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  1. Even if you got a dollar a piece for them they have got to be nicer than any of the goldfish I saw today for sale at the local big box stores. Not a very good selection available locally here.
  2. Have you looked into selling them to a local pet store as pet grade goldfish? Even your culls are probably nicer than the average goldfish you see in a big box store.
  3. Those are nice looking fish. I probably don't want to know this, but, what do you do with the ones you cull out?
  4. I'm just wondering what people are using to light their tanks? Right now the tank I am going to use has a hood over it with 2 x 30 watt NO fluorescent tubes. It also has a 250 watt Metal halide (used to be a reef tank) over it but I'm guessing that would be a little much.
  5. I've never used gel food before. Does it make a mess in the tank? I'm guessing it doesn't if so many people use it. I use Repashy Super Fly to breed fruit flies for my poison dart frogs. I'll have to order some of their fish food next time.
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