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  1. 1 hour ago, vimandvigrrrpet said:

    If you got your Moyen from Kathi Karkanis I was her mentor for years. I live in Sidney...just outside of Victoria.

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    Tiny world, we did get our poodle from Kathi, Kalonece Poodles.  I believe it was Kathi's first litter of Moyen's, it may have been her last.  We purchased him on a breeder's contract but I believe Kathi had her hands full with her standards and never "borrowed" him. 

  2. 1 hour ago, vimandvigrrrpet said:



    Let me know when you are ready for a St Poodle. I know most of the best breeders and can help you go in the right direction! They are wonderful.dogs... Although my ex racing greyhound is pretty special and has introduced me to a wonderful breed.... I think I will always have one... (i have fostered 26 of them and kept one....lol)

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    Neat story.  An ex-coworker of mine got her ex-racing greyhounds in the US and I think she still may take her dog to various pet food stores around Vancouver to promote the society.

    My LFS owner had her own grooming salon, but had to quit due to neck/back issues - hazards of the occupation.  So she owns and operates a floral/fish store now. She has a small group of toy poodles she flew in from California and recommended getting a poodle for our family dog.  I picked him up from a breeder in Victoria, BC.  I still like Shelties, but the poodle (moyen) turned out to be the right breed for our family.

    My prior groomer breeds standard poodles but had to retire from grooming too, neck and back issues.  Yikes!  My current groomer has back related issues so she had to cut down on the number of dogs she was able to groom.  Very tough occupation...

  3. I hate it when that happens, can't they see how beautiful the new fish are???  

    I've never had to deal with this with Angels, but for other territorial cichlids, there's a few things I did.  Rearrange the hardscape, branches, rocks, etc.  Do this during a water change and then turn the lights out for the night and introduce the new tank mate in the dark.  It's suddenly new territory, new sight lines to deal with.  And then I cross my fingers and hope for the best the next day...

    Who's bigger?  Are there other Angelfish tank mates?

  4. For my tanks, tropical and goldfish, it depends on how much water I'm changing at a time.  50% water changes, I go by feel if I'm using something like a Python hose to refill the tank.  I adjust the temperatures as needed as the water flows into tank, I can feel for differences in temperatures.  A few degrees difference I wouldn't think would matter too much, the fish seem fine with it.  If I'm doing a 100% water change, I try to match it to within a degree or 2 F.  To help with that, I usually age water in a barrel with a heater if needed.  I just bought an infrared temperature gun to make it a little easier to take temperatures so I don't have to use my educated/uneducated guess at matching temperatures!

  5. 14 hours ago, mikroll said:

    Hi goldfishmylife, 

    I use H2O2 treatment with great results.  In call it The Hydrogen bomb!

    This is for a part of a cleaning protocol  which I like as it is cheap , with easy to obtain products and is simple any quick.  Called the ten - ten treatment.


    Curious as to what is a ten - ten treatment?  I use H202 outside the tank for disinfecting purposes ie. equipment, plants.

  6. 7 hours ago, Arctic Mama said:

    As for me, my patience is shot this week.  I really need to get comfortable back in my routine after having houseguests.  We are pooped out :thumbdown

    Guests overstayed their welcome? 

  7. I have several small indoor cultures of daphnia for my other tropical fish tanks and never bothered feeding daphnia to my sub adult goldfish.  Just thinking that it's too small to make it worthwhile.  Does anybody feed live daphnia to their adults?  I have to harvest daphnia anyways, the cultures have a die off so if it's worth feeding to the goldies, I'd rather make a separate culture just for the goldfish.   

  8. You ladies are making me google stuff that I never thought of.  :goodjob

    I used to raise discus years ago and blood worms were considered ideal food growing out juveniles due to their amino profile/protein content.  I use frozen blood worms now for growing out some juvenile goldfish, maybe developing a fuller wen.  I downsized down to a few tanks now, but there's a spare tank that has baby discus written all over it.  Our local discus wholesaler is using freeze dried Australian black worms for growing out discus fry and adults, and all his other fish including koi and top view ranchu.  I like that idea because it is more cost effective than frozen blood worms and less allergy issues.  And...black worms are a type of annelid.

    Just another option if you are looking for another possible protein supplement.  It hasn't caused any allergy issues for me for the sample that I'm trying out.  The wholesaler likes the loose black worms for his goldfish/koi, I think it stops the goldfish from inhaling a cube at a time.  $$!! I would consider the loose black worms stirred into gel food.

  9. I don't think an underground filter would work as well in your tank.  They work better with smaller sized gravel and a deeper depth.  Not so good with mechanical filtration (debris) but better for biological.  I think you have plenty of bio filter capacity with your filters now, even though one (or both) might be slowing down.

  10. Is it just the one filter that the flow has cut down or both?  I find that as my Aquaclear filters get older, the impeller gets worn and they start making more noise (humming/rattling) but flow is still good.  If cleaning the impeller and the motor doesn't help with flow, I'd check the cost of a new impeller compared to buying a new filter.  A lot of times the cost of a new filter isn't that much more than a new impeller and you know for sure that a new filter will likely gives you enough flow/suction.  I've never used your filters before, I'm more familiar with Aquaclears.  If you do decide to go with another filter, I'm very impressed with the Seachem Tidal hob filters.  Very quiet, large media capacity, built in surface skimmer, easier to service, it seems to cover a lot of the little bugs that other power filters have.  Price is the same or even lower than equivalent sized Aquaclears.

  11. 2 hours ago, koko said:

    Man :P Im sitting in 35F weather, snow and rain. Im so cold Send that heat to me :please 

    Wasn't your winter way worse last year?  I kinda remember a bunch of ice storms through the Pac NW. I can count on one hand how many times I had to shovel this winter.  

  12. Just talking to my favourite LFS owner, she specializes in micro fish now, so she can keep her shop small.  She used to keep everything discus but now are bringing in fancy goldfish from Thailand. on special orders.  Flowers and fish.  lol.  All sorts of Fluval Spec tanks, tanks 15 gallons or less.  Tiny, tiny fish and lots of shrimp, lol.  I do have my small fish, but in not so small tanks.  Likely true for me about getting burned out, but I just want to travel more so just slowly getting back to where I started...goldfish and a few corys.  

  13. On 3/18/2018 at 4:58 PM, Arctic Mama said:

    I wish I were good at silly forum games, it is so quiet around here without some of our old members around.  Alex and Mikey and Chelsea and even Lisa, either of them.  Fish forums on the net have been having a hard time and it makes me sad :cry

    I'm relatively new here, so pardon my intrusion.  That is so true about fish forums.  Took a little break from forums and when I came back, I was shocked by the big drop in activity in our local and general/specialized fish forums.  In our area, people are moving to micro tanks/micro fish.  Just don't have the space for big tanks as housing is too expensive around here.  I just sold my 2 x 6 foot tanks, I didn't want to be stuck with a couple of white elephants in a few years.  Facebook is hot for fishy related info, but I hate looking up anything or referencing anything on Facebook/Youtube.  I see a little bit of resurgence in local goldfish keeping though, so that's one bright spot. 

  14. Very pleased to report that the ranchu appears to be doing well, it's been about 2 weeks since finishing the 3% epsom salt treatment.  I swear she is putting on weight and eating like there's no tomorrow.  It's much easier to dose when fish are greedy and hungry and super easy when it's premixed in their gel food.  Thanks for your guidance!

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