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  1. Hey guyssss. Does anyone know which brands make tanks like this one? I am specifically wanting to get a white tank that has the curved front. Not fussed on the built-fin filter setups, so would prefer something without that.
  2. Hi all I don't visit here much any more as I don't currently have fish at the moment (see previous posts in which I had what can only be described as an adult tantrum and got rid of all my tanks ) I'm thinking I will get another tank once the weather warms up and I can put some money aside for it (it's currently winter here in Aus). Anyways, I just wanted to pop on here and say hello to everyone
  3. Maybe that's it.. Maybe I am just taking a break haha. All kidding aside, I'm sure I will have another tank one day when I have more time and space. I sold all of my plants last weekend. Now I've got to psyche myself up to sell the rest of my crap. I will probably have to drive to a town that's 1.5hrs away for someone to buy my fluval filters
  4. Thank you for your lovely replies everyone I found my sick fishy dead yesterday Now need to contact my friend who I'm hoping will want to take the remaining one. I totally get what you mean, I think if I had a balcony for a pond or even a small office type room that I would use as a "fish room", it would be much easier. I'm quite a minimalist person, and we all know that no matter how nice your tank is, it doesn't take much for it (and surrounding areas) to become a complete mess. Sigh. Maybe one day if I ever have a bigger house.
  5. Hi @QandD, I too have recently decided to not have fish anymore. If you ever want to talk about it, feel free to send me a message
  6. So I've about 99% made the decision to not have tanks anymore. There's a chance that perhaps I will regret it, but I suppose I can always start again if I really wanted to. There's about a hundred reasons why, all piled up on top of each other, but I'll try to list a few. -I really don't have space in my apartment for tanks, and I hate the feeling of clutter that having ever a 55gal in here gives. It is my fault for not considering the tanks when i bought this place, but I can't do anything about it now. -The money on the electric/water bill. I am okay financially, but the extra bills do add a little more strain. -Money for food/equipment/meds/prime, etc. -Constantly having a fish that has something wrong with it, despite doing all the right things. This is probably the biggest reason as I find it so upsetting/bothersome. I know that this is a given when it comes to keeping living creatures, but it is distressing nonetheless. -I recently got my first proper 9 nine-to-five "career" job and I am finding myself with so little time that I barely look at the tank, nevermind the maintenance. Another huge reason is the constant feeling of discontentment and always wanting to upgrade things and have bigger and better stuff/nicer fish. I think a lot of this is an aspect of my personality and perhaps others aren't as bad when it comes to this sort of thing. But I find myself always wishing I did things differently. In a way, I get more entertainment out of watching someone else do it on Youtube and reading about stuff on forums than I do from physically doing all the things myself. I don't mean this post as a crap on the hobby or to be a downer, as I truly do love it and I'm sure I will have tanks again in the future. But these are all things I didn't fully consider before I started. I wanted to write this for others who may be struggling with this decision too, or those who are considering entering the hobby. Currently my tank and filter have been broken down and ready to sell. My remaining two fish are in a pond sort of setup in the garage along with the plants. One fish is quite ill and has developed dropsy and I expect I might have to euthanise I'm arranging to rehome my one remaining healthy goldy to a friend who is a very experienced fishkeeper. Anyways, I'm sure you'll still see me around here and there as I love reading your posts and looking at pictures of your beautiful goldies.
  7. What's up guys?! Can't believe I haven't updated since Feb. A lot has happened. First of all, I decided I wanted my tanks out of the bedroom, so I ended up putting my bigger tank in the garage to sell, and brought the smaller one (3ft) out and painted the back of it a nice blue colour. It now lives under my wall- mounted TV in the living room. Unfortunately I lost a friend along the way. My smallest fish developed extreme swim bladder issues, and despite my best efforts could not be helped. In the end, he was so unwell that I made the tough decision to euthanise him. And then there were three..
  8. @FishyMandy Thanks for that tip. Front of the tank blowing off sounds insane. Could only imagine the amount of water.
  9. @FishyMandy Makes sense I guess, I've never been one to buy second hand tanks. The couple that I have bought from people were always so disgusting and needed major cleanings, so that has put me off. Also I'm scared of second hand tanks leaking, because you never know what their previous owner might have done to them.
  10. @koko Haha thank you. Nothing much to report on the Goldfish. My 3ft tank hasn't sold yet I'v currently just got it advertised on a couple of Facebook groups but I suppose I should probably put it on Gumtree too. Is it just me or is nothing selling lately? I hope you guys don't mind me talking about non-goldfish. This is my 10gal guppy tank that I recently set up. I do want to eventually put Crystal Red Shrimp in it (need to wait until I have the money for substrate etc, so guppies for now to keep it cycled) It's an old tank that I had sitting in the cupboard and I set it up with all stuff that I already had. Sorry the pictures are crappy, they are just so fast.
  11. Great thread and awesome setup. Question: I want to add some non-aquatic plants to the top of my tank. Is it advisable to use plants that have been in dirt/potting mix with fertilizers? Is giving the roots a really good rinse enough to make it safe?
  12. I dunno, but he sure is pretty darn cute. This video made me smile. @LouiseAnn you are deadset funny.
  13. Thank you @FishyMandy haha I got what you mean. I don't think I will be upgrading for a while though It's not a bad tank really, I am happy with it. Here's an update video. I am trying to make them every few months. It's really cool watching how much your tank changes and how much your fish and plants grow.
  14. This is a great thread! Very interesting so far and I can't wait to keep reading the discussion. I will admit that I am naughty and I don't test my water very often. Only for fun, sometimes. I will have to start testing more often and see what I get, now that my tank is more established and heavily planted. The last time I tested was right before a water change, and I do 80-90% once a week. I remember my Nitrate being about 20ppm and I expected it to be higher, but I put it down to having plants in the tank.
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