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  1. No WC I take it? Just straight in with the ammonia?
  2. Thanks Sharon. Just so confused as to how they got in there in the first place. I'm re-cycling my tank after nuking it with bleach. There's no substrate and no plants. All filter media is brand new, the airline & airstones are new, there are no inhabitants. Nothing. Maybe they were present in my previous setup (although I never saw any) and a couple survived the bleaching (and have since gone nuts reproducing!). Or does an insect lay eggs that turn into these? I have PP on hand to kill them, but if they're definitely detritus worms and are harmless, I may just let Piggy eat them all (when he eventually goes back in the tank that is). If we're not 100% certain, then I guess I'd better wipe them out to be sure.
  3. @koko & @Arctic Mama I finally got around to catching one of the suspected detritus worms and popped it under the microscope. Not the best videos, but you may be able to identify it. The first is the original video I took after catching one of them, the others were taken yesterday. As an aside, I also did a scrape on Piggy yesterday - I didn't find squat parasite-wise. I'm going to have another go, as I'm pretty sure I should have seen something, right? As in all fish have some kind of wriggly thing, whether it be harmful or not, living on them yeah? Think I just need to brush up on my scope skills.
  4. Images on the left were taken last night after the WC & dosing of ammonia. Images on the right were taken this morning - 12 hours after dosing ammonia.
  5. WC done. Dosed the ammonia to 0.25. Fingers crossed!!
  6. @koko LOOK!!!!!!!!! What now, what now?! Should I do a WC? Dose with ammonia? Leave as is?
  7. Consider it done. Will check in again tomorrow.
  8. The test was done only an hour ago.
  9. Surprisingly nitrites are still at 0.5. So no WC & no ammonia feeding tonight If/when they do reach 1.0, do I want to do a WC big enough to get them down to as close to zero as possible or just to say 0.5 again?
  10. Ah, ok. I would guess the Nitrites will be at 1.0 by tonight. Should I do a 50% WC or larger to bring them back down? What level should I bring them down to? Then leave as is yes? No ammonia dosing?
  11. I think I’m being thick, but shouldn’t the nitrites read zero by the end? Regardless of ammonia being dosed?
  12. Ok. Well I’ve already dosed for today (sorry), but I’ll hold off from now on.
  13. Thank you Tonights test results. Nitrite has risen to 0.5. I’ve not done a WC but have raised ammonia back up to 0.25. Would you say nitrates are 40 or 80? Is there anything I can do to help the nitrite>to>nitrate process at this stage?
  14. Coolio. Will purchase tomorrow. Tonights test results are in... Nitrites have definitely slowed down. Not disappeared yet tho. Will raise ammonia to 0.25 again, but no WC this time.
  15. So regardless of the dose, I can’t kill the cycle? I’ll look for peroxide, but this is the uk, so lots of red tape surrounds things like that.
  16. One other thing, seeing as we might be getting closer to the end, how do you use PP for killing nasties? Likely to buy this stuff https://kusuri.co.uk/kusuri-products/kusuri-potassium-permanganate/ but this... ...got me worried! Should I also buy this to neutralize it? https://kusuri.co.uk/kusuri-products/kusuri-hydrogen-peroxide/ Just concerned about "the right dose" - I need to accurately calculate the volume of my tank & filters in order to work it out and don't want to mess it up incase I screw with the cycle and have to start all over again. Am I over thinking it or will a few ml/grams here and there not cause too much issue?
  17. Thanks Dawn. Much better. OK, so the level in my tap (as I read it) is 20ppm. I did the WC and afterwards levels were at Am - 0.0, Ni - maybe 0.1 (very pale blue, not turquoise, not purple) and Na - between 20 & 40. I raised the ammonia to 0.25 - let's see what happens. I'll test again tonight and let you know. Just for clarity, here are the images of the test results after the WC. Note: the first image shows the results before (left) and after (right) dosing ammonia.
  18. Not that I’m aware of. I didn’t check straight from the tap to be honest. They’re usually pretty stable at 20. I’ll check where they’re at now & report back in 5 😉
  19. Fab!! Nitrates aren’t as high as I was expecting tho?
  20. Hey Dawn. Better than I’d hoped to be fair. I’ve been ill all weekend, so tonight is my first WC since Friday. I expected nitrites to be horrific, but... they’re only at 0.25!! Just doing a large WC and I’ll raise ammonia to 0.25 as before & see how it looks tomorrow. Could this mean I’m nearing the end?! Nitrates look to be about 40 to me.
  21. Ok. Think perhaps I’ll wait til it’s done. Don’t want to do too much all at once. Now I have my scope I plan on catching one of the little cretins & have a proper look. Just need to learn how to use it!! Did you see tonight’s test results above? What ppm do you think the nitrAte is?
  22. Thanks Koko. Will see if my LFS has some. Should I wait til the cycle has completely or do it straight away?
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