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  1. Ewwww.....nice. Lol! Hope it is though - it means the FS did it's job!
  2. Thanks Sharon. In that case, I'm SOOOOOO SORRY for making you look at those images needlessly
  3. Good morning lovely people Winston is looking much the same as the images above - his tail is still red & streaky, but he's very happy playing in the bubbles in QT. Lol! However...and I apologise for sharing these while you might be enjoying your breakfast...it seems there may be an issue in the main tank. I noticed some time ago some white stringy poo and assumed it was from Winston, seeing as how he was quite poorly. Today though, there's some white string as well as...erm...I'm not sure. Looks like poo, but 'loose' if that makes sense. Also a couple of air bubbles in it. Images below, which I thought looked better quality when I took them, but realise after downloading them that they're not great. Sorry. I'm not sure who it's from (Dad or Piggy). There's only one poo here - it's just the reflection on the bare bottom making it look like two. And this is the 'loose' poo Any ideas?
  4. I can't believe I'm typing this.... but LOOK!!! 3 days in and his nasty horrible belly sore has gone His head has cleared up, the funny raised scales on his side look MUCH better and the red patch on his back and chin have gone. I realise I'm not out of the woods yet, but he looks soooooooooooooo much better already. Just need those fins to sort themselves out now. C'MON FINS!!
  5. Phew!!! Will do. Thanks Sharon. I'll keep you posted.
  6. Morning people! Hope you all had a good weekend. Winston has gone into quarantine and seems quite happy to be in his own little world He's up to 0.3% salt and had his first dose of FS yesterday. However, I'm not sure if I've done this right, so wanted to explain how I've calculated it... He's in a 40 litre container, so 280 litres of water in total over the 7 days. 1g of FS does 250 litres, so 1 / 250 = 0.004g per litre, multiply by 280 litres for 1.12g of FS I've mixed this into 1 litre of water which is 143ml dose per day. The solution is currently in the fridge. Please let me know if I've done this wrong? And thanks for the heads-up about the bucket-to-bucket - sooooooo easy!!
  7. OK, I'll set this up tomorrow while I'm getting my nitrate free water ready for the water change on Saturday. So I have this straight in my head... Main tank - big change on Saturday and leave 'as is' - no FS or salt. Just back to normal routine. Hospital tank - get a tub ready with Prime'd, nitrate free water ready to put Winston in on Saturday (with airstone). On Saturday get more water ready for 100% change on Sunday change. Sunday get water ready for Monday's WC, etc etc etc Question - do you want salt in the hospital tank or just FS (weighing it could be fun for such a small volume!!)? Should I do salt dips alongside the FS treatment?
  8. Thanks for taking the time to explain that Sharon, I really appreciate it Yes, he has received the continuous meds in the main tank (except for the 4 minutes a day he has his silver dip). I clean the filters every week during my water change. For the internal Juwel, I remove the baskets and clean the sponges (a good squeeze and rinse) in water removed from the tank during the water change. For the external Fluval, I empty the water out of the canister and discard, then clean the sponges/media in the same way I do the Juwel sponges, and wipe out any gunk from the canister before putting the media back in. Am I doing this wrong?! With regards to a hospital tank, I don't have a spare filter and I'm guessing a filter is a must? I do have an airstone though.
  9. Thank you Sharon, I carried out salt dips on Winston last month, every day for 6 days - he can manage 2% for 5 minutes, but at 3% he was really struggling after a minute. How long should I do these for? Thank you for the antibiotics link. Sorry if I'm being thick, but what am I treating for?
  10. No, no antibiotics to hand I'm afraid. Am I able to get these in the UK without prescription? What should I be looking for? New images below as promised... he's not looking very good is he? Here you can see the lumps & bumps on the leading edges of perctoral, dorsal & tail fins Aside from his appearance, he doesn't seem too bad - I haven't caught him bottom sitting as much, he's swimming and feeding well. After reading about it here, I have now added Rapashy Soilent Green to their diet, which they go nuts for!!
  11. Ok, I've had a good sniff and nothing seems out of the ordinary - no gulping and no whiffyness! Just completed my 3rd silver dip at the increased ratio but he doesn't seem any better, worse if anything. The red patch on his belly is just as red and sore looking, a new patch has appeared on his 'chin' and another on his back towards the end of his dorsal fin. Plus I reckon his fins look worse. I've taken some photos but can't load to PB until the morning. Should I continue the silver for a few more days at the higher dose or is there something else I can try?
