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  1. Well one of the articles are from this forums site. https://www.kokosgoldfish.com/Swim%20Bladder%20Disorder.html under Precautions https://www.kokosgoldfish.com/BRIEFGUIDEFORNEWOWNERS.html under feeding forum Mostly sinking or soaking floating to make them sink http://www.allabout-aquariumfish.com/2010/05/which-is-better-floating-or-sinking.html The scavenger fish picking at the ground comment below is also backed by this one above http://www.tgs-aquascaping.com/feedings-schedule/ Their scavengers and always looking for food on the bottom of the tank (sand, bare bottom, rocks). Some people even give them toys like a dogs toy were they can roll it around the ground to get food out. I've also seem people put gel type foods on rocks for the fish to pick at. Seen a lot of people on here talking about best foods and such. Omega one sinking seems to be one of the tops. DIY Gel food for floating fish or some of the other gel like good you can buy premade. Over all true or not I hear less favorable stuff about floating, a lot of people say sinking is better. I've never heard anything bad about sinking other then maybe like you added with the more tank maintenance being necessary. On bare bottom tanks seeing any left over pellets and siphoning them out takes at most a few minutes. So call it being better safe then sorry or just personal preference
  2. Everything I've seen says floating is bad for fancies and I already have a few with floating problems. I don't really seem to have the problem with much food hitting the floor and what does doesn't stay there for long. My goldfish are good little vacuum cleaners and having them for 1-5 years now we know about how much they will eat. My filters may get dirty a little faster or they may not don't really know. All of my fish eat sinking so nothing to judge it off of but it no big deal to ring out a few filter pads. Most of their tanks have (and this may sound odd) canisters and wet drys. My biggest goldfish tank for example has a canister that pumps water back in to a over head wet dry. It also has a constant water drip.
  3. Sorry I took so long to get back to use. I don't like floating so would you use Blackwater Premium Sinking Koi and Goldfish Diet or Aqueon Goldfish Food Granuals? I can get them both for the same price so only differences is the quality. I don't really know what I'm looking for. the 1st few of Blackwater... is Menhaden Fish Meal, Wheat Middlings, Wheat, Hydrolyzed Feather Meal, Crude Protein.......38% min Crude Fat.......10% min Crude Fiber.......4% max Moisture.......10% max Phosphorous.......1% min vs Aqueon... Whole Fish Meal (Whole Salmon, Herring & Other Mixed Fishes), Soybean Meal, Whole Wheat Flour, Corn Gluten Meal, Dried Yeast, Crude Protein 35.0% min Crude Fat 5.0% min Crude Fiber 5.0% max Moisture 9.0% max
  4. I got these two Black Friday one year ago as little ones, now they can barely fit in my hand. The orange and white is my 1st more real Ryukin, boy o boy the curves (s)he has now. The Oranda is quite the round one too. How do they look to you guys? They have a fresh water drip as well as all the filters and water changes. They eat Omega one Sinking Goldfish Pellets, API Goldfish Pellets, Hikari Sinking Goldfish Excel, Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Goldfish Color Pellets, and fresh food/DIY gel food. Can anyone link me to a good bulk pellet? I have so many larger goldfish now that they're go through about 60oz/3.75lb in about a 3 month time span. I could really use a good bulk pellet in place of the others or to mix in. I also could really use a good place to buy it from getting little 8oz containers isn't really cutting it anymore. I got 3 8oz containers of Omega off Dr.Foster and Smith the next month I was getting more Omega and some of the other types to mix in. I don't mind if its one of the same foods in a larger quantity or a different food to replace or mix with what I'm getting. I'd be happy with any suggestions of what foods you think I should use and where to get them. Most of my goldfish are now the size of the ones pictured or bigger. I however do have 2 that don't really seem to be growing and one that will only eat small pellets.
  5. Cool I was hoping I'd get to see a pic. Love the name btw., that is in fact a very fitting name. Very big cutie. I think if mine looked like that I'd have to name it Huffer the Puffer lol. Thank you for the pic.
  6. Thank you guys. I'm hoping your right about the crown. I don't really want a big crown on her but she will still be cool even if she does get one. Thank you for trying to help with the names. Hammer scales interesting never heard of them before.They are interesting, I wouldn't say i like or did like the scales them self.
