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  1. Just done my WC & noticed this... I know I need to fill in the D&D thread but just wanted to get this on here ASAP, plus doing my it on my phone is a PITA. Do you think it’s dropsy or a graze/irritation of some kind? It’s just on the one side behind the gill. He’s clamping slightly too. We’re a week into QT with 100% WC everyday, no meds so far. Info to follow.
  2. Dawn!!! There you are - I thought you'd abandoned us!! Woohoo, new fish!!!!
  3. I plan on starting their Fluke Solve treatment on Friday (a week into the QT). As I'm doing 100% WC everyday (bucket-to-bucket), should I redose the full amount everyday? Should there be any rest-days during the treatment? What about salt - should this be at 0.3% for the duration? Raised by 0.1% every 12 hours, right? I think I ought to do a round on the main tank too, just so Piggy is ready for his new friends.
  4. Hi Taryl Hope you & your family are all well. I hadn't quite realised how small they were until I got them home and saw Piggy in close proximity to them - Heaven knows what they'll think of each other! The picture of Terry shows him next to a Fluval thermometer. They're about the same size!! HE'S SO TINY!!!!!! I've circled the same thermometer in the main tank here...
  5. Ha! I found your years in review post/blog today and I thought that!! Your tank & fish are super lovely. What’s your WC regime on the big tank?
  6. Fine by me, that’s half the fun! I never take black for granted.
  7. His belly is a bit lighter, which I quite like. Not sure I’ll get a decent pic of him while he’s in QT I’m afraid.
  8. It's been a long time coming, but I finally went fish shopping on Friday The new arrivals have been separated into 2 groups for QT - choosing how to separate was easy, particularly as 2 of the 'boys' were hassling one of the 'girls' something terrible! Not the best pics I'm afraid. Meet the naughty boys. Clint the black oranda and Pip the tiny kirin oranda (I think/hope). Clint is manic - always on the go and never still. Pip is a little more chilled, now he's away from the girls that is. To say he's a little fella, he sure was feisty when it came to finding some good lovin' Neither of these guys are happy about being photographed. Clint Pip And the others - Hector the tiger oranda, (currently) No Name the tiger/calico oranda (and the object of the boys affections) and Terry the tele (who is beyond cute - she's so tiny). Hector (my husband chose him/her) No Name Terry And here's Piggy waiting patiently for the new arrivals Hopefully QT is uneventful. So far everyone is active and eating well. I plan on starting Fluke Solve in the next day or so - just wanted them all to settle a bit first. Finally, I'm open to suggestions for naming the tiger/calico oranda. I'm pretty sure she's a she (not 100%), but I'm not at all bothered about gender specific names. Any ideas?
  9. I can't believe I haven't taken any!! I'll get snapping Will do - hopefully they can go back in. One less WC to do!!
  10. Piggy went back into the main tank on Sunday He's sooooooo much happier. MUCH better than being in that stupid tub! Anyhow, just wondered what you guys think about putting my snails back in there too (just the 2 nerites now, I lost one )? I took them out back in August on the off chance they were hosts to the suspected parasite attacking Piggy. As it is, the vet doesn't believe the issue was a parasite, so would I be ok popping them back in with him? Thoughts?
  11. Thanks Dawn. Me too!! NEW FISH!! Eeeeeeeeeek!! Not sure if you saw my question above... How soon after getting them should I start raising the salt level & how long should they be kept at that level before starting Prazi (Fluke Solve in my case)? Hoping to go shopping this week. There are a couple of places I want to visit & I doubt a single place will have all of what I’m looking for - hence the query about QT from different sources. Pretty excited! I’m just doing a WC before adding in my sand & plants. Piggy will go back in tomorrow. Woop!!
  12. Oh really? Cool. I really expected you to say to keep them separate. How soon after getting them should I start raising the salt level & how long should they be kept at that level before starting Prazi (Fluke Solve in my case)?
