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  1. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work, just make sure the shelves are level before filling your tanks with water. I had a similar setup on a smaller scale with Gorilla Rack stands to house a 30 gallon breeder and a combination of 20 gallon longs and 10 gallon tanks. What I found from personal experience are the the racks at the very top are a bit of a pain to siphon and gravel vac properly so for me, those tanks were bare bottomed. A good step stool is a must. . Though water changes were a breeze because all the tanks are in one spot, it grew tiresome and I found myself looking/enjoying those tanks less and less. Instead of the fibreboard shelves on the Gorilla Rack, I removed the fibreboard piece and replaced it with 1/2" thick plywood painted with marine paint. Those racks you referenced don't use fibreboard racks, so they should be fine, but I prefer a solid base for looks and utility instead of a wire rack. I had a couple of 6 foot 125 gallon tanks built on a pine stand/rack, 4 x 4 posts and 2 x 6 planks. Very solid and it served me well. A beast to move around though. But just make sure that whatever rack or configuration you choose, that you have enough working room above the tank and a good utility pump for the bottom tank for water changes. I would have loved to play with that Zoomed Boy aquarium though...
  2. Thai Plakats. Hard to tell the difference between the boys and girls. They don't have the flowing tails of the halfmoons/crowntails etc. but they are stronger swimmers. Hmmm...1 boy or 6 girls amongst the glofish. Your Main Coon is so lovey dovey, too much affection for me in a cat. lol. Our lovebird growled at me and only me, but purred with his main caregiver. Just say I was fine with that, but we all shed tears when he did pass on.
  3. Betta? Really? One or I should say 6 of my inhabitants in a 40g breeder is a sorority of 6 lovely betta girls. Lots of space to handle any squabbles and aggression issues. Just a thought.
  4. I enjoy this forum, though I am on several fb groups, I rarely visit them. I downsized to just 1 tank, a collaboration of my favourite fish in my hobby, but sadly goldfish are not compatible in that mix. I do have a spare 40g breeder in the corner but we big travel plans starting this year, but the world is upside down now, so who knows. I'd like support where I can though, so please keep us up to date as to which direction you would like to take the forum.
  5. That's unfortunate but at least you've isolated the problem. I have spare o rings and a jar of silicone grease to stretch out their useful life. Now that I've dismantled my tanks using canister filters, I have BNIB o rings and silicone grease collecting dust. I've ruined stands, carpeting, flooring from leaking canisters and hob's. Life is too short to worry about the next leak.
  6. Great pics! The pond & fish looks so beautiful and natural. Even the filter looks beautiful and natural!
  7. Pretty baby! I gave up using suction cups on my heaters years ago. I had discus that would or could wedge itself perfectly between heater and glass, so no suction cups. It just dangles vertically. That may be a problem if you have boisterous fish that will play and ram the heaters though. My heaters were either the thicker glass like Eheim's or thermoplastic like Aqueon Pros, I might be hesitant with letting Visitherm heaters dangle.
  8. Pretty baby! I gave up using suction cups on my heaters years ago. I had discus that would or could wedge itself perfectly between heater and glass, so no suction cups. It just dangles vertically. That may be a problem if you have boisterous fish that will play and ram the heaters though. My heaters were either the thicker glass like Eheim's or thermoplastic like Aqueon Pros, I might be hesitant with letting Visitherm heaters dangle. Quote Edit
  9. No worries. I don't have any L. Tanganyikan fish now, but if I did have to set up another tank, it likely will be a colony of multies and a rock dweller like a calvus, eretmodus or something. Dwarf Sumbus would be really cool too. But our market is the same as yours, except all tanks are more nano now due to space limitations for newer hobbyists. Planted, shrimp or fowler and some sps reef.
  10. Welcome! Nice background, your soon to be goldfish are keepers, sounds like your hubby is one too.
  11. I've never kept Opaline gourami's, they sound beautiful! Good luck with them!
  12. Yeah, Blue Rams can be finicky but their personalities are so much fun and the colours are gorgeous, I find that as a whole, cichlids interacting with you (a lot like goldfish) makes a tank so much more fun to maintain. Consider a pair of Bolivian rams then, not as finicky to care for, colours aren't as eye popping, but fun to keep too. For flash and action, maybe a school of dwarf rainbowfish of your choice if you are bored with tetras. If I had more space, I would like to add one of the smaller species of Gourami's, maybe a honey gourami. Something different, nice colours and personalities too. Your tank is large enough to have action through all levels of your tank. A school of Cory cats for the bottom, mid/bottom perhaps a pair of Bolivian rams, top/mid a school of rainbowfish. Gouramis like hanging near the top too. Take your time with this, make it a fun project to research fish that you think you like!