  7. I was kind of questioning about the pearl to but wasn't sure if the pearls just don't show up at 1st and show as they age or if it just didn't have that type of scale. There both still small little guys. I personal like that it isn't as round as a pearl scale. I find pearl scales cutie but they really seem like there so bad off health wise. All the normal big bellied pearl scales I've seen around here never seem to make it. Do you think its possible that they maybe from the same batch? The oranda maybe just a big little one I've just never seen a fish that looks so round other then pearls. Thank you for telling me she's a girl. There still so small I didn't even pay any attention. Think they are both girls. The pearl is between 14-16g and the oranda is 10-12g. They started out at 4g 4 months ago. They also still need names. I've called them by a few but nothing seems to stick. Most of my goldfish have very simple descriptive names like the oranda atm would just be lipstick or goth or something because of the black lips but just doesn't seem to fix, also think the lip color may still go away to as she seems to be turning all gold. If anyone has any name ideas I wouldn't mind hearing them. Thank you guys for the nice comments. Here's a different picture of the pearl. You can see the scales a little better and that there not really normal or really pearled. either way shes a little cutie. Questions if she is also growing a wen, it looks fleshy like she might be. That may also just be her tho.
  8. Posted pictures of this little ones when I got them a few months again. The whole photo bucket thing tho so here are the old pictures again along with the new ones. 1st little oranda 2nd pearlscale NEW PICS They have changed a lot. The oranda is just as big around as my prealscale with makes me question if (s)he maybe a mix? The prealscale seems like (s)he maybe growing a we/crown.
  9. 30inch long X 13inch wide X 5inch tall tote that I already had.
  10. I just wanted to let you know that they seem to be doing a little better in to tote. They still don't swim right and spin out a little but not doing random uncontrollable flips as much. Finless doesn't seem to be floating as much and seem to be controlling his/her movement most of the time. Seen him/her do a few flips but not float or sink. Flag seems to still have a little more of a problem. (S)he isn't sinking anymore but seems like swimming is still a problem when turning. Seems kind of like over estimating a turn. When ever (s)he tries to swim sideways/turn (s)he loses control and her/his tail seems to whip to far around making him/her wiggle a lot to try straighten back out. Make me kind of question if the tail is just to long for the body. Still going to just leave them in there for now. They seem to have room to grow so as long as there looking better I'll just let them grow in there and not try putting them back in a 40g. If they (mainly talking about Flag) don't get better do you think i should just letting them go on as is in the tote or maybe putting him/her to sleep? Would it be wrong to try cutting her/his tail a little shorter if it doesn't get any better in the next few months? They are eating just fine. Don't have any duckweed atm but like I did last summer I'm sure ill have a lot of it soon.
  11. So my mom ended up getting me a few new goldfish as Easter gifts. Who likes this kind of Easter basket? lol I really have to many goldfish now but there all so cutie lol. There taken over the house lmao. Good thing I got that 70-75g tank to set up. Time to find room for more tanks. Look at the eyes on this telescope. I always said I wouldn't get one with eyes so big lol. (S)he weights 6g and I'm guessing at least 2 grams are just the eyes. Then a 2nd fish I said I wouldn't get again. A little pearlscale (s)he's only 4g and doesn't look all to round yet. And last but not least a little oranda. Not much of a wen to this one atm but look at this tail. Also 4g but looks a lot smaller then the other 2 and wasn't acting very good the 1st day. Hope you guys don't mind getting mooned by a fish So there's my little egg eyes, body, and head. Almost ended up with a all white lionhead or a large black moor.
  12. Ranchu x Ryukin cross that's a little scary lol. I don't think with the Ryukin hump and the lack of a dorsal fin they would swim very well.
  13. Definitely a unique fish. It really does look like he is trying to be a ranchu/lionhead in that picture lol silly little guy.
