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  1. We need a special category for the truly downtrodden.
  2. Wow, hope he is ok. was he forced to evacuate?
  3. I walked into a beehive of a poodle breeder forum once. I was so frightened...
  4. Thank you, I agree, Cynthia is great, keeps her fish nice and clean. Very busy lady, has a full time job and goldfish breeding as another full time job, so she may need time to get back to you. Swimswim if you are able to make suitable delivery arrangements, I would consider at least 2 if you buy from a breeder. Likelihood that they are from the same brood if you buy the same strain, so raised in same conditions. Depending on the size of the fish, shipping prices shouldn't change. I believe her ECR orandas are Thai based, just a different look. https://www.eastcoastranchu.com/ I haven't purchased from Raingarden, but I really enjoy reading their reference articles http://raingarden.us/
  5. I gave up on goldfish for a number of years when I received a shipment of some goldfish from a farm in China. These were handpicked by our local forum member that decided to learn the trade from his uncle that owned the goldfish farm. Nice fish, unique colours/strains but they all died within 6 months. Just something I wasn't able to fight. When I learned about domestically raised goldfish, that's when I placed my first order with East Coast Ranchu in New Jersey. I've heard of good things about Raingarden based in Honolulu too. I've placed 2 orders with ECR and I've been very happy with my ranchus and oranda. I don't know if I can post their links, but if shipping airport to airport isn't a problem for you, that might be an option. ECR sells pet grade to show quality fish, you can view their fish via pics or livestream. Neat way of buying fish.
  6. Vegas sure knows how to put on a show. I really enjoyed them putting the boots to the Kings and Sharks, especially the Kings. Of course I'm biased based on recent history with the Canucks. But I was thinking, what if the Golden Knights actually wins it all? It wouldn't be fair to all the expansion franchises that took years to make the playoffs or even win round 1. So, they've had their run, I'm pulling for the Preds or Jets the next round.
  7. Yeah, it's too bad the Jets are playing the Preds, otherwise I'd be cheering for the Jets. We know the parents of one of the centres on the Preds so whichever team moves on is all good.
  8. No worries, just curious. The team plays out of Nashville, they're called the Nashville Predators. I wasn't sure if the fans were just a local or state wide following.
  9. Hello! Are you an ice hockey fan, by chance? Just asking because I'm pulling for the Predators during their playoff run.
  10. I was going to suggest both to double the love. lol. Each in it's own 120g tank. Anyways, the red/white is pretty - good luck if you do decide with that one. I hope that you do stay, I'm sure I can learn lots from you.
  11. Thank you. Your English is fine. Must be spectacular during the winter months too. You might have to go up and take a winter video for me.
  12. Congrats! Are you separating them from the main tank?
  13. Does the pond form ice over the winter?
  14. Too funny, I'm several decades shy of 90 something, hopefully I'll still have a poodle/dog by then. When we flew to NYC a few years ago, I made arrangements with my groomer to adopt him, just in case something happens. I'll have to look up stallion neck, that sounds very majestic.
  15. Road trip! I've always want to try the Goldfish market in Hong Kong, but I read it's just a shadow of it's former self. Family business are closing up because of sky high leases - just not profitable anymore, but this new market looks really good.
  16. Who likes to travel? After seeing this video, I might have to pull out my passport more. Amazing display of Anubias for sale @ 15:30
  17. That was a rather larger litter than what Kathi was used to? IIRC, 7 red girls, 2 red boys and 1 black boy. I think it was someone in California on a poodle forum that recommended Kathi to me. It was either Kathi or a red spoo pup from Lumiere, but thought that a moyen was the ideal size for us. What colour is Leo? Our "Cody" is red, the red has faded some, so closer to apricot. Wonderful temperment, loves people to bits. He volunteered at our local hospital for a few years when our daughter was student nursing. Our groomer wasn't too big of a fan of poodles until she started grooming Cody - her exposure to poodles were several dogs from a F.V. breeder. I won't mention the breeder but you'll likely know. High strung and edgy.
  18. No, he's been neutered. It was a late neutering which I heard is better for the dog. It's been a few years now, but I think he was required to be neutered anyways under the terms of the contract.
  19. Tiny world, we did get our poodle from Kathi, Kalonece Poodles. I believe it was Kathi's first litter of Moyen's, it may have been her last. We purchased him on a breeder's contract but I believe Kathi had her hands full with her standards and never "borrowed" him.
  20. Neat story. An ex-coworker of mine got her ex-racing greyhounds in the US and I think she still may take her dog to various pet food stores around Vancouver to promote the society. My LFS owner had her own grooming salon, but had to quit due to neck/back issues - hazards of the occupation. So she owns and operates a floral/fish store now. She has a small group of toy poodles she flew in from California and recommended getting a poodle for our family dog. I picked him up from a breeder in Victoria, BC. I still like Shelties, but the poodle (moyen) turned out to be the right breed for our family. My prior groomer breeds standard poodles but had to retire from grooming too, neck and back issues. Yikes! My current groomer has back related issues so she had to cut down on the number of dogs she was able to groom. Very tough occupation...
  21. I hate it when that happens, can't they see how beautiful the new fish are??? I've never had to deal with this with Angels, but for other territorial cichlids, there's a few things I did. Rearrange the hardscape, branches, rocks, etc. Do this during a water change and then turn the lights out for the night and introduce the new tank mate in the dark. It's suddenly new territory, new sight lines to deal with. And then I cross my fingers and hope for the best the next day... Who's bigger? Are there other Angelfish tank mates?
  22. Both are very beautiful! Sorry I cannot help you with your English translations. But your English is so much superior than my non existent Japanese!
  23. For my tanks, tropical and goldfish, it depends on how much water I'm changing at a time. 50% water changes, I go by feel if I'm using something like a Python hose to refill the tank. I adjust the temperatures as needed as the water flows into tank, I can feel for differences in temperatures. A few degrees difference I wouldn't think would matter too much, the fish seem fine with it. If I'm doing a 100% water change, I try to match it to within a degree or 2 F. To help with that, I usually age water in a barrel with a heater if needed. I just bought an infrared temperature gun to make it a little easier to take temperatures so I don't have to use my educated/uneducated guess at matching temperatures!
  24. Amazing how much personality shows once you get them out of those tiny cups!
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