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  1. No you're really not!! Ha! I had an appointment to go down there in August, but had to cancel. Hoping to visit once my cycle is complete (C'MON CYCLE!!). When I spoke to Sue, she said that they were planning on holding an open day every month. Fingers crossed that's still the case. Not sure this open day would've suited me though - no standard grade fishies available apparently. I'm guessing show-grade would be waaaaay outta my budget. Are you planning on buying anything?
  2. Not. At. All. Jealous. I'd hoped to attend, but I'm still cycling and Piggy isn't back to full health yet anyway. Ho hum. Defo post some pics please. Would be nice (annoying) to see what I've missed out on! Edited to say...are you planning on coming away with anything?
  3. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone here was going to the open day this Sunday? If so... PICTURES PLEASE!! @Lis. - have you had a chance to get a sneek peek at the fish available for this Open Day? INVITATION TO OUR FANCY GOLDFISH OF EXCELLENCE OPEN DAY UPDATE - OPEN DAY SUNDAY 15TH OCTOBER 2017 We are pleased to announce that we are holding our first Open Day of the 2017 Season on Sunday the 15th October from 10.00am - 3.00pm. We will be offering fish for sale on the day from Countries of Origin China, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia and the UK. For sale will be a vast selection of Good Quality Higher Grade fish up to amazing Show Quality Grade fish, we will also have for sale some Show Award Winning fish. There will be an extensive range of varieties and sizes with some fish never before seen in the UK. This promises to be the largest selection of Quality Fancy Goldfish ever offered for sale outside Asia. You will see fish that you may have only ever seen before on the internet or in books – visit our Open Day and you will have the opportunity to buy them on the day. We will also have a number of rare and one off fish which will be sold on a “first come first serve” basis. Our team Andy, Sue, Chris, Scott and Ems will be on hand to assist you. Please Note: There will be no standard grade website fish offered for sale at the Open Day, all the fish will be better quality fish. You can still order the standard grade fishes online for delivery. VARIEITES TO INCLUDE: ORANDAS, RYUKINS, POM POMS, CELESTIALS, MOORS, TELESCOPES, LIONHEADS, PANDAS, TRI COLOURS, BROADTAILS, PEARLSCALES, BUBBLE-EYES, JIKIN, VEILTAILS, BROADTAIL MOORS, FANTAILS, BRISTOL SHUBNUKINS, LONDON SHUBUNKINS, RANCHU, HAMANISHIKI, WAKIN, BUTTERFLY MOORS, TOSAKIN, AND MANY MANY MORE! A SELECTION OF “AWARD WINNING FISH” & “ONE OFF COLOURS” IN A NUMBER OF VARITIES. DON’T MISS THIS INCREDIBLE DAY SUNDAY 15TH OCTOBER FROM 10AM TO 3PM
  4. Hi Lisa pH out of the tap is 7.4 on the API high range test and 7.6 on the normal range. This raises to about 8.0 after being aerated for 24hrs. Tank pH is 8.2. On previous tank setups (when I have fish in the tank) I would normally age the water for WCs for at least 24hrs with an airstone to bring the pH closer to the tank level, however I haven't been doing this whilst cycling. I've just filled the tank back up with water straight from the tap. Last time I checked (22nd September), the GH test changed at 16 drops and KH at 8 drops.
  5. Could I not just throw my test kit at them instead?! I'm on day 33 of my cycle and day 17 of crazy nitrites. Ammonia is reducing to between 0.0 > 0.25 in 24hrs (from 1.0), while the Nitrites are rocketing to between 2 & 5 in the same timeframe.
  6. It went much better than I'd hoped. Piggy was fairly chilled about it all. 2 down, 5 to go.
  7. Arrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE NITRITES!!!! That is all
  8. Hiya Dawn! Fimble is doing better thanks. Her legs weren't really working properly on Friday night, and they deteriorated over the weekend. The vet thinks it's arthritis so has prescribed an anti-inflammatory. So far it seems to be doing the trick, but if she takes a turn again he wants to do some x-rays. Piggy will get his 2nd injection in a couple of hours when I'm home from work. Bit nervous if I'm honest. I've never had to administer an injection before. The vet showed us where & how to inject and I've watched a couple of online videos, so I think I know what I'm doing. Just hope he's not in a wriggly kinda mood!!
  9. I had to take one of our cats to the vet yesterday and got chatting to him about Piggy. Anyway, long story short, we took him in for a check-up and the vet believes he's suffering with mild septicemia along with possible melanoma (that blister thing). Possible in that he would have expected it to spread outwards if it was a true melanoma, but it hasn't. He has prescribed Baytril injections - 1 every 48hrs for 2 weeks. Once we've finished the course, he'll reassess where we at. He administered the first injection for us yesterday to show us how to do it, so next one will be tomorrow. I asked if he thought it was viral and he does not believe it is, based on his observations. Nor does he think it's parasitic. Which I guess are good things, as it means I can introduce more squishy-faces in the future without too much issue of it being passed on (once Piggy's back to health of course!). He has requested that I only perform 50% WC each day, rather than 100% to reduce any further stress. He also wants me to get him back in the main tank ASAP, so my cycle had better well hurry up!! As an aside, travelling to the vets with Piggy was interesting. Even though there was a lid on his tub and I drove like 'Driving Miss Daisy', it's a good job I've got rubber floor mats in the car - splish splash!!! He seemed to handle the trip well though.
