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  1. ^^ I think I'll just do that then. I was hoping for some Spawn and Grow but oh well. They already get Hikari pellets, bloodworms, peas, spinach, etc.
  2. Glad to see things seem to be improving. I just read your whole thread. So sorry for your losses
  3. Good to know. I keep debating as to whether I should get some or not. They do have Supergreen available on the Aus website so maybe I should just get some of that instead?
  4. I know this thread is a little old, but I was just looking at the Aus Repashy website and they STILL don't have Soilent Green or Spawn and Grow Looks like I will have to order some from NZ. Can anyone comment on whether it causes white fish to turn yellow? I feel like I've heard of that happening before somewhere.
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