  13. Out of interest, if I were to buy some new fish from two different places, could I QT them together or would they need to be kept separate? **I haven't bought any yet, but am planning on doing so in the next week or two. I just want to make sure I get it right**
  14. Ok, to be fair it’ll likely be next weekend before I get round to it anyway. Am I ok to add some plants in the meantime? Thanks
  15. Thanks Dawn I didn’t get round to getting the sand in today. The background took longer than expected. Safe to say I’ll NEVER paint the back of a tank again - was a nightmare to remove!
  16. Just woken up. Thanks Lisa - that all makes sense, but... ...this was what I was afraid of. Thanks Sharon. I didn’t want to kill my cycle in the process & have wasted the last couple of months. I realise I could turn the filters off and just run the PP in the tank only, but that wouldn’t get the worms residing in the filters, which I suspect is where the majority are. So I’ve made an executive decision For now, I’m just going to wipe the tank down & do a large WC, clean the filters out & hope for the best. I’ll remove & replace the background and get the sand in at the same time. All being well, Piggy can go back in tomorrow once the temperature has come up a bit. If they are indeed detritus worms, then rightly or wrongly, I don’t see the point in taking the risk.
  17. Anyone? Just off to bed now, but need to start early tomorrow morning in order to monitor the purpleness for 15hrs. Any advice re dosing, aerating, WCs etc as per queries above?
  18. Just an update for you guys. I completed the course of Baytril but saw no improvement in the blister. Yesterday, I took Piggy to the vets for a check-over and scrapes. The vet removed the majority of the blister with a scalpel and said he thought that the scales underneath were basically dead/rotting. After removing part of the lump, we saw clean skin underneath. I've just received a call with his verdict of the scapes... Basically, the scrapes showed no signs of infection or parasites. Woop!! The only things he saw were pigment cells and after consulting with a Koi breeder/keeper (he showed him photos of Piggy as well as the scrapes) he has determined his blister could be either a) a melanoma or b) a pigment cell tumor. He said that I could expect it to return and possibly get bigger over time, but neither were cause for concern. He's happy that Piggy can return to the main tank and can have some new friends without fear of passing anything nasty onto them. I just need to monitor him and if the lump worsens or gets extreme then we can look at surgery to remove it, but at this stage he doesn't think that's necessary.
  19. Here is my PP... Having never used PP before, how vital is the aeration of the water prior to adding and do I need to add over a 1 hour period like it states, or is this really only required in the case of having fish in there? If need to monitor the water for 15 hours, it's going to be a loooooooong day tomorrow. By my calculations, for 600 litres, I need to use 0.89g. That right? A little concerned that I don't know the EXACT volume of water in my tank & filters. I'll do my best to measure & calculate properly though. This is the hydrogen peroxide I have... It says to dose 25ml per 220 gallons (1000 Litres) of pond water. Fill a clean watering can with pond water, then add correct dose of Kusuri Hydrogen Peroxide. Slowly apply to the pond over a 1 hour period, this will prevent shocking the pond with a highly concentrated dose. Same question with regards to adding slowly over 1 hour - is this necessary? Again, I calculate that for 600 litres I need 15ml. Am I supposed to do a WC to remove it? If so, how long after dosing it should I do the WC? Can I continue to dose ammonia straight after the peroxide? It won't cause any reaction? And just to put my mind at ease, again... this won't damage my cycle will it?!
  20. You're right. A worm-free cycled tank would be AWESOME! I don't know. Koko suggested the PP to nuke 'em. Can't say I know for definite how to use it. I think I'm supposed to add it, then when it turns from purple to brown re-add it again and keep re-adding until it's been run for 15 hours in a purple state. Or have I made that up? There's nothing else in the tank - just airline, 2 airstone, a thermometer and the filter in/out pipes. I can run the PP no probs, just means that sand and background will have to wait until the following weekend (Saturday is the only free day I have this weekend).
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