  14. That sure is a list of names you got there and all very different to. My fish I already said what they were called and I named my little furry pets mostly along the same line, stuff like hairy, curly. There was also a set of guinea pigs I had that had mohawks. I'm guessing you can't guess what I called them? lol Yep Mo for the female and Hawk for the boy. As to gender when I was littler I had a pet I named Mis.Nodingham the 3rd turned out that it was a boy so instead of dropping the Mis I called it Mr.Mis.Nodingham the 3rd. lol I've done the same thing with a few other pets named them a female name turns out they were male so just added a Mr. made is sound like it was just a last name or something. Most of my larger pets (dogs and cats) names normally have a theme, like right now my cats are Native American related and Norse Gods. I was thinking looked more like a girl. Will have to wait and find out for sure. My guppies when I had them also didn't really have names. There was one or 2 that did just cuz they looked so different. I'm lucky that atm none of my goldfish look to alike. I may have 3 that well look very close when there a little older, tho I have to wait and see what there color does. I really like the look of my Big Boy (avatar pic) so got 3 more kind of like him. 1 looks like him (the black and orange) but with A LOT more black however knowing how they like to lose the black we will see. 2nd one is more like him but with white lips and 3rd is the closes to him. Hoping one is female as I want a nice orange and black fish to tie my orange and darker color girls together. Other then that its just one of my favorite colors for goldfish. I also have 2 orange but one is a baby that I don't really plan on keeping and 1 is My bigger girl I got with big boy. I just got the little orange as she would of died of ich if I didn't same with this little one, you should of saw how bad she looked when I got her so covered in ich. amazing how a little clean water and in a few days/maybe weeks a fish that looked so bad can not have 1 spot of ich. I used to have 2 orange single tails (sadly lost one). I was both lucky/unlucky? One of them had got caught to a filter and had a very large scare on the side that even after healing can still lightly be seen. He also somehow lost the middle part of his tail so when It grow back it gave him a little of a different look to him. Its very light marks and differences, if you didn't know they were there you could overlook them but as I know I always see them. Yea guppies/swords and small schooling fish are hard to tell apart lol. Same goes with some of my cichlids. There is one with a name as he was my 1st and looks a little different. 1 more that had more of a shine to him but doesn't have a name and 2 that are hard to tell apart. My last angel was named Arrow as that's what she looked like. Very long fins made her look like a arrow head. This one I have now was always just the mate of I don't know why. I also used to know someone that wouldn't name pets. it didn't matter if it was a dog/cat or bird/small animal/fish they just believed that naming it would bring bad luck or death to it. I never did understand how you could have pets with no names. I mean fish, bird and small animals maybe but dogs and cats? I just couldn't do it don't see how it would work but then again even my plants kind of have names/more of a referring word really, but something so I could talk about it and people can know what I'm talking about. When I bred birds not all had names my main set did but babies I wasn't sure about keeping or rehoming didn't they did how ever have a cage number, band number and maybe a word to describe them.
  15. Arctic Mama That would never work for me. It would make me look a lot more loony when I talk to them if I just said hi fish, hi fish, hi also fish lol. I also wouldn't know how to talk about them with people. Like if i said Big Boy sure has got bigger hasn't he, it would just be that one fish with the orange and black no not the smallest one but the bigger one lmao. Or if I was talking about one of the smaller ones it would be no more or less back or a little white. It would be so hard to make sure people know who I was talking about lol. And that's not even talking about trying to keep data on each fish. They all have been weighed and had there pics taken a few times. It would be so much more confusing if that all wasn't in a folder with there names on it. That being said I do have fish with no names like all my tetra as I can't really tell them apart. Then there's also my angel and my betta. The angel is just Angel and the betta is Orange betta and Blue betta so names still that aren't really names. mjfromga Cherry isn't bad if its a girl IMO a little wrong for a boy tho lol. FishyMandy Same with Bandit I think I'd use it for a boy but not a girl. You however did somehow made me think of superhero/movie stuff saying mask. Like Deadpool, Spiderman, Flash(more a red and yellow fish name), Guy Fawkes(little Fawkes) from V for Vendetta (more a name for a little panda fish), or Jigsaw(little Jiggy) that one is red and white, also Pennywise the clown from it.
  16. thank you mjfromga yours by what I can see in the picture has really nice fins to it to. Mines fins are a little messed up atm. It kind of looks like a piece of tail was ripped out so guessing it was damage that is already healing. Anyone have some good name ideas? I keep going to Cappy but I already used that name so need a different one. Almost all my goldfish atm are named off there looks, very uncreative of me right lol. But I have Finless(the little egg goldfish), Shorty(very short tail), Bubbles and Google(telescope), and Flag(his top fin is messed up and looks like a little triangle flag). Then I get even more uncreative with names like Goldy, Brownie, Blacky, Whitey, Sliver. Then there's Big Boy cuz he was the biggest of my 1st 2 when I got back in to goldfish. Only 1 has a real name and that would be Goldeen as she is a red and white oranda that looks a lot like goldeen and I was trying out pokemon go when we when to get her. Still very uncreative of me. IDK why I'm so bad at naming them my dogs and cats all have real names but when I come to my fish no ideas. I still do like them and wouldn't want to lose or rehome most(have a few I want to rehome). I guess it's just that there name isn't for calling them and just for IDing who I'm talking about, weighing them and organizing photos .
  17. Interesting this was the 1st time I've seem one with so much red, even yours. I normally see them with just the red cap or maybe a little around the outside of the wen but still like a cap as it should be. Will be interesting to see if all the red stays or not.
  18. Showing off a few pictures of this little oddball. Is supposed to be a redcap but as you can see is more of a redhead lol. I seem to like the oddballs that don't fit the normal look. Still don't have a name for it.
