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  1. Woohoo!!! NEW FISH!!!!!! Defo plan on getting some new cuties, but obvs need to QT them first and while ever Piggy is in QT, I simply don't have the space for more tubs (unless I use the main tank at a huge QT tank ). Should I continue to dose ammonia at 1.0 then? Shall I just forget about the worms and leave them (there's quite a lot of them), or would you PP the tank (may need a bit of guidance on that - never used PP before)? Maybe a big WC & filter clean-out would get rid of a lot of them? Saturday is my day for tank overhaul - the background paint has been peeling off and making a severe mess, so I need to remove it all and replace (I've bought a black vinyl background). Of course the tank needs to be empty(ish) for me to move it and get around the back, so I'll do a big WC and clean the filters at the same time. Then I can get the sand in. Oh how I love rinsing sand. NOT! I haven't ordered any plants yet. I need to find those elusive large rocks to stick them to. I'll get on it. Thank you @koko & @fantailfan1 for all your help with my cycle. So pleased you were there to walk me through it. Thanks to @Arctic Mama & @shakaho for worm identifying. And thanks @DawnMichele for your support and hugs Love this forum - you guys are awesome!!
  2. Tonight’s results. Shall I go again? Did you see my queries about dosing ammonia & getting rid of the worms? ^^^
  3. Ok, so cleaning my filters out isn’t really possible for me until the weekend, so perhaps I’ll wipe down Friday night then clean out on Saturday. Because I’m not convinced he’s better yet. I’m at the vets with him on Thursday for a scrape (I’m still crap with my scope) so we’ll see then. I don’t want to put him in the tank until he gets the all clear. So should I keep dosing a little ammonia until then? What about the worms? Just doing the WC ready for dosing again. Here are tonight’s results.
  4. I didn't get your reply until yesterday morning, and as I wouldn't be able to test 24hrs from then I waiting until last night to dose. I've raised ammonia to 1.0 again, so will test again tonight, do a large WC & redose. I do have some questions however, provided we are indeed at the end of the cycle... 1. When should I clean my filters out for the first time? Remember I cleaned all those diatoms off a while ago, so no doubt my filters are pretty yucky 2. There are more diatoms in the tank, very few, but they're there. Shall I clean these off tonight when I do my WC? 2. Do you think I should PP the tank to clear out those worms? See other thread... If they are definitely detritus worms, can I leave them or would you nuke 'em anyway? 3. Piggy is not ready to leave QT yet, so should I continue to dose a little ammonia to keep the cycle or will it be ok? I have no idea when he'll be ready to go back into the main tank. 4. I bought my replacement sand weeks ago. Can I put this in as soon as the cycle is complete? I plan on putting in a LOT less than last time, just a covering with no real depth (maybe 0.5 - 1.0cm max). Think that's it. For now anyway.
  5. Here we are 22hrs later (got bored of not knowing - couldn’t wait another 2hrs) Should I dose to 1.0 again?
  6. Tonight’s results. Have redosed ammonia to 1.0 (last pic). Watch this space! Fingers crossed.
  7. Hmmm ok. Think I’ll make a small batch up for Piggy whilst in QT. It’ll be easy to ensure no residue remains - feed him the gel, then transfer him to new tub (bucket-to-bucket), plus there’s no filter in there to suck up nasties.
  8. Sorry to jump in here - can I do this Koko? I know you told me to stop feeding gel food (after my issues with Winston flared up), but now I no longer use an internal filter could I turn my FX6's off and be safe to feed gel food in the main tank? I still have a lot of Repashy left over which is just gathering dust now. If not, how about feeding it to Piggy whilst he's in QT? If leftover residue is still an issue here, I could feed it to him before his bucket-to-bucket WC.
  9. So tomorrow night, dose 1.0, yeah?
  10. Gotcha! Tonights results... Will redose to 0.5 again.
  11. Not sure I'm understanding properly. Do you mean you're reading my ammonia test result as 0.5ppm after 24hrs or that at the minute we should continue to dose to 0.5? Only checking as, I know the image shows ammonia slightly green (but in reality, I read it as far more yellow and 0.0), but I wouldn't have said it was up at 0.5. Just want to check we're on the same page.
  12. Is that not what it's doing at the moment then?
  13. Ah ok, I thought that might be the way we were heading. Should I continue to dose at 0.5 for now though?
  14. Shall I just keep re-dosing to 0.5 each night (assuming zeros for ammonia & nitrite that is) and report in? What am I waiting to see/happen? Is it a case of redosing for a week to ensure ammonia & nitrite disappear consistently?
  15. No need to do it after 12hrs? Will dose now.
  16. Tonight’s results - 24hrs after dosing. I wasn’t able to test this morning (after 12hrs) I’m afraid. Should I dose to 0.5 again?
  17. Test results 24hrs after dosing ammonia 👍🏼 Have dosed ammonia again to 0.5
  18. OK, I'll be home in a couple of hours or so, I'll test again then. Do you want ammonia back up to 0.5 again? Do I need to do a WC?
  19. Don't get too excited ladies... nitrites have risen overnight. Test results below are 12 hours after dosing ammonia to 0.5ppm. Will test again after work later and report in.
  20. All dosed. Will test again in the morning (12 hours from now).
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