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  1. Well got my background but didn't get it up yet, that will have to wait until next weekend.  I did get the third fish back from my fish sitter (my sister lol)


    I'm not sure what he is, blackmoor maybe??  Either way he has the big eyes, which I'm really not comfortable with.  I worry about the eyes popping on something.  But he is in the tank with my others now.  They were the original 3 I got from the guy.


    He is mostly black right now, orange face and a silver belly and white on some of his fins.  I know they can change colors but I'm kind of puzzled what color he will be in the end.  The pictures shows his belly more of an orange but it isn't, it's silver.  

    Sorry for the crappy pictures, I hate when I think the tank is all clean and shiny then when you take a photo it all shows up  :teehee








  2. Tank cleared up nicely.

    Still looks hazy without the background, but like I said that should be fixed today.  Not sure what I'm going to do but I'll figure something out.  I dislike tanks without back grounds, to me everything in the tank kinda fades together with out one.   My sister has the black and gold fish as I didn't want to crowd them in the 65 I had.  I'll be picking him up today.  She was my fish sitter  :D


    Here is the tank this morning.







  3. I love the looks of them but alas I too am afraid other fish will eat the eyes.  My sister had a goldfish that would go after hers and eat the eyes.  I like em but not for me :)

    oops guess I should rephrase this, I actually have one now lol.  But he is a tank mate with the other two and they don't seem to bother him, or they haven't so here is to hoping it stays that way since I got them.

  4. If you use the double stand and put it behind the couch will you be able to see them?  Or get to them to maintenance?  Trust me when I say don't block them in, I've tried putting tanks behind things and am always sorry after when I have to get to the tank lol.  


    Maybe set them up in a corner where the two end butt up together?  That would leave an open area and you would still be able to get to them easy enough.  


    I have the same problem.  I have a TINY house and I have 2 tanks in my living room.  I have had 3 tanks in here and none of them small.  

  5. Thank you both :)   It's ok, I won't be offended if it looks "off" :teehee .  This is my first attempt at a pretty fake planted tank lol.    You don't think it looks childish?  I'm not good with decorating this kind of tank.  I stole some ideas from this forum and other pictures I've seen on the internet :)


    I got the turtles from Petsmart.  I liked them too. 


  6. Now I know it's ugly with out the back ground but I'll fix that tomorrow :)

    I still have to tweak a few things like hiding the hoses and such.   But my back is killing me so I got done what "needed" to be done and will work on the more of the small things tomorrow.

    Had to pretty much rearrange my whole living room again to squeeze it in again lolol.






  7. I got it up now :)  Moved the goldfish to it.  I put a filter I have been using on another tank to help it jump start.  I like how it came out.  So simple looking.  I'm use to planted tanks with lots of plants lol.  But I love the look of the new set up.  No back ground on it yet.  I'm getting ready to download some pics from my camera.  It's still a bit hazy but that should clear up in about an hour or so.


    I had 2 75s in my basement lolol.  But the blue background one was not in an easy spot for me to get.  So I got the other one up.  My brother was laughing at how many tanks I have down there.  I only have like 12  :teehee

  8. Well I got to darn busy to get my tank up.  To many things to do and not enough time to do them in a few days.

    I did get to Petsmart and got a few things.  I picked up a Whisper air pump and a round air disk thingie.  I also got another HOB filter, it was the Aqueon 50/75.  I read one can never have to much filtration in a goldfish tank.  Most everything I got was on sale :)  I also picked up a couple of decorations so I could try different things in the tank.  I am not going to put all of it in, shoot there would be no room for fish lol.  But they were cheap and I can't pass up a bargain  :teehee


    So I am hoping to get it set up tomorrow!  I plan on it anyway...


  9. I will!  

    This is going to be different from my other tank.  I have always had the natural looking tank set ups.  This one I am going out on a limb, well for me anyway lol.  It will have black sand, purplish color fake plants and a couple of small gold turtles.  I am trying to decide on the back ground.  It will either be black or blue.  It may have to be blue, I think my 75 is already painted blue from when I had my reef tank lol.

  10. Tomorrow I will be setting up my 75 for the new goldfish.  My niece is coming over to help her old aunt lol.

    Got every thing I need, while I was at work yesterday my aqua clear filter came in.  So now I'm all set :)


    Now just to drag my 75 up from the basement, that will be fun.  


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