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  1. Hey guyssss. Does anyone know which brands make tanks like this one? I am specifically wanting to get a white tank that has the curved front. Not fussed on the built-fin filter setups, so would prefer something without that.
  2. Hi all I don't visit here much any more as I don't currently have fish at the moment (see previous posts in which I had what can only be described as an adult tantrum and got rid of all my tanks ) I'm thinking I will get another tank once the weather warms up and I can put some money aside for it (it's currently winter here in Aus). Anyways, I just wanted to pop on here and say hello to everyone
  3. Maybe that's it.. Maybe I am just taking a break haha. All kidding aside, I'm sure I will have another tank one day when I have more time and space. I sold all of my plants last weekend. Now I've got to psyche myself up to sell the rest of my crap. I will probably have to drive to a town that's 1.5hrs away for someone to buy my fluval filters
  4. Thank you for your lovely replies everyone I found my sick fishy dead yesterday Now need to contact my friend who I'm hoping will want to take the remaining one. I totally get what you mean, I think if I had a balcony for a pond or even a small office type room that I would use as a "fish room", it would be much easier. I'm quite a minimalist person, and we all know that no matter how nice your tank is, it doesn't take much for it (and surrounding areas) to become a complete mess. Sigh. Maybe one day if I ever have a bigger house.
  5. So I've about 99% made the decision to not have tanks anymore. There's a chance that perhaps I will regret it, but I suppose I can always start again if I really wanted to. There's about a hundred reasons why, all piled up on top of each other, but I'll try to list a few. -I really don't have space in my apartment for tanks, and I hate the feeling of clutter that having ever a 55gal in here gives. It is my fault for not considering the tanks when i bought this place, but I can't do anything about it now. -The money on the electric/water bill. I am okay financially, but the extra bills do add a little more strain. -Money for food/equipment/meds/prime, etc. -Constantly having a fish that has something wrong with it, despite doing all the right things. This is probably the biggest reason as I find it so upsetting/bothersome. I know that this is a given when it comes to keeping living creatures, but it is distressing nonetheless. -I recently got my first proper 9 nine-to-five "career" job and I am finding myself with so little time that I barely look at the tank, nevermind the maintenance. Another huge reason is the constant feeling of discontentment and always wanting to upgrade things and have bigger and better stuff/nicer fish. I think a lot of this is an aspect of my personality and perhaps others aren't as bad when it comes to this sort of thing. But I find myself always wishing I did things differently. In a way, I get more entertainment out of watching someone else do it on Youtube and reading about stuff on forums than I do from physically doing all the things myself. I don't mean this post as a crap on the hobby or to be a downer, as I truly do love it and I'm sure I will have tanks again in the future. But these are all things I didn't fully consider before I started. I wanted to write this for others who may be struggling with this decision too, or those who are considering entering the hobby. Currently my tank and filter have been broken down and ready to sell. My remaining two fish are in a pond sort of setup in the garage along with the plants. One fish is quite ill and has developed dropsy and I expect I might have to euthanise I'm arranging to rehome my one remaining healthy goldy to a friend who is a very experienced fishkeeper. Anyways, I'm sure you'll still see me around here and there as I love reading your posts and looking at pictures of your beautiful goldies.
  6. Aww the poor darling I hope you can get some answers soon. He looks very happy despite it. You're doing a great job.
  7. I dunno, but he sure is pretty darn cute. This video made me smile. @LouiseAnn you are deadset funny.
  8. This is a great thread! Very interesting so far and I can't wait to keep reading the discussion. I will admit that I am naughty and I don't test my water very often. Only for fun, sometimes. I will have to start testing more often and see what I get, now that my tank is more established and heavily planted. The last time I tested was right before a water change, and I do 80-90% once a week. I remember my Nitrate being about 20ppm and I expected it to be higher, but I put it down to having plants in the tank.
  9. If I ever need new lighting, I will make some like in the video. This is what @Jeana727 was talking about.
  10. Sounds silly, but maybe try feeding something stinkier so he can sniff it out more easily? If you can get any kind of Repashy gel food, that stuff stinks, and fish love it haha
  11. This is such a great idea! Hope you don't mind if I copy Now i'm even more excited to get my tank moved so that I can start doing stuff to it.
