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  1. My first time with the sparkling gouramis too. Surprised by how inquisitive they are. The Celestial Pearl Danios (CPD) could be very shy, they need dithers to pull them out of the background but their colours are intense. The sparkling gouramis do draw out my CPD's so they are all out and about now.
  2. Sorry, meant to say that the Gudgeons and gobys require a larger tank, but I think a school of chili rasboras, a few Asian stone cats, sparkling gouramis would do fine in a 5 gallon. Maybe the Celestial Pearl Danios are an option too.
  3. If you like the idea of seeing multiple smaller fish, I restarted a 20 gallon long tank with nano sized fish and I'm enjoying the busy activity at all levels of the tank. Some personality and colours. Celestial Pearl Danios, Sparkling Gouramis, Chili/Mosquito rasboras, Asian Stone catfish and Blue Velvet Neocardinia shrimp. There's also Peacock Gudgeons, Cobalt gobies, but they need more space than a 5 gallon tank. I barely register any nitrates before the next water change.
  4. Do you know why it leaked? Did the gasket get pinched or the hoses shifted? Otherwise, I don't know why you couldn't use it right away. I always spread a thin layer of silicione lubricant on the rubber seals after servicing.
  5. Good looking stand. Nice and neat interior, I should try that sometime!
  6. Very pretty! Have they spawned for you yet? One of my favourite cichlids.
  7. Pretty much sounds like my family too. All the kids wear glasses, we all have different degrees of myopia. My eldest plan on getting "bionic" intraocular lens when her eyes matures, but that technology is still too new for me. I went through a couple of retina detachments the last several years as well. What stage of recovery is your husband at?
  8. That is a very nice tank! Your cherry shrimps are a nice intense colour! Are they a different version of the painted fire reds? Just a different shade of red, but I like it...they kinda glow! Same withe the pearl ramshorns, if I had those, I wouldn't be cleaning out my tank of regular ramshorns every water change.
  9. Heal well! It's frustrating when things (life) are on hold and it's out of your control...
  10. First steps, so one step at a time. There will be a first day of High School....buying her prom dress....graduation.... I know, you're ready to choke me now.
  11. So sorry to hear. Life doesn't seem fair at times.
  12. Finally got my duckweed culture going well so I can give the goldies a scoop daily. The daphnia culture is exploding, so I might do a couple of feeds a week.
  13. Booked for Cannon Beach, Or for several nights in August! The only time we have balancing the kid's school and work schedule. I swear, the state is our dog's favourite place in the world!
  14. Crazy weather all around. In our region/province, communities were on flood watch and a week later they're on forest fire alert.
  15. Oh, thanks, My water change hoses is also a Lee's Ultimate Gravel Cleaning system. I had forgotten that the cleaning attachment was called THE CLAW. lol. I lost a baby pearl scale in the days before THE CLAW. It was terrible but my buddies couldn't stop laughing when I described it to them.
  16. Ok, I have to ask. What is THE CLAW? Google and amazon gives me pics of everything but fish related products.
  17. Congratulations on your new clutch of eggs! It's been forever since I've had apple snails and I never raised babies but this was my reference back then: http://applesnail.net/
  18. Happy belated BDay! We always felt guilty when the kids had their RCM exams. The stress level just went through the roof.
  19. Wow...2 wins away from the final for Vegas. It's ok if Vegas do win it all, it's a nice story for an expansion team and they do play a great style of game. Fleury for Mayor and Conn Smythe! But after almost 50 years of futility w/o the cup for the Canucks that would have me navel gazing for a long time.
  20. I would have done a mid week water change by now, but letting the Prazi Pro running it's full course and do a larger water change on the weekend. Eyeing some baby ranchu one of the breeders I follow on Instagram - he's taking orders on lots of 10. A project for next year! I'll mark it down for this time next year to get my supplies ready over the winter.
  21. Happy Mother's Day for all Mother's and soon to be Mother's. I hope you get spoiled! https://www.yourtango.com/2018313400/25-best-mothers-day-memes-for-moms-funny-social-media
  22. It does save a lot of time and possibly grief when you're able to get healthy stock from a quality supplier, whether it be fish and our other pets. You're doing the right thing, sterilizing everything first before bringing in new fish. ECR fish comes in very clean, so they do need time to build up their immunity system. Are you planning on ordering juvenile fish or adults? I find it so rewarding to grow out juvenile fish. I may order some top view ranchu fry and grow them out in stock tubs one day. I hope your order and shipping goes smoothly. I find it very exciting when I know there's a parcel of fish waiting for me for pick up. Whether it's dropped off by courier or I have to go pick it up myself, it's all good! Most US dealers will not ship across the border, there's too much paperwork, red tape to complete and greater shipping/processing fees. There's no problem in shipping to a different location ie. Buffalo and the onus is on us to make sure we follow the necessary steps to bring our fish home. I'm familiar with import laws, so when I bring fish back into the country, I make my declarations, fill whatever certificates are required (species specific) and pay my customs/duty fees. The laws for fish/livestock are there for a reason. We have a delicate fisheries here with salmon/trout spawning rivers and streams so they have to monitor invasive species of fish. Some none thinking Snakehead fish pet owner released one into one of our ponds a few years back, and it could have decimated wild fish stock if it ever made it into our major water ways, since it's very predatory. Since then, they've clamped down on specific species of fish that can survive and compete with our native species of fish. Customs have the right to impound and destroy any unauthorized livestock and I'm too much of a chicken to risk any creatures' lives by bringing them in illegally. I have to be too, my wife works for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada so nothing gets past her. But enjoy the process, it is a lot of fun to finally drop your new goldfish into your tank. Be sure to show us what fish you've ordered.
  23. Bought some bio media and Prazipro. I paid more attention tending to their food cultures than the fish.
  24. I live in Canada and I had my ECR fish shipped to a border town an hour away from me in Washington state. Goldfish cannot be shipped across the border into Canada. So I had to pick up the goldfish at Fedex Cargo at the town's airport and make declaration at the border before bringing them back into Canada. My shipping costs via Fedex overnight was about $110 airport to airport for a large box with 3 fish. So I went to the Fedex Outlet at the cargo area of the airport to pick up my box of fish. You get a waybill and a tracking number so you'll get an idea of when your fish will arrive at your airport unless you want it delivered directly to you home. I prefer picking up my box of fish at the airport so they're not bounced around in the Fedex truck all morning long until they drop it off at a Fedex kiosk/outlet or your home. The ECR website has a link for a shipping quote that you can forward with your shipping information and Cynthia can give you a quote. The quote will depend on your location, and the size of the shipping box. So that depends on the size and number of fish that you would like to order and where you would like to have the fish shipped. I would recommend picking them up at the airport if you have the time and it's not too far away or inconvenient. Make a day of it! It's like Christmas in the summer. Mark down on the form that you would like to pick it up at the airport (or your address). https://www.eastcoastranchu.com/shippingquote My shipping cost is probably the most expensive option, Fedex guaranteed overnight delivery for a large box. I wouldn't think your shipping costs would be that high. Cynthia is a nice fair person to work with. If you're upfront and honest with her, there shouldn't be any issues. Know what you want, don't ask her to jump through hoops etc. and the transaction will go through smoothly. It's the orders that makes changes etc. etc. and decides to cancel which she has little time for. Good luck!
  25. So he's not on the Big Island? From what I understand it's just a few neighbourhoods with forced evacuations right on the Big Island, the eastern part.
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