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  1. Tonight’s test results below. What do you read the nitrAte as? Just doing a WC.
  2. No to the PP, and sometimes we have the windows open if it’s warm (which does happen occasionally here in the uk believe it or not!) or the cats are outside.
  3. Thanks Taryl. Not sure what to do now. I don't believe they've come from equipment used in a previous setup, as everything is either new or been bleached/nuked. There's no substrate (I removed all the sand prior to nuking) and I'm using household ammonia for my cycle, not food. Kinda hoping they're a larva of some kind that's completely harmless, cos if that's not the case, then I'm back to nuking all over again and restarting this (already never-ending) cycle.
  4. Sorry to hear Justine has been poorly. Hope she's doing better now. I'm doing OK, I think. The nitrites are still climbing, but not at the rate they were. Managed to get away with not doing a WC on Monday. Monday results were Am - 0.0, Ni - 1.0, Na - 40 Last night, nitrites were at 2.0, so I did a large WC to bring them down to 0.25 then raised ammonia back up to 0.25 (nitrates were at 80 before WC). When I turned the filters back on after the WC, I had lots of worms in the water column... @Arctic Mama - how did they get in the tank? I have no plants and no substrate so can't see how they were introduced. I've tried searching the web for the lifecycle of detritus worms, but can't find anything helpful. Just concerned that they might be something else a little less harmless. I don't want to be back at square one when the cycle is complete & Piggy is reintroduced
  5. Today’s results. Before WC... After WC... And the ammonia comparison before & after dosing. Aimed for 0.25 again. The ammonia tests look much greener in the photos than in ‘real life’.
  6. Ok so not quite 12 hours later (I had a lie-in). This is approx 16 hours later. Not too sure on the nitrite, so took 2 pics - one with lower end of chart and another using higher end. Maybe 1.0?
  7. Don’t do that! I’ll test in the morning (12 hour mark) & see where we’re at. Would you normally see nitrates rocket off the chart before the cycle completes (i.e. deepest darkest red)? Should I see nitrates increase dramatically before nitrites drop?
  8. I ALREADY DID!! That last image was comparing ammonia 2 tests - before adding (left) & after (right). Aimed for 0.25 What are you seeing? What’s wrong?
  9. Large WcC done. Test results after the WC below along with ammonia comparison before & after dosing.
  10. Gotta feeling Piggy might though. Currently draining the tank ready to refill & dose the ammonia. Pre-WC test below. Note the nitrite has been rising steadily even though I haven’t dosed. Nitrate too, very slightly.
  11. Where should I go from here? Ammonia or no? Is there something I can do to get the nitrites under control, or is it a case of they'll do what they do and be gone when they're good & ready?
  12. Let me know what I should do to get the nitrites in check. Tonight’s test results. No WC for me!!!!
  13. And just to clarify, am I doing a WC tonight regardless of test results or just leave as is (assuming nitrite <2.0)?
  14. Really, even though the addition of ammonia still makes the nitrites rocket?
  15. Weird huh? What do you think about the water tests? Should I keep off of the ammonia for a bit?
  16. Thanks Taryl I have now!! How exactly do they get into the tank? Are they as a result of a fly/midge laying eggs? The tank is completely bare (apart from hardware that is - airstones, airline, filter in/outlets) so I was just wondering.
  17. Test results 12 hours after WC & no dosing of ammonia. Will test again tonight at 24hrs.
  18. And now for something completely different... After scraping all the diatoms off, I saw a couple of these wriggling in the water. They’re about 1cm long & very thin. Please tell me they’re just detritus worms & nothing to be concerned about!!
  19. Here we go... Before the WC. Annoyingly, the ammonia test looks much greener in the pic than in real life
  20. The crap of it is, the lighting in my dining room (where the tank is), is really poor (low light), so the test images may not be great. I'll do my best for you. The only plants I have are what I had before (anubias on rocks, 3 small ones in total). I'll need to do a bleach dip on them to be sure they're free from any nasties from the previous setup. Should I add 1 only, or all of them? My nitrate is 20ppm out of the tap. It's currently hovering around 40-80ppm in the tank (again, the colours for these two are difficult for me to tell apart). I hold off on dosing the ammonia tonight, as @fantailfan1 suggested.
  21. Thanks Lisa. Yeah, boiling might be out of the question! I know, the diatoms have gone mad in the last couple of weeks. I have a couple of LED light units on the tank, which I guess I could keep turned off if you think it wise (I only really need them on when I'm checking things/doing my WC)? Whilst I've been cycling, I always check my parameters before & after a WC. Last night after the WC, my nitrite went down to 0.25 (I then dosed the ammonia to 0.5). I expect it to be back up to 2.0+ tonight. My nitrate is 20ppm out of the tap. It's currently hovering around 40-80ppm (again, the colours for these two are difficult for me to tell apart).
  22. It's 600 litres and I'm changing approx. 75-80% each time. I'm running 2 x Fluval FX6 filters, both are set up the same - foam round the outside of each tray, bio pads in the top tray, a mix of ceramic noodles & bio balls in the middle & bottom trays with the addition of a fine floss/filter pad in the bottom. For the last couple of days I've reduced the amount of Ammonia I'm redosing with each WC to 0.5ppm (was 1.0). The nitrites are still rocketing up to 2.0 - 5.0 (those colours are difficult for me to distinguish between) in 24hrs. Yesterday, I returned home from work to fairly cloudy (brown) water which I assume is from the diatoms sloughing off (see pics). Not sure why they're coming off in patches. Safe to say they've well & truly taken over the tank though. Bleurgh! I also include some more images of the biofilm on the rubber filter connectors. This has also started to come off in flakes and is floating around the tank along with the chunks of brown yuk (til the filters sucks them up of course).
  23. Hi Lisa pH out of the tap is 7.4 on the API high range test and 7.6 on the normal range. This raises to about 8.0 after being aerated for 24hrs. Tank pH is 8.2. On previous tank setups (when I have fish in the tank) I would normally age the water for WCs for at least 24hrs with an airstone to bring the pH closer to the tank level, however I haven't been doing this whilst cycling. I've just filled the tank back up with water straight from the tap. Last time I checked (22nd September), the GH test changed at 16 drops and KH at 8 drops. What do you think? Am I doing something wrong or is there a way I can give it a gentle 'nudge'? Also, FYI, I'm filling the tank up from the outside tap, so cold water. The temp after the WC is approx. 18*C which rises to approx. 21*C in the 24hrs before the next WC. I guess that may be slowing the cycle down right? Unfortunately, I don't have the means to refill from indoors with warmer water.
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