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  1. Tap water is 7.0, Ph in the tank was 7.4 the other day. That's why I'm thinking it may have been the fertilizer. If not, it's a strange coincidence
  2. I used API master test kit. I just bought this set last month and it doesn't expire until 2020. They're in a 20 gallon 2 small goldfish under 2 inches. Sorry I don't weigh my fish. One Fantail, 1 blackmoore. Aquaflow 50, no substrate. Plants in clay pots, with some large pebble substrate holding them down. some in plastic bottles. 1 java fern 1 annubius coffee, 1 annubius nana, 1 Amazon sword, 1 wisteria fern, 5 mosss balls. I do a water change 2x a week, usually 50% but this time I did 90% because I got carried away vacuuming poop with the siphon. Water conditioner Kordon AquaNova. They're being moved to my 60 next week. I just got a API filstar for that tank. My other filters were too noisy that's why they were in the 20. I wish I could take a picture to show you the tank but I can't figure out how to do it here.
  3. I'm totally baffled. Yesterday I checked my parameters after doing a 90% water change. Ammonia .15, Nitrites .25, Nitrate .25. I then went out and bought some API leaf zone and put some in for my plants. This evening it read Ammonia 0.15, 0 Nitrite and 0 Nitrate. That's not normal, correct? I'm supposed to have some Nitrates. Last week my ammonia level was the same and my nitrite was 2.0ppm and Nitrate 20ppm. My fish are doing fine and now I'm wondering if the fertilizer did something to the tank.
  4. LOL. I do drop it in different places and I even drop in in front of my blackmoores face and he still misses it he totally needs glasses. LOL. Aside from feeding time they're best buddies
  5. My Fantail has becoming aggressive towards my Blackmoore during feeding time and it's bugging me. Right now they're both in a 20gallon. I'm waiting on my cannister filter to arrive then I'm moving them into my 60 gallon. In the interim, my Fantail is a pig. She will grab all the food and hold it in her mouth like a chipmunk and while her mouth is full she'll chase my blackmoore away so he can't get any food. I've been hand feeding him repashy so he gets some but I'm getting so annoyed. Aside from separating them, any advice?
  6. My fantail Charlee is crazy. Everytime she has to poop she either sits quietly in the corner of the tank or hides. Should I build her a little fish outhouse? LOL. Does anyone else's fish do this?
  7. I'm a tad confused on something and hope you all can shed a little light. I've watched several you tube videos watching people prepare their gel food. Some use distilled water and others used tap. If tap water is dangerous to our babies, woudnt injesting it cause them harm or does the boiling or microwaving of the water remove the harmful toxins. I really feel like an idiot asking this. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'll have to check it out. Thanks so much
  9. Thank you. I'll have to search her out on You Tube. I did just purchase some Reshpays Solivent Green as I've read some wonderful things about it.
  10. After the loss of my entire Goldie tank due to cross contamination between my tropical tank and my Goldies, I am finally ready after 4 years to keep Goldies again. I have always fed my babies Saki-Hikari color Enhancing pellets and fed them peas on the weekends. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to recommend an additional food source I can use along with these, to vary their diet, as well as perhaps a schedule you use to feed yours. I’d really like to try another brand of commercial fish food (gel, pellets…etc) My tank is all cycled and I’m ready to go select my new babies this weekend. It may take me a little while to get back into the swing of things. Thanks in advance - lllryain
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