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  1. Hey everyone. New on here. But heard great things about kokos through other goldie enthusiasts. So I have had my butterfly telescope, Phoenix, for a little over two weeks now. Adorable guy. He's probably about 5 inches in length and is currently in my 55 gallon tank by himself. Im waiting for the koi shop I adopted him from to get another shipment of butterfly telescopes when they're "in season" in october. Becuase he's from this shop that gets their fish from China, I have no idea how old Phoenix is. Since about the 4th day i've had him, he has had buoyancy issues on and off. I suspected that it was from accidentally overfeeding him the first few days I had him (because I had no idea what exactly was the right amount to give him). After fasting him for 48 hours, I gave him peas to help push everything out of his system, including air. And now I feed him a lot less. This was suggested to me from a few goldfish people I follow on instagram. It worked, but he still tends to have good days and bad days. I know it is not SBD because he rights himself up easily and is fine for the most part. His water quality is always perfect. I check every day. I also do a 50% water change every 5 days. Phoenix is currently about 57 g. He is right now mainly eating Hikari (the purple bag for breeders) but I switched him yesterday to the hikari excel (tricolor bag) to see if it makes a difference in his buoyancy issues. Both bags have small, sinking pellets. Does any one have any advice for me? It would be much appreciated. Thanks for you time -emily
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