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  1. 5 minutes ago, Mikey said:

    Thank you Koko!! :) I’m very happy with it besides the detail work. My sales manager is mad at my sales manager. He was supposed to have it brought to Cadillac and have the detail manager there do it. Its just a disaster zone right now. I have wax and compound everywhere 

    That's too bad, ruins the car buying experience.  Can the Caddy detailers clean and buff out the mistakes done by the Nissan guys?  That should be on the salesguy's coin.

  2. I know the feeling.  I just took down a couple of 6 foot tanks and a rack of 20 gallon longs, it felt like I was a slave to water changes.  A desire to travel more and health issues motivated me to downsize   Ideally that nano fish setup should be in 2 separate setups, but I'm determined to limit my # of tanks to 3.  Or maybe 4, or so.  lol

    Puffers I never had either, lots of personality there, too.

  3. African Bolbitis or "Bolbitis Heudelotti", it's similar to java fern, anubias where it grows from a rhizome and attaches itself to rocks, etc.  Other plants are anubias nana "petite" and flame moss on manzanita wood pieces.  Banana plant thrown in because I didn't have room anywhere else. lol

    I like Rachel O'Leary's set of youtube videos when researching smaller nano tank sized fish.  Here is hers on the sparkling gouramis:


  4. Just snapped a few pics, if the lighting is dramatically better, I'll take more pics over the weekend.  Left side of the tank I'm fine with, it's supposed to be a high flow, highly oxygenated area for the gobys.  Mainly stone and gravel for decor.  Right side is slower flow, more plants, woodwork and leaf litter.  Still a work in progress, the tank has been up for a couple of months and the plants are starting to slowly grow in.  In the end it doesn't seem to matter, the high flow fish are chilling in the quiet side, the slow flow fish are hanging around the high flow side.  So whatever look that you like!

  5. 5 hours ago, Daniel E. said:

    Do you have any pics on the site of your tank?

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    I don't but I'll be glad to take some pics for you.  The lighting is dim right now, worse with some almond leaves and the tannins in the water.  I have a new led light that I'll be installing over the weekend so I can take some for you then.

  6. My first time with the sparkling gouramis too.  Surprised by how inquisitive they are.   The Celestial Pearl Danios (CPD) could be very shy, they need dithers to pull them out of the background but their colours are intense. The sparkling gouramis do draw out my CPD's so they are all out and about now.

  7. Sorry, meant to say that the Gudgeons and gobys require a larger tank, but I think a school of chili rasboras, a few Asian stone cats, sparkling gouramis would do fine in a 5 gallon.  Maybe the Celestial Pearl Danios are an option too.

  8. 9 hours ago, Daniel E. said:

    Hey everyone. Someone understand only had three Guppies today. I could not find their bodies but the two snails may have eaten them if they died.

    I got two Replacements today and went ahead and added them to the tank. I'm thinking when all of these eventually pass away getting something else to go in the tank. Maybe even another betta I'm not sure. I like the idea of seeing multiple smaller fish though and there isn't a lot of options for a 5 gallon tank LOL

    In other news I am a bit conflicted about what I am wanting to set up next. I'm considering either doing the hermit crabs like I have been researching or setting up my 45 gallon bowfront tank again and putting something in it.

    What do you all think? Just to get some other opinions there.

    Also do you think it would be worth trying or attempting a saltwater tank for the first time. I'm not sure since I'm just getting back into fish again after a break lol

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    If you like the idea of seeing multiple smaller fish, I restarted a 20 gallon long tank with nano sized fish and I'm enjoying the busy activity at all levels of the tank.  Some personality and colours.  Celestial Pearl Danios, Sparkling Gouramis, Chili/Mosquito rasboras, Asian Stone catfish and Blue Velvet Neocardinia shrimp.   There's also Peacock Gudgeons, Cobalt gobies, but they need more space than a 5 gallon tank.  I barely register any nitrates before the next water change.

  9. 12 minutes ago, Arctic Mama said:

    So true.  All of us wear glasses.  My husband is literally blind without them, and struggles with detached retinas and a very oblong eye.  


    My eyesight was good until I started having kids and changes in ocular pressure made it worse, along with weak eye muscles, but I also have the best vision in my family of origin.  So they were pretty much doomed.  


    By the time the kids are in first grade it’s generally glasses time. What’s funny is they each have a different vision issue or combination.  We are quite the mixed bag of crappy vision.

    Pretty much sounds like my family too.  All the kids wear glasses, we all have different degrees of myopia.  My eldest plan on getting "bionic" intraocular lens when her eyes matures, but that technology is still too new for me.  I went through a couple of retina detachments the last several years as well.  What stage of recovery is your husband at? 

  10. That is a very nice tank!  Your cherry shrimps are a nice intense colour!  Are they a different version of the painted fire reds?  Just a different shade of red, but I like it...they kinda glow!  Same withe the pearl ramshorns, if I had those, I wouldn't be cleaning out my tank of regular ramshorns every water change.

  11. 15 hours ago, Daniel E. said:

    Thanks they said it would most likely all come back in time.

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    Heal well! It's frustrating when things (life) are on hold and it's out of your control...

  12. 1 hour ago, koko said:

    I was worried last year of Justine going to preschool. Now Im freaking out about her being in school for 6 hours a day next year :thud 

    First steps, so one step at a time.  There will be a first day of High School....buying her prom dress....graduation....  I know, you're ready to choke me now.  :yikes

  13. 21 hours ago, Jeana727 said:

    IT is an attachment that keeps your fish from being sucked in while siphoning water out with a Python Gravel Vacuum Siphon (0r whatever "brand" you have.) Early on when I got my Python I had finished vacuuming I was still removing water but was not WATCHING the intake tube closely and a goldie was pulled in and killed. It was awful! I researched and found the Lee's Ultimate Gravel Cleaning Claw.

    Oh, thanks,  My water change hoses is also a Lee's Ultimate Gravel Cleaning system.  I had forgotten that the cleaning attachment was called THE CLAW.   lol.

    I lost a baby pearl scale in the days before THE CLAW.  It was terrible but my buddies couldn't stop laughing when I described it to them.  :madrant

  14. 2 hours ago, Arctic Mama said:

    Not much going on here, we have been sick again.  I did have a good birthday and mother’s day, overall, and my son had his first piano recital along with the older two girls.  He has bulletproof self confidence, that one!

    Happy belated BDay!  We always felt guilty when the kids had their RCM exams.  The stress level just went through the roof.

  15. On 5/8/2018 at 11:48 AM, vimandvigrrrpet said:

    I wouldn't mind Vegas winning it all. They are a bunch if guys no one wanted. I love an underdog story. Not crazy about the Predators. Although it would be nice for PK Subban to rub a cup in Montreals face...lol. But i just can't say i have any love for the predators. Especially when playing a Canadian team. And the Canucks? We can't even win the loser lottery...i mean really 7th pick??? I mean really...lol

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    Wow...2 wins away from the final for Vegas.  It's ok if Vegas do win it all, it's a nice story for an expansion team and they do play a great style of game.  Fleury for Mayor and Conn Smythe! But after almost 50 years of futility w/o the cup for the Canucks that would have me navel gazing for a long time.  :ill

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