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  1. So the quality of this isn't that great but I wanted to share my oranda, Luna. I have a red cap as well but was unable to get a decent picture of her. But I'll keep trying. Anyway, more about Luna I aquired here from a co-worker who had her in a bowl for about 3 months or so. I was talking to a client about my pond and she overheard and asked me if I wanted the oranda as her 11 year old lost interest. I gladly took Luna home (whose old name was Jell-o). She was in QT for a week(yes, a short QT but I assumed she was fine considering her 3 months of solitary confinement in a bowl. Now, she's acclimated and seems to enjoy a larger tank to swim in and tank mates She's the first one to swim up to the glass and assume its feeding time; she's always been very curious and will often swim up through the bubble wand and dart across the tank. Here's Luna "i can has foooooooood??????" "me want FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD"
  2. Hello there! In my 85 gal tank, I noticed a small snail on my anubias. What's strange is is that I haven't added any new fish or plants into the tank in about 3 weeks. I did add some amano shrimp 3 weeks ago, but I "QT" them over two days in a 10 gallon with a sponge filter. Maybe one was attached to a shrimp? Idk. I find it weird. My plants are all sold in those pest free tubes, maybe this is just a minor slip up? No idea what kind of snails these are but I noticed two. Both who I removed and smashed. I have a nerite snail in there already. Should I add some assassin snails to help remedy this?
  3. Hello all! Currently, I own an 85 gallon aquarium that is stocked with 10 anubias plants (I have about 7 more shipping in in 3 days), 7 orandas and a BNP. Yes, I'm aware that I'm a bit overstocked. Yes, I have plans for something a bit bigger when we move in a year or two. I'm currently fighting the urge to order another red cap or two but I really shouldnt. UGH the struggle!!!!!!!! So far, (KNOCKING ON WOOD), I haven't had water issues since my upgrade. I check my params twice a week and do a weekly, 75% WC. Granted, if I'm not following such a tight schedule, that can change. My fishies are being fed Saki Hikari Pellets, SeaChem flakes, Freeze dried brine shrimp, freeze dried blood worms, spirulina flakes and green peas ( the peas are fed once a week- on Mondays). Their diet is rotated because from what I understand, fish should have a balanced diet just like we do. I will occasionally throw in small thin slivers of zucchini whenever we are cooking with it. I ordered Repashy Soilent Green which should be here in a week or so. I've heard amazing things about this food and am excited to use it! I currently run the following filters - Aquaclear 70, Two Aquaclear 50 and a Fluval C4. Now, I'm at about 10X turn over (its 11 but I'm rounding down). However, I feel like I want even more filtration. You can never have too much right? I'm just a bit paranoid is all. I don't have much room to do another HOB filter so I was looking at Canister filters. I never had one but would like to add one on. I'd build something on my own but I SUCK at DIY. I'm trying to stay in a $150 and under budget for the filter. Is there a brand or type that you could recommend and the pros and cons you've experienced? Thank you!
  4. Hello all! I have a quick question: We received our order today for the Fluval C4 filter. I enjoy the creativeness that the makers put into this tank and especially enjoy the "trickle filter" portion. There is a fairly large space for a bag of carbon in this filter. However, I do not use carbon in my filters. I want to use this empty space for more bio media. What would be my best choice/option to remedy this? I was thinking about purchasing a large bag of Aquaclear BioMax for this as it comes conveniently in a mesh bag and is inexpensive. If there's anything anyone can recommend, I would gladly appreciate it! Thank you!
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