  19. 40 Gallon breeder is the best smaller tank you can get for 1-2 goldfish. It has the length to it while giving more width for him to turn. The 20 long and 55 gallon are just not wide enough in my opinion. I know a lot of people use them but I'll stick with saying tanks that are wider are better. On top of that a 55g really holds like 48g where as the 40 gallon breeder holds like 44g. Best use of money especially if petco has them on sale is the 40g breeder.
  20. YES PLEASE. Actually we hope to be moving in the not to distant future (year or 2). That's why I want to make this tank stand fit almost any placement I could put it in and have it allow a.tank under it to. On this floor IDK if I would want to put a full tank under it but hopefully later that will be different. I think ATM the most weight on the floor is a 2 40g breeder stand. The stand it's self weights over 100lb. I don't remember the number but I did the math on it when I made it. Added up the weight of a 2by4 by how many 2by4s when in to it and it was heaver then I could have guessed it to be. it wasn't light to move that's for sure lol. I made the 40g stand for 3 tanks tho IDK if much more then a 10- 12inch tall tank would work on top of it and give me room to clean the tank. I want to get a costume tank for the top at some point 46 1/2 long X 18 wide X 10 or 12 inches tall. Would hold around another 40 gallons of water. This stand for the new tank isn't going to be as big as the double 40g stand but still not going to be light. Older stand but gives a Idea of what I'm doing and talking about The 40g breeder stand 2nd 40g breeder stand meant to hold only 1 40g, a smaller tank or tote sump underneath and some fish stuff to sit on top of it. You can't really see it in this picture but the legs do go to a 2nd level for items. The new stand is going to be more like this one the way it is pictured, not having a top to it. The middle beams are going to be placed differently to hold the 40 on bottom but just a rough idea.
  21. Lol that depends on the surprise. A new tank is always nice but a little better timing would have been nicer lmao.
  22. Interesting thank you for letting us (me and everyone reading this) that were curious know what the tank is. And you're right its very heavy about 260lb empty. When it's sat down it's in place and doesn't want to move lol. I never realized they made turtle tanks I just fingered that people used to normal fish tank with a add on top part. I know they make them for hamsters and rats a cage you can sit on top for them to be in a wire cage and the glass cage as a bedding area. I've seen stuff like that and diy stuff like it for normal fish tanks. I know they make the sliding glass door reptile tanks have a few for snakes and box (land) turtles. Me to lol. Sadly I have to save up some money to buy everything I'm going to need for it. looking at $30-40 in wood for the stand, around $60 for the filter items. Lighting I'll just get to at some point after having it set up and hoping the stain I have from my other stands is still good. As normal the price of the items for the tank over double the tank it's self lol. Also have no place inside to do so, so the weather outside has to accommodate the build, sand and stand. Meaning I need at least 3 (more like 5) good warmer days with no rain. I so so want to do so atm but with the rain were having and lack of needed parts I can't.
  23. You maybe right. My BF said it wouldn't be hard for anywhere that works with plastic to make a mold and rim to that tank. All the custom tanks I've seen didn't have trim on them but that doesn't mean anything. I do find it interesting that it seems to be the most likely Idea for this tank. All I really know about it is that it was a good find for a good price and I just couldn't leave it. Also I was told it holds water yet to conform it thought. Biggest tank I have my others are 40g breeders, totes and a 55g. Going to hopefully make the stand to hold a 40g breeder on bottom but that may make the tank sit to high so maybe a 30g breeder. Still planning it all out. I know its going to be at least 22inchs tall maybe 28inchs. I'm trying to make sure I plan the tank so that it would work in different scenarios as I plan on having to move it with in a years time. Hope a few of my goldfish will be happy in it when I finely get it set up.
  24. Thank you Your guess is as good as mine. I didn't know you can get rims for custom tanks thought that doesn't mean you cant. I can say that the glass edges feel like any of my other tanks and the glass is a lot thicker, 3/4th inch. I can say it also is a good thing I make my own stands and lids as I'm sure that would be hard to find lol. So here's 1 more pic of the glass. I started at 1 inch so I could see the lines better.
  25. Yea very odd I tried for a few hours to see if I could find a tank 42 long and couldn't. Best I could come up with is its a custom tank but it has the normal rim so maybe just that old of a tank??? IDK if they ever made them that side tho so... Anyway bad pictures, but here is a few pic of it. I did a little wiping out of old gravel and stuff on the bottom of the tank but still need to clean it later. The black side(side seen in pictures) seems to have a few scratches on it. The bottom is VERY scratched up but there all light scratches and I'm going to have sand over them.
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