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  1. Yes, this is a concern. It moves like it is liquid filled. I picked her up yesterday to get a closer look while cleaning, and the consistency felt normal. It's definitely not a solid mass. I'm not sure how to even go about treating it if it was infected. She appears healthy otherwise. I guess I could always take her to my LFS and see what their vet recommends. I've tried melafix and pimafix. Interestingly enough, Panda who is on the right in that pic (white w/black) actually has a bubble growing off the backside of her bubble. I have never had so many crazy things happen with bubble eyes before and I have had many bubble eye (more than most I would suspect). Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi, Everyone! It's been a while since I have posted, or even visited the site for that matter. I have a question for you all - Peaches, my smallest little bubble eye has been struggling for a while now with huge bubbles. Both of her bubbles are the same size, if not bigger than, my other bubble eye fish twice her size. Making swimming, floating, eating, breathing (she sucks up her bubbles anytime her mouth is open) very difficult. To add to it, one of her bubbles went from clear to cloudy in the last month (not sure if it's filled with pus or skin changes). I've had her in my quarantine tank since December hoping that the smaller tank would help her out. That's not been the case. Would you purposely pop her bubbles to improve her quality of life??? Knowing full well they will never look like this again. The thought makes me sad. Her bubbles are perfect, just too big for her In the attached pic, Peaches is on the left Panda on the right. Advice appreciated!!!
  3. Thank you! I have decided to call her Nessie @fantailfan1Trust me, I was tempted to call him and just say I'll be right over!!! I don't think I could have stopped at 4. Maybe 4 dozen, LOL
  4. So I finally bit the bullet and purchased a bubble eye from Dandy Orandas. This fish is HUGE! I don't think I have seen a bubble eye this big in a long, long time! Very happy with my purchase. Beautiful black color, with orange undertones (looks like chocolate) and flowing fins. Hoping it stays black as I have never had a black bubble before. Overall, very hapy, happy, happy After a good chunk of the day stressing because it was supposed to be delivered by 10:30 and it wasn't until 4:00, I unpacked a cold, but very active fish. I floated it for a good 30 minutes just to make sure it acclimated well. It is now happily swimming around in the tank. I haven't named it yet, there are a few names I'm trying to choose between. Anywho, I wanted to add some pics of just how massive it is. It is about the same length as my biggest, Squishy, but is about 10-12g heavier!
  5. Anyone buy fish from next day koi lately? I searched the forums and there were posts about them selling sick fish. I see they have fish on eBay. Just wondering if I should risk it. Thanks!
  6. I have been having issue with surface film lately. Every time I do a WC you can see where the water line was because there is a line of scum on the tank, which eventually develops into an algae line. I have an AC70 + AC50 (and just ordered a Fluval 406) plus a bubble wand in my tank to help with surface agitation, but still have issues. I was wondering if anyone has used a surface skimmer successfully. I ran across one on-line that works with the AquaClear HOB filters https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/aquaclear-ac70-surface-skimmer/ Just wondering if this would cause issues with my Bubble Eyes??? Thanks in advance!!!
  7. I looked at that too, but it's a little overkill for a 65 gallon. However, I did just pick up a fluval 406 from Big Al's pets for $150 + free shipping. YAY! Glad you were able to get the fx6, what a great price. I saw one in my LFS and couldn't believe how big it was
  8. I was so upset last weekend. I logged on to DO late and they were all sold!!! All 6 of them
  9. Dandy Orandas had a bunch during his last auction. Of course I already have 4 and don't really have room for another. DO bubble eyes have been the highest quality that I have come across. I hunted for a while and finally just bought the ones that I could find (1 from a LFS where I live, 2 from a LFS an hour away, and on off eBay) because nobody, and I mean NOBODY, really carries them. I e-mailed all of the LFS in my area and even some about 2 hours away, nada. From talking to a LFS they don't usually do well in shipping and they are so popular in Asia that there aren't many left over to make it to the US. The ones that do are very low quality, bottom of the barrel fish Which is the case with 3 of mine. Still my favorite though and I love the ones that I have. Let me know if I can help at all. I came across quite a few on-line sites that carry them, but are out of stock ATM and don't know about quality. Try the links below: https://www.petsolutions.com/Default.aspx?ItemId=Red-Bubble-Eye-Goldfish&CategoryId=Pond-Fish-Goldfish http://yourfishstore.com/collections/gold-fish http://www.livekoiforsale.com/Shubunkins%20and%20Goldfish.html http://aquariumfishtest.com/catalog-pages-goldfish-and-koi-bubble-eye-goldfish-for-sale-htm Good luck in your search!!!
  10. LOL. I don't know how else to describe it! She hasn't eaten any eyes... Yet I think I would be horrified if that happened. What did you do???
  11. SpartyGalRN


    Decided to try the pea route this week as I was seeing a lot of stringy poo. Fed some at dinner yesterday and exclusively for both feedings today. Panda, who is usually active and kind to others has turned into a monster! It's like she's on bath salts or something!!! ???? I have never seen her chase the 2 small fish and she goes straight for the bubbles ???? I ended up putting Peaches in a mesh breeder box, as she isn't a fast swimmer and has much bigger bubbles than the other, because I didn't want Panda to keep nom nom-ing on her bubbles. Anyone else ever experience this increase in activity before??? All were active before, but this is nuts! Going back to pellets and Repashy tomorrow. Oh my.
  12. I haven't looked too closely yet, but I think Squishy is a male and Panda female. Hoping for some panda bubble eye babies, but not sure I have enough experience for breeding yet!
  13. I apologize if I should start a new thread for this, but for those of you that feed Repashy, do you use tap water or distilled? I would think distilled as to not be feeding my fish toxins from the tap water, but I could be wrong. Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone! I apologize if this question has been asked a zillion times , but I have read other posts and still have a question. As some of you know, I recently bought a 65G tank for my 4 bubble eye goldfish. I have been looking at canister filters for a while. I'm looking at taking my old 28G set-up to my LFS for credit and they have Fluval canister filters. I thought it may be a good time to upgrade. Question is, what size do I need? Will it be too much flow for my fish, who are poor swimmers? I'm thinking about keeping the AC50 HOB as well since it is A LOT quieter than my AC70 and the fish do better with the flow from the output. What do you guys think? Any additional info needed let me know! Thanks!
  15. I just bought a finnex 24/7 light. How do you like it? Do you utilize the 24/7 feature? is it on 24/7 or do you shut it off? Any algae problems? I am hoping to run the cycle 24/7 but don't want the algae growth. I have my current light on a timer so I can use that if I need to. Your tank looks great!!!
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