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  1. Ah ok, I wasn't sure on the Epsom. He's had 6 doses (1 @ 1tsp, 5 @ 1/2tsp), started on 3rd Feb, last one was on Monday. It's his WC tonight, and the usual day for dosing (every other day), so wanted to know what I should do. Let me know what you think. Relieved about the dark patches. Grateful you don't think it's a complication to his situation.
  2. I know, it used to bother me, but it's been there so long I hardly notice it anymore...it's just part of Dad now. Should've done something about it at the time, but you live & learn. My bad. FYI, whilst checking him over last night, I noticed there's a matching dark patch on the other side of his dorsal (see circled image above in post). Should I continue with the Epsom or stop all treatment and just keep him in nice clean water only? As an aside, I fed frozen bloodworm last night for the first time. WOW! Went down a treat with everyone!
  3. Okey doke. It's WC day tomorrow & Sunday so I'll coincide it with that. Its the original carbon pad that came with the FX6, setup on 1st December. Will it still be active & necessary to remove it? p.s. Did you see my update on Dad?
  4. Awwww.... I still think of him as a baby. Even though he's far bigger than Dad or Winston! Ok, 4 drops in the main tank. Reminds me, are the Nerites ok with silver & do I need to remove any carbon from the filter? How often do you want me to dose?
  5. He's only about 3 years old (bought him in October 2014). Is that old? Yes, I have silver @ 250ppm.
  6. Piggy was feeling left out now that Winston and Dad both have their own threads... Do these patches look normal to you? The 'before' images were taken in October 2014 when I first got him. The 'after' images were taken in the last week. He's always had a dark patch on his left hand side (although it has gotten considerably bigger), but the others have come up since I've owned him. I always dismissed them as naturally darker scales/patches, but what with my issues with Winston & Dad I thought it best to check with you. As ever, all input is gratefully received!
  7. Thanks A-fish-ionado - I definitely have everything crossed for him! Update following yesterday's WC and final (6th) dose of Epsom & Kanaplex... Personally, I think he's looking a little less pinecone-like. What do you guys think? Can you see an improvement? Photos were taken last night just before the final dose. I've circled a dark patch which has come up on his back. Might this be as a result of this area being exposed to the air, or something else? Since Saturday I've been applying Vaseline each time I do the re-dosing (every other day) so he's only had 2 applications (Saturday & Monday), but's it's appeared during this time. Any ideas? Where do I go from here? Should I keep dosing with Epsom?
  8. Just for info, I removed the log yesterday during the WC. The only things in the tank now are Piggy (chocolate Oranda), 3 nerites and the FX6 inlet & outlet. No sign of the Wonder Shells yet, but they have been dispatched.
  9. Looks like it's unanimous then. It's not something I'm particularly comfortable about - he's still seems happy(ish), is feeding well and always comes to greet me. I know he's poorly and his quality of life in a tub is not what he deserves or wants but... I'm probably clutching at straws here, but can I finish his Epsom/Kanaplex treatment (2 more doses to go until the 2 weeks is over) and see if there's any change? How can I make him more comfortable? Can I apply vaseline to the exposed ares on his back/dorsal? Should he remain isolated in QT until the end? He's been a long-term friend and it's a decision I don't want to make rashly
  10. Will do, thank you. Yes, he is doing quite well at the minute I'm not getting too excited yet though as the redness seems to come and go periodically with no kind of pattern (to me anyway). Fingers crossed we're getting it under control.
  11. Sorry, no I mean is the dropsy causing him pain? I've been reading other dropsy topics and in some cases it was recommended to increase the temperature. Should I have done this?