  10. Hi Dawn Ok I think, although to be fair I didn't have much time to observe him this morning before I left for work. Not too sure what to do from here. Was planning to get him back in the tank before too long (once the cycle has completed), but if we're dealing something viral, I guess that's not really going to be an option as it'll just transfer to any new fish I get.
  11. I'm hanging in. Just! Currently, they're rising to between 2.0 & 5.0 in 24hrs. Any longer and they're most definitely off the chart as it takes 2 big WCs to bring them right down. I'm doing a large WC most days (70%ish) which brings them back down to 0-0.1 (light blue but not turquoise, no hint of purple) and then I redose the ammonia to 1.0. Am I doing the right thing by doing a WC when the nitrites reach 2.0, or should I leave it be to see what happens? I read that nitrites higher than 2.0 could stall the cycle.
  12. Ok, thanks AM. The pitting on his face doesn’t look infected (to me anyway), more like wrinkles. Maybe his old age is catching up with him! Lol! The blister isn’t changing at all at this stage. No worse, no better. It was the greyish patch covering it that I’m interested in. Koko thought this was a healing patch, which I guess is a good thing, but with it not improving it made me wonder if it was something else. The pearlescent silvery ‘crud’ in his wen seems to have reduced over the last day or so. Maybe it was just detritus or wen growth?
  13. Anyone? Do you think we’re still ok or have we taken a step backwards?
  14. Oh wow, really? Fab. ☺️ Sometimes, it can come off like flakes in the water flow. It’s VERY unsightly when I wipe it off, kinda chalky. Thanks for the cycling wishes. Currently dealing with high nitrites, but I’m getting there. I think.
  15. Update... He appears to have a whiteish 'crud' in his wen. It's almost silvery/pearlised. It's difficult to picture. His acne has also reappeared - he has some pitting on his cheeks. The blister on his side doesn't seem to have changed since stopping with the silver & meth blue swabs, but it's still very much there. The white/grey fungus-type patch still covers it (which Koko thought may be a healing patch). Thoughts? The pitting on his right cheek below his eye is really obvious on the first picture. He also has a little redness to the right side of his nose/mouth (not so obvious on the through-the-tub shots).
  16. I'm in the process of cycling my tank (3 weeks in) - all seems to be going well so far. I do, however, have a lot of hard water deposits accumulating on my airline & the rubber connections on my filter intake/outlets. On previous setups, I would usually just wipe them off when I do my water changes, but obviously while I'm cycling I'm not doing any wiping down of the tank. Are they an issue for fish or are they nothing to be concerned about? My GH test changes at 16 drops and KH at 8-9 drops. On the plus side... I have algae!! Lol!
  17. Thank you both. Well if you & AM are happy, then I'm happy ☺️ Not sure if the lump will ever completely disappear. As I've stopped medicating & swabbing, I'm keeping a close eye on it for any changes & I'll report anything I see. Should I expect it to return back to smooth, lighter scales or might it always be a blemish like this? Hopefully my cycle will start to progress soon & I can look forward to getting him out of his tub.
  18. Photos as promised, taken this morning. Note: The first one was taken on 12th July - I include it for comparison. All others taken this morning. He wasn't very cooperative in posing for the camera, these were the bast I could capture I'm afraid....
  19. Morning Koko Not too bad I think. As of yesterday, he's in clean water only (no silver). I've also stopped swabbing his blister with meth blue (Friday night was his last swab). I've seen no further change to the blister for a while now, so wanted to see if a lack of intervention would cause any changes. I'm keeping a close eye on it. The blister has reduced somewhat from what it was at the start of all this, but it hasn't disappeared entirely - there's still a definite lump there (not hard, just jelly-like) and the area is still significantly darker than the rest of him. I'll try to get some pics later and post tomorrow for you to see. As for my fishless-cycle, my ammonia is still at approx 4.0 (today is day 15). I tested yesterday, and while the green isn't quite as vibrant as it was, it's definitely not down to 2.0 yet. I'll test again later in the week.
  20. I guess the silver will aid the blister healing, right? How many drops do I need? He's in a 50 litre tub.
  21. Today is day 14 of the acriflavine. Do you/your friend think I should continue with this treatment a little longer or shall we give him a break for a while & see if there's any change? I haven't spotted any shaking recently, but that's not to say it isn't happening when I'm not observing. I'm still swabbing his blister with meth blue twice daily.
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