ask. Please look at my photos, hopefully someone can shed some light on this and ease my mind a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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