  13. So exciting for a new setup. German rams prefer temps at the higher end of the scale, Panda corys on the cooler side. Sterbai corys can handle the heat, but they are bigger. Not to say that pandas can't handle the heat, but IME their life span tends to be shortened. Cardinal tetras are more robust, I prefer them over neon tetras and they can handle higher temperatures too. Rummynose tetras are another pretty option that can go well with rams. Your stocking looks fine, but you may be dealing with a lot of babies if there are lots of hiding places for the guppies/sword fry. If you like bettas, I'm stocking a 40g breeder tank and I would like to put together a betta sorority of 5 lovely plakat/koi ladies. Most of my tropical fish are bottom dwellers so the bettas will have plenty of swimming space up top, mid and bottom.
  14. Glad you are enjoying your fronts, they are gorgeous! If I had a large enough tank for them, I would have kept a school of fronts. I enjoyed my tanganyikan cichlids when I had them, but the market here is so bad. It could be our very soft water, so SA cichlids are very popular. The people that do want them have to buy them online. It sounds like there isn't much demand for L. Tanganyikan cichlids in the UK?
  15. So hard to tell. First pics "looks" like 40ppm, 2nd 20 ppm. I'm always scratching my head at the best of times - the higher ranges are harder to interpret. I like the Salifert nitrate test kits a little better - it is easier to read different shades of pink/purple. What I do is do a 50% water change anyways - the lower ranges of the nitrate colour chart are easier to decipher. Take another reading after the water change and mentally double the readings value . What I mean is that if the nitrate reading after a 50% water change reads 20ppm, then nitrates before the water change would have been about 20ppm x 2 or about 40ppm? In my (totally unscientific) experience, the nitrate readings after a 50% water change are not as bad as I originally thought. I may be totally wrong, but the fish will always benefit from a water change. It would be interesting to know other aquarists experiences if they do this or am I totally out to lunch.
  16. Sponge filters - kinda ugly looking, but they do an amazing job. I have used ATI Hydro Sponges for years, I would lean towards the IV for a 40g tank. Another option are cubefilters - they last you forever and provides greater bio capacity. Better Box Filters, kinda of a hybrid between a sponge and the old style bottom filters. I am using 2 of these, both in a 40g tank and I really like them. Both are sold by Swiss Tropicals in North America.
  17. Most of my tanks are overfiltered, but the fish are not complaining. Nothing wrong with a sponge filter, cheap and easy to clean and run. Very easy to adjust the flow rate with air valves.
  18. Cool...just asking because my spouse just retired from Dept Fisheries & Oceans (Canada), lots of funding going towards species @ risk, Aquaculture...she says she's never seen the gov't open up their wallets as much as it has for the last several years. If you're willing to migrate to the coast...
  19. Species at risk - fish? Is your work on either side of the coast?
  20. Yikes! Stay well everybody, anytime is a tough time to be down for any length of time, but if you have to deal with winters on our side of the world makes it especially worse.
  21. Good luck with your pending baby - not sure if you'll have any more time for fish. Here's a more current video, name and part # included. I wouldn't trust it for more than 2 tanks stacked though. I used a similar setup as a rack for multiple 20 gallon tanks.
  22. IIRC, the original rack from Lowe's were replaced. I think other's may have posted YouTube vids of their search for replacements. Hopefully they'll list where they bought it and the part numbers.
  23. Hello, welcome to the forum. I love reef tanks, I maintained my friends reef tanks whenever he was on vacation. I know enough maintenance that convinced me that reef tanks were not for me. That setup sounds great, I would love a sump for my goldfish but at least I am using an overhead trickle filter that is working out really well. For your power filter - is it the regular hang on the back power filter? If it is, I would probably mount that on the main tank just because the intake tube can filter mulm/detritus from the tank bottom - I would recommend a pre-filter though, just helps prevent uneaten food rotting in your power filter. If you don't like the look of that, you could mount it in the sump. With that much capacity in your sump, I would look into bio-media that encourages denitrification. Either used in a media reactor to slow the flow down to encourage denitrification or in your main sump if you can control your flow rate. I shoot for 50gph or less. If you have a UV filter, you could use it. I don't, just a personal preference. Maybe in an outdoor pond if algae is an issue, but goldfish thrives on algae. Watch the wood pieces, if it is large enough it may drop your pH if your KH levels are low. Some of your plants may become salad items for your goldfish. Good luck in your goldfish journey.
  24. I never used fish to grow with duckweed, I use old tank water (source of minerals and nutrients) and some aquatic plant fertilizer. I feed a cupful of duckweed daily, so it's not too small if you feed duckweed pretty regularly. It's likely once your goldfish gets a taste for duckweed, none will last in your tank!
  25. Glad it started working again...nothing more frustrating than a filter, especially a canister that refuses to run. My guess is that it lost it's prime - perhaps air made it's way through the hose or canister body during the service That would explain the rattling sound until water filled up the chambers again.
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