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  1. thanks i know the thought of them being destroyed is scary... i will make a list of possible scenarios that could lead to it and check if i can avoid all of those
  2. i'm assuming the prices i found were aus$, so theyd be about 500€ per fish if i'm not mistaken. which for a pet might seem a lot, but for me, as a way of having some "friends" with me when leaving everyone else in my life behind, worth it. so money isn't much of an issue, i'll just keep saving till i have enough. what i'm worried about is really just the transport (even if it is safe it sure is stressful) and the qt procedure. i will have to find out more about that, how high the chances of fish actually being destroyed are, if there are ways to make sure they aren't etc.
  3. baytril kind of looks like what she wrote too, it could be anything else though. i'll ask. if it really is that, we can add a form of therapy with it to the list of dropsy remedies, right?
  4. taking the cat to the vet tomorrow so i'll ask then
  5. what i found was a procedure of examination and 21 days of qt that would cost me about 2000$ per fish. also they note that if something about the fish doesnt fit their criteria it can be "destroyed", as they put it. the thing about not getting more fish is that i wont move for at least 1.5 to 2 years so im not too sure how happy my fish will be all alone for that long. used to keep him with others but they died because i had no idea what i was doing... :/
  6. atm just my one fancy about 7cm total length i think? he'll probably grow till then. i might get 2 more before i move. what about the temp and oxygen and waste?
  7. i read that i'm only allowed to keep them in plastic bags during the flight, how is that going to work for such a long time?
  8. is there any way i can safely take my fish with me if i were to move to australia, the 24 hour flight and all that? also do fish need.... passports? or something similar?
  9. ah ok didn't know that. anyway ive read through lists of antibiotics but couldn't find anything looking similar to whatever the vet wrote. it is a clear thick liquid if that helps?
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