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    None, that ship has sailed. Deal with Tropicals and African Cichlids now.

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  1. I had hygro but it got very stalky and I didn't like how it looked. I gave most of it away, the rest eventually died off. It's very sparse right now, and I'm fighting tennis elbow, so it's a little dirty and running low. There's also a snail problem that I'm hoping the loaches (yoyos and kuhlis) can catch up on soon.
  2. So far the only thing it reliably grows is algae and java moss -.- It's very tall, I think that might be part if the problem. We have an LED lightstrip on it, but I don't think the light reaches down far enough. It also gets natural sunlight because it's facing a pair of sliding glass doors, which explains the algae LOL Could use some plant ideas. We've tried Vals, Anacharis(sp?), wisteria, some kind of frilly dill looking plant (hornwort?), and anubias. They all melted or got so coated in algae they suffocated. We have that thick grassy algae that looks like a shag carpet. The cichlids and CAE love it, but they aren't in that tank LOL.
  3. Ended up losing 8, they're doing much better now. I don't know what the heck was going on. The fish store did the drop tests amd said high nitrates, but that that shouldn't have caused they problems we were having. Someone else on a cichlid forum said it sounded like flukes. Did 1 dose of the KanaPlex with Melafix and salt, and everything stopped. Decided to not salt the 60g, too many delicate frilly plants. The CAE is in its own tank now. Barebottom but it seems happy in there. I need to find out what their biotope is.
  4. Ok, I found on a Google search that someone treated with a mix of Epsom salt, Aquarium salt, Metro, Melafix, and KanaPlex, so it should be OK.
  5. I have a newly planted 60g that I want to salt as a preventative in case of cross-contamination from the cichlid tank during a water change (same python) Would salt kill the plants? I don't know what 2 of the plants are, one is frilly and fluffy, the other has small spikey leaves, and the 3rd is Vals.
  6. I was previously TetraLover on here, I couldn't log in because I forgot my password and the email account attatched to it, I deleted. So I've been a member here for 8-10 years now -.-
  7. HEEELLLLPPP!!! I've been to the fish store (Eddies Aquarium, local mom and pop store in upstate NY) twice in the past 2 days. They tested my water and said the only thing they could see was high nitrAtes. They did the test tube tests, so we had to wait a few minutes there. I posted some pictures on their facebook and they said to try salt and Melafix, and if that didn't show any improvement, then to try the Kanamycin. I got the Kanamycin today because we lost 3 more after the salt and Melafix. Can I just dump it in or do I need to change the water to get rid of the salt and Melafix?
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