  12. Update: Dad has had 3 doses of Epsom (1 of 1tsp...ooops... and 2 of 1/2tsp) and Kanaplex. His 4th will be tonight. I'm not seeing any improvement, but then again I don't know if I should see anything yet? He's still pineconing and is very much floating. He's still feeding and is hungry as ever, but struggles to get down for sinking pellets but manages with a bit of effort. When I feed Repashy, he's happy to take it from my hand. I've taken a short video of him (and realise I'm pretty crap at vids, so apologies). Because he's floating, his back/dorsal are out of the water. I think I read somewhere that vaseline could be used on the exposed area. Is that right or have I made it up? Would you recommend I apply some (if so, can I do it with my fingers or should I use a cotton swab thing)? Then again, could the 'floating' be as a result of the depth of the tub and I've mis-read it as floating? **Not sure if the video link works for you guys - can you let me know please?**
  13. Update: Winston had his 6th dose of both Metroplex & Kanaplex last night. This is the final one of the 2 week course (started 29th January, dosing every other day). Photographs were taken this morning. Not great images I'm afraid, I need to teach my husband the ways with my camera! Note that the patch on his belly was really rather red a couple of days ago. Today it's more of a dirty yellow/pink/orange mix. Where do we go from here? Should I keep dosing with the Metro or have a break and see what happens?
  14. Wonder Shells are on order. There were only 5 in stock (large size) so I ordered all of them. Estimated delivery time is anything from 15th Feb to 3rd March though. They're coming from Oregon. Tick tock tick tock..... Why can't the UK sell any of the good stuff?!
  15. So they're suitable for all water parameters? No exceptions?
  16. I have 3 nerite snails. Does that alter things with regards to the uk version ones?
  17. Thanks Koko. I found these too, but they're also in the US with 2-3 week shipping. Are they an on-going thing and if so how long does a single shell last? There's no point me ordering a single shell only to realise 2 weeks down the line that I need to replace it every month. Are they suitable for all water parameters or used to target specific issues? I found these but not sure they're the same thing (I just googled mineral blocks) as I think they contain a food supplement also. http://www.aqualibra.uk/product-information According to the website, the ingredients are; Nutrition: Typical Average Values mg/100g unless specified. Calcium Sulphate: 77.5gm, Calcium Carbonate: 2000, Crude Protein: 370, Crude Fat: 60, Calcium (Other Bioavailable): 37.9, Vitamin B12: 24, Vitamin C: 21, Fatty Acids: 20, Bicarbonate: 14.8, Vitamin A: 10, Sulphate: 6.85, Sodium: 3, Vitamin E: 1.3, Vitamin D3: 1.3, Magnesium: 1.3, Potassium: 0.15, Chloride: 0.9, Zinc: 0.04, Iron: 0.03, Nitrate: trace <0.0005% + other trace minerals. Contains Spirulina and Aragonite (pure ground coral). Also, just to let you know I've ordered the API GH & KH test kit. Should be with me tomorrow.
  18. OK, so turns out I don't have a tub big enough to keep the log in, so I'm afraid it's still in the tank at the moment. I'll have to go shopping. Quick question though... if the log was hollow, wouldn't I see a fair amount of water draining from it when I remove it as well as a big 'glug' and air bubbles when I return it to the water? I remove it every time I do a water change so I can clean the algae from the bottom of the tank and provide a bit more space for the guys as the water level drops. There's never an excessive amount of water draining from it (only seems to be what's 'on' it & the leaves) and no air/glug when it goes back in. And I've never known it to be whiffy either (Koko asked me to do the sniff test once before and I do it every time I get it out now).
  19. Ok. I'll continue with both Metro & Kana for another week. 4th dose will be tomorrow.
  20. I was previously under the impression I could only do 3 doses of Kana followed by a weeks break before I could start again (all whilst continuing the Metro). From what I understand now, I can continue them both as I have been doing for another week (dose every other day following 100% WC). Please let me know if I've not understood properly.
  21. it!! Just re-read the thread & realised I've put 1 tsp of Epsom salt in the QT, not 1/2 (he's is 10g tub). Am I doing more harm than good? Should I replace half the water? In my rush to get him in QT I misread the dosage you suggested
  22. I think so, but only from the US (from what i can see). Will be over 2 weeks shipping. Unless anyone knows anywhere in the uk that sells them? Perhaps they're called something different?
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