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  1. Thanks Daniel! I used to visit the applesnail site when I had Pomacea bridgesii years before, they never did as well as our friends with hard water. Shells were always a little scratchy looking even with calcium supplementation. Maybe not a good balance of magnesium/calcium? Anyways, I do have buffers like crushed coral for the tanks that could use it, for most of my tanks fish prefer softer, acidic water so the ramshorns will just have to suffer! lol.
  2. These are so nice! It's the Irish water! Curious if you know off hand what your regular water parameters are ie. pH, GH/tds or KH out of the tap? No worries if you don't know off the top of your head. We have very soft water here, so unless I'm supplementing to bring up water hardness, the ramshorn shells get a little whitish (not in a good way).
  3. I had the same thing growing from spider wood too, seems perfectly normal. My shrimp took care of that in no time, it will likely leach out on it's own over time. Hot water will keep it in check if it bugs you, I used hydrogen peroxide to treat black brush algae and that works too.
  4. This is good to know, I never heard of high nitrite levels slowing down the fishless cycling process but I don't doubt it. But likely my fishless cycling days are over. My last 2 setups have been with fish-in cycling.
  5. Daniel, I believe Caretta Rose is doing a fishless cycle, so a nitrite spike is expected and normal - nothing to kill. I get a very deep, dark purple nitrite reading in a fishless cycle so you're likely close to 2 weeks away from being fully cycled. Increasing nitrate readings shows that you're on the right track. Cloudy water is likely a bacteria bloom - all good when establishing your bio-filters. All that after 2 weeks of fishless cycling? Did you already have matured filter media to start?
  6. Yeah, they would love the depth! It's not very common to find a 5 foot tank - I tried for a couple of years and gave up. If you do get to go see it, make sure it has all the glass tops and that they fit well. Good luck!
  7. Nice looking tank! Do you have the dimensions of that tank?
  8. How long are you planning on keeping the tank? If just a short while, I wouldn't spend too much on lights since the plants you have are not high light demanding plants. If your tank has a plastic frame, the led lights that clips on probably won't work unless you can steathly duct tape it in place - only looks fine if you're using a background to hide that mass of tape, otherwise an LED light strip will be enough to grow your plants. I use this, but I don't see that size for you sized tank. I wouldn't overdo light intensity, algae would enjoy it and the algae may overwhelm your low light plants: https://www.amazon.com/Fluval-A3998-AquaSky-RGB-36-48/dp/B013U25DE2/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1533658871&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=fluval+led&psc=1 No experience with Finnex or Nicrew, just watch the light intensity if you go for them.
  9. I believe these are the pump specs, if it is the same pump, output should be 132gph: http://www.fluvalaquatics.com/ca/product/15006-flex-aquarium-kit-15-us-gal-57-l/#.W2U_CdJKhaQ I only know because I was looking at buying this kit for some nano fish/shrimp. It's a nice tank kit, but in the end I stuck with my 20 gallon long. The filtration system is quite nice, and overflow design and it could hold quite a bit of filter media, though I cannot find the media capacity. Actual tank volume is probably less though, IIRC, 17 gallons may be including the filtration chambers.
  10. Spent an hour cutting up bulk polyester filter media into pads for my filter. But it was all good, I was listening to Jackson Browne.
  11. Same here, I had 2 x 125gallon tanks in great shape. Literally gave it away in a package just to move it out of the house.
  12. Yes...took me forever to tolerate (to like would take me a little longer still) kimchi. I started adding that to my salads too, supposed to be good for you ie. probiotics. If I could, I would offer it to my goldfish. I would think Omega 3 is good for all our finny friends too! The anchovies you bought for Mary, is it packaged for fish or the ones meant for humans?
  13. Tough choice, I've done/doing both and both are good ideas. Angelfish for their personality and interaction with you or nanos for lots of action and splashes of different colours. Maybe a hybrid of the 2, just 1 single Angel, and selected nano fish that may not fall prey to the angel when it is bigger?
  14. For sure. Happiness (or relief) is a peaceful cichlid tank.
  15. It is a very beautiful tank, fish look very happy.
  16. I have blue velvet neo cardinia in my 20gallon long with nano fish, the same one I posted before. They breed like crazy, but I let the shrimp establish themselves first before adding in most of my other nano fish. So it can work!
  17. I love new setups, I hope you can pick up the bowfront at a good price. I'll just comment on fish/inverts I've had experience with. I like the idea of a big school of ember tetras, they are tiny for a tetra so a big school will make them feel much more secure and they will help draw out some of your more timid fish ie. CPD's. The type of dwarf corydoras makes a difference. I've had "pygmaeus" and "hasbrosus" corys. Habrosus are the shyer of the 2, usually hiding in the plants, so with a heavily planted tank, you may never see them unless it's feeding time. Their behaviour is typical corycat, usually hugging the bottom, but with the pygmeaus, I find them more outgoing and bottom/mid level swimmers. They love weaving through the plants and resting on leaves. I would choose those if you can find them. They're both cute, but the pygmeus face is more pointed, more "mouselike". Rams prefer warmer water, the cory's on the cooler side, so I'm not sure if they're will be a happy medium. For yellow maybe a Yellow/Gold neo cardinia shrimp? They should be able to breed in a densely planted tank. I'ts been years since I've had threadfins, IIRC they are top level swimmers so they may be ok with rams if you go with rams since they prefer the bottom half of the tank. I`m enjoying my nerites, good idea to stock them after your tank matures. Good luck!
  18. I love rams! Very pretty. Have they paired up for you?
  19. I'm sure they can, it just depends whether they want to go the extra mile to make a customer happy.
  20. That's too bad, ruins the car buying experience. Can the Caddy detailers clean and buff out the mistakes done by the Nissan guys? That should be on the salesguy's coin.
  21. I know the feeling. I just took down a couple of 6 foot tanks and a rack of 20 gallon longs, it felt like I was a slave to water changes. A desire to travel more and health issues motivated me to downsize Ideally that nano fish setup should be in 2 separate setups, but I'm determined to limit my # of tanks to 3. Or maybe 4, or so. lol Puffers I never had either, lots of personality there, too.
  22. African Bolbitis or "Bolbitis Heudelotti", it's similar to java fern, anubias where it grows from a rhizome and attaches itself to rocks, etc. Other plants are anubias nana "petite" and flame moss on manzanita wood pieces. Banana plant thrown in because I didn't have room anywhere else. lol I like Rachel O'Leary's set of youtube videos when researching smaller nano tank sized fish. Here is hers on the sparkling gouramis:
  23. Just snapped a few pics, if the lighting is dramatically better, I'll take more pics over the weekend. Left side of the tank I'm fine with, it's supposed to be a high flow, highly oxygenated area for the gobys. Mainly stone and gravel for decor. Right side is slower flow, more plants, woodwork and leaf litter. Still a work in progress, the tank has been up for a couple of months and the plants are starting to slowly grow in. In the end it doesn't seem to matter, the high flow fish are chilling in the quiet side, the slow flow fish are hanging around the high flow side. So whatever look that you like!
  24. I don't but I'll be glad to take some pics for you. The lighting is dim right now, worse with some almond leaves and the tannins in the water. I have a new led light that I'll be installing over the weekend so I can take some for you then.
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