  12. OK, thanks. Will have a sniff later when I do the silver dip on Winston
  13. Hi Koko, thanks for the clarification. In all honesty, it was added after the problems surfaced. When I decided to go bare bottom, I removed all substrate, bogwood & plants (which were suffering with beard algae). This new piece was soaked for over a month with all new plants treated as per the distributors advice. The log seems (to me at least) fairly solid with no obvious hollows/caves. Of course I can't be sure what's on the inside but going by the weight of it I don't think it's hollow. Could be wrong of course...it has been known...obviously
  14. Hi Koko, No other fish are bottom sitting or have any redness whatsoever. It's just Winston. I'll increase the silver as suggested - I have been doing 6 drops to 16 litres, so will up this to 16 drops to 16 litres. What might be the issue with the log?
  15. Morning Ladies... Just another update - I completed the water change, salt, FS dose and silver dip on Saturday. Winston wasn't too impressed this time and has been bottom sitting quite a bit since then. This morning (Monday) he has a red patch on his belly, which I'm assuming (rightly or wrongly) is as a result of him bottom sitting (bare bottom tank). I attach an image below - not the best quality but hopefully clear enough for you to offer some advice. Do you think it's just a sore patch or something else?
  16. Thanks Koko - hopefully PB will be up & running again soon. I'll complete tonight's silver dip & water change/dosing tomorrow. If I don't hear anything between now & then, would another dip tomorrow cause any issue if on Sunday you tell me to stop?
  17. Can anyone answer my query above please or have any comment on my images? I'm currently getting my nitrate water ready for tomorrow's big change & 2nd dose of FS & salt replacing. Tonight will be the 7th silver dip on Winston - should I continue with these or not?
  18. One other thing... I have noticed Piggy (chocolate oranda) nibbling at Winston's fins and sucking on his side (the side with the weird/raised scales). Not sure if he's the reason behind the blood in the fins (2nd picture on page 1) and the weird scales. I have noticed him nibbling on Dad's fins too, but far less so. Any ideas? Could this be a fluke related thing - is he grooming/cleaning?
  19. OK, a quick update and some photographs... I changed 150 litres on Saturday, replaced the salt and dosed with the Fluke-Solve. A couple of hours later I carried out the silver dip on Winston. All seems ok so far, no pouting or stink eye observed yet...not sure if this is a good thing or not? On Sunday I did another silver dip. Observed a few spots on Winston's wen and woke this morning to a new larger red patch on the right hand side. First picture was taken yesterday before the new red patch appeared. All others were taken this morning... Sorry for the distortion/lack of focus. The redness seems a lot 'redder' in real life
  20. Thanks Koko. So I should wait until after the 2 week FS treatment? Or do you just mean you don't want me using silver in the main tank as FS & dips alongside/separately are fine?
  21. Thank you ladies I'll certainly check out All Pond Solutions... kinda hoping Santa might bring me an early Christmas present. I'm sorry Koko, I'm useless with gallons Is this about 10 litres? Should I do this on all 3 fish or just Winston (white oranda)? And can I start this the same day as the Fluke-Solve (i.e. tomorrow) or will it be a bit too much for them/him all at once?
  22. OK, I finally have the Fluke-Solve and Silver... why does a 'next day' delivery always go wrong when it's something you really need?! Anyhow, it's here now. I've been carrying out daily water changes this week of 60 litres and replacing the salt as I go (so I'm still at 0.3%). I plan on getting my nitrate free water ready tomorrow for a BIG water change on Saturday (>50%), replacing the salt and dosing with the FS (approx. 1g). Just so I'm sure - I don't do anything for a week once I've dosed with the FS, correct? No water changes, no additional salt?? Basically do nothing until another BIG water change a week later and re-dose. Is that right? Also, Koko - could you please let me know what I should do with the silver? I've bought the Natural Wings silver at 250ppm (120ml bottle with a dropper). Thank you!!!
  23. Pout?! Can't wait to see that! I'll have the camera at the ready. Thank you, I'll get the 10g pack ordered today.
  24. Just a quick update and question... I have been adding the salt over the weekend and am up to the desired 0.3%. I'll continue with water changes and replacing the salt as I go. I visited all my local fish stores on Saturday hunting down the Fluke-Solve to no avail. Many of the people that I spoke to thought I was crazy trying to buy this and offered me various alternatives, but I stood firm and left empty handed. I've managed to find some online which will do same day dispatch for next day delivery, but I just want to confirm before I hit Buy It Now... How much will I need for the 2 week course?? I think I read somewhere that 1g will treat 250litre (roughly the size of my tank), but do I treat once a week, once a day?? Could someone let me know the procedure for using Fluke-Solve please and advise what size packet I need to buy (10g, 50g or 100g) for this treatment? Apologies for even more questions, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon
  25. Fab!! Thank you. Feeling positive things are on the up!!!! Let the med/salt hunt commence.
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