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  1. Fluke Solve, yes. How do you want me to dose & how often?
  2. I guess that's why Koko wanted me to do the air stone test. I imagine the aeration is increasing the tap ph seeing as the water in my QT is raising from 7.4 to 8.2 overnight (not sure how quickly it's happening however). I can't do the test at the moment as both my air stones are in use in QT. In your experience how long does it take to raise ph using aeration? For my large WC I have 6 buckets of aged clean water (25 litres each) so could only aerate 2 at a time.
  3. Thank you! Could I adjust my WC water for the main tank in the same way, therefore continue with my 90litre/150litre routine? Or is there a risk of a build up of baking soda over time? Daily changes aren't really feasible for me I'm afraid
  4. Following 100% WC last night, ph is at 8.2 this morning. Photos below taken just now. I see redness on his belly returning & the pimple on his wen is bigger today. His tail is looking a little more opaque in places & a few more lumps and red streaks.
  5. Not sure if you saw my reply above. Is it ok to use water with ph of 7.4 for my WC? Is that too much of a shock? Should I be doing smaller changes (currently 90litres on Wednesdays & 150 on Sundays)?
  6. Just checked - PH on both QT are at 8.2. Main tank also reading 8.2 I have some 24hr old filtered water which I'll be using for Winstons WC tonight. That's reading 7.4 I don't have another air stone to use. I only have 2 & I'm using one in each QT.
  7. OK, so I've completed the silver - dosing 4 drops on Sunday & again on Wednesday following the WCs (150litres & 90 litres) and I added the Wonder Shell on Monday. I was curious if the shell would affect the PH in anyway, so decided to test the water prior to it going in and then again afterwards. I was surprised to see the PH reading at 8.2 before the shell went in. I've never seen it this high before, it had always tested at 7.4. I don't know how long it's been at this level, as I hadn't tested for a while I also tested the filtered water I use (I filter my water with a Pozzani nitrate filter, treat with Prime and let it stand for 24hrs prior to any WC) and this came back at 7.4. So I've continued testing on a daily basis this week. Every main tank reading came back at 8.2, every filtered water reading at 7.4 This morning I checked the QT that Dad is in. He had a 100% WC last night with filtered water at 7.4, this morning it's at 8.2 (12hrs after the WC). I also checked some filtered water that I got ready last night for Winston's WC tonight (so it's been stood for about 12hrs) - this came back at 7.4 Sooooooo many questions!!! Is PH at this level ok? What's causing it to rise? Am I ok to be adding water at 7.4 during WC only for it to rise this much in a short space of time? Is a rise of 0.8 considered a lot or am I worrying unnecessarily? Remember I removed the bogwood/plants on 12th February - would this have any bearing on the PH? Might the wood be artificially keeping it at the lower range? Sorry for the essay but WHAT'S GOING ON????? Just one other thing, am I right in saying I need to add in another shell when the first one is down to about 1/4 it's original size?
  8. Update... He's been in clean water only for almost a week. No sore red patches like we were experiencing early on but... ...he does have a couple of pimples on his wen, the patch on his belly is still the dirty yellow/pink/orange (but not sure if this is just his colouring and completely normal) and his tail is sill streaky in places with a few red patches in places and a couple of lumps on the leading edge. Scales are still missing on his right. Will these grow back with time? The pimple he had on his chin (see photos above posted on Monday) has cleared up. Images below taken this morning. Next steps please?? Note: I'm updating my thread on Piggy with regards to PH in the main tank. May need considering if you suggest putting Winston back in the main tank.
  9. Thank you. I completed his WC last night with clean water only - nothing dosed/added. Will keep an eye on him over the weekend and update you guys on Monday.
  10. Any update for me please ref the Epsom? Today is day 21 in QT with 1/2tsp of Epsom dosed every other day (10 doses so far, next dose due tonight, #11). Can I continue or should I stop? Images in post above as requested.
  11. Thanks DawnMichele. Can't wait for him to be back in the main tank
  12. As promised, still lumpy. I've circled the dark patches for you again...still there. URL=http://s613.photobucket.com/user/titch_ajb/media/Picture1_zps1uzf7ryz.jpg.html][/URL]
  13. Wonder what on though? Only air stone & heater in QT & I never noticed any scales in the water during WC.
  14. What do you think that patch is on his right? Just missing scales or a symptom of his mystery illness?
  15. No change IMO, but I'll take a picture tonight and load up tomorrow.
  16. Doing much the same to be honest. No improvement but no worse. He's been acting quite perky recently - he paid great attention to me yesterday while I was carrying out the WC on the main tank (he swam up & down his tub as I kept walking past him). And he's as ravenous as ever! Koko - when would you recommend I stop with the Epsom? He's been in QT for 18 days now dosing every 2 days at 1/2tsp (9 doses in total). Is it time to give him a rest from it, or can I continue at this level indefinitely?
  17. Here he is. He's been in clean water only since Friday evening. Bit concerned about the patch on his right hand side. Is this just missing scales or something more sinister? He has a patch on his left which looks almost yellowy-white. Not sure if this is an issue or just a mark of healing. There's a red pimple on his chin. Only very very slightly raised and quite small (image isn't great). His fins are still streaky and has a few lumps and bumps, but nowhere near as bad as we've seen previously. Fins are hard to photograph well!!! His wen looks good though! Where do we do from here?
  18. Hi Koko. Just so you know, I dosed the main tank with 4 drops of silver yesterday. This was dose #1 as due to the stupid location of Dad's QT I couldn't access it on Wednesday to remove the carbon. So one more dose to go when I do the midweek WC. And...MY WONDER SHELLS HAVE ARRIVED!!! I have 5 'large' size shells (although I was must admit I was expecting them to be larger). Should I add a full one to the tank or just half? Should I wait until I've completed the silver treatment? Bit concerned as to where to put it. Now that I don't have anything in the tank, I don't think I have a 'low flow' area.
  19. Phew!! Will do. Thank you.
  20. Ok I'm confused. After 14 days of dosing metro & kana together (dosing every other day therefore 6 doses) I stopped the kana & continued with the metro on its own as per recommendation. Should I not have. Should I have stopped both meds?
  21. Days or doses?? He's already been on the Metro for about 19 days, which works out at 10 doses (dosing every 2 days) - 11th due tomorrow. Should I stop with the Metro?
  22. OK, I won't be able to upload these until Monday I'm afraid. I'll dose again with the Metro tomorrow and take photos on Sunday/Monday morning. Not sure what you mean by 'On the last day...' though? Do you mean on the last day of treatment? When is/should that be?
  23. Update... Still looking much the same as he did on 9th February - wen & body looking good. Fins still showing signs of streaking & a few lumps and his belly still has the yellow/pink/orange patch. How long should I continue with the Metro and do you want me to start Kana again? If so, when? Note: started Metro & Kana together on 29/01 (6 doses) Stopped Kana on 10/02, continued Metro on its' own (currently had 4 doses, so 10 in total of Metro). Next dose due tomorrow (Saturday).
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