  12. I think it would be okay as I use a pond pump and drain into the shower, which if you look closely at the pic, is just behind the door that you can see on the left. But yes, that is definitely something to consider.
  13. It is interesting, indeed sometimes less is best. I find that routine is key. As long as you are consistent with what you do, I don't think it matters too much. It's when you start messing around that things go wrong (at least that is what I have found). In saying that, I think they definitely need a bigger home. And perhaps add a sponge filter?
  14. Hi Dan I am thinking that I will just use both the tanks to create an L shape for now. I got rid of my massive dresser and now have an Ikea desk instead. Just need to convince someone to help me move the tanks haha. I am in South East QLD
  15. I am on the ground, concrete slab floor so not concerned about that thank goodness
  16. Sorry in advance, this post is pretty much just me venting/complaining. So I have a 55gal tank and a 75gal tank, which doesn't sound that bad, but I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, (which I own, so I can't just move house). I will admit that when I bought this place earlier this year, I did not consider the tanks, just thought I would cross that bridge when I get to it. I don't regret my decision, but I need to come up with some kind of solution as this whole situation is really bothering me. My 75gal tank is currently in the living room and it is driving me crazy. I'm the kind of person who really values the look/feel of their home and I feel like this big old tank just takes over the room. It sticks out like a sore thumb. I have been in a bad mood lately, and I have considered just getting rid of the fish and tanks, but even if I could manage to let them go, I'm pretty sure I would just end up buying more fish and tanks anyway I've been coming up with 100 ideas on how I could have the tanks in the the living room (getting a new 2-tier stand setup made, putting them behind the couch, that sort of nonsense) but I have come to the conclusion that it simply isn't going to work in the living room. I currently have the 55gal tank the bedroom, there is an office nook sort of an area, which seems to look okay. For some reason, that picture makes that area look really skinny. It is almost 5ft across. Anywho. My last solution that I can think of, is to get a two/three tier stand made for that area in the bedroom. I could have 4ft tanks and then as wide/high as I want. I kind of hate the thought of tanks in the bedroom. I don't mind the filter noises, just dislike that they aren't out where everyone can see them, but at this point, I'm past the point of caring about that. I've been dying to have a tropical community tank again, and this would be a good solution for adding an extra tank. I would get rid of that massive dresser and replace it with something smaller, which I was planning to do anyway. I'm thinking something like this, only prettier and with white trim. Anyways, what do you think? What would you do? etc.
  17. I'm not really set on them anymore, I think they will bow out way too much. I'm probably better off getting something like this that is a bit more sturdy, just wish it came in bigger sizes. I guess I will find something eventually. https://www.bunnings.com.au/award-60l-storeaway-black-storage-crate_p2583133
  18. This is my 75gal Red Oranda tank. I am trying to get my goldfish to spawn this summer. My tank contains: 4 x red orandas 3 x mystery snails 1 x bristlenose pleco 1 x upside down catfish I am currently running a Fluval FX6 as well as a sponge filter. Temp is 26C. Lights are nothing special, they are original to the tank which is an AquaGrande 120. I'm using a Shogun heater which has a built in guard. Plants are various types of Anubias on Driftwood.
  19. ^^^ I was wondering more if the plastic is safe? It says on the site that it's BPA free. I guess plastic is plastic, there's not much difference. I think I will get some.
  20. Spotted this neat storage tub https://www.bunnings.com.au/ezy-storage-130l-christmas-tree-tub_p2583511 Would it be okay to use these to house fish? I'm thinking I should pick up a couple just in case I get fry. It would probably need a brace in the middle, but other than that, these are a perfect size, nice and long and not too deep. And has a lid too! (would obviously drill holes or something) What do you think? I was thinking of getting poly ponds, but these would be way cheaper and space conservative.
  21. Well I just ordered some Super Green gel. Will let you know how it goes
  22. Can't wait to see what you come up with
  23. Guppies divide the masses but I love them, especially the snakeskin ones. Yours are gorgeous. Maybe one day when I get my house sorted out I will have a guppy tank.
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