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  1. Thank you all It was very strange waking up today and not having him to say good morning to Just need Winston to get better now, 'cos I never want to do that again any time soon!!
  2. Thank you Koko. Its done. He's gone.
  3. Also have Acriflavine to hand. Bought it after remembering Sharon mentioning it ages ago. Not sure if it's if any use here, but I have it if needs be. Have ordered more Metro & Kana as I'm on my last tubes of both (used Kana on Dad at one point as well as Winston). Gonna be 2-3 weeks before I see them, but hopefully I have enough of everything in the cupboard for what you suggest.
  4. I know right? Seriously fed up now, can't understand why whatever it is wont do one!!! WANT HIM TO BE BETTER!!
  5. Thank you How many litres of water?
  6. Taken just now... Redness is back to belly (poor photo I'm afraid, he was fed up of me handling him), I think I see the start of redness to wen too. Just had 4th & final dose for round 1 of FS/metroplex.
  7. Thank you Mandy, Dawn & Koko. Can anyone answer my queries ref. dosage of clove oil & Oxy please?
  8. Hi Koko - doing ok I guess. The redness on his wen & belly have cleared, but his tail is showing no signs of improvement whatsoever. There's a pale reddish patch on his right just below his dorsal that kinda looks like a graze & another on his left midway up his body just behind his gill plate. Tomorrow will be the 4th dose of FS & metroplex. Round 2 starts on Monday. FYI - I now have Acriflavine in the cupboard.
  9. Update...with a heavy heart... I've been monitoring Dad all week. He's been in clean water only, no salt etc since Thursday 23/02. There's been no improvement re. pineconing (worse if anything - they almost looked like blisters for a day, then settled back down) and the lump is still as big as ever. But he's still hand feeding, swimming (on occasion) and taking an interest in me when I'm in the room. I think perhaps it's time to say my goodbyes as I don't believe there's any chance of a come-back now and seeing him in this state makes my heart break. I've watched Helen's video on euth and purchased my clove oil but unfortunately, my bottle does not have a dropper. Could someone let me know how much (in teaspoons or mls) to X litres of water I need to initially put him to sleep and then how much to add to send him off to the big tank in the sky please? I've been trying to track down Oxytetracycline this week, as I don't EVER want to be in a position where dropsy rears it's head and I'm helpless again. I contacted AngelsPlus but they said they don't ship to the UK. Is there anywhere else I can purchase either the flakes or powder from or is there a product that contains the Oxy in enough concentration that you would recommend its use for dropsy? Finally, thank you all for your advice and words of encouragement for Dad. Although I wasn't able to help him recover, it's highly likely that without this forum he would have faced more complications/suffering if I'd have gone it alone. So BIG love to you all and thank you. x
  10. Might be worth experimenting then, although I'll be storing the water container outside in the unheated garage and it gets pretty chilly here in the UK!! I doubt very much the water will reach anywhere near 18 degrees in the garage! I don't run the tank with a heater, never have. The tank just levels out at that temperature +/-1 deg (combination of atmospheric temp in the house and the tank lights I guess).
  11. At the minute, 90 litres on a Wednesday and 150 on a Sunday. However, I'm starting a new regime as of today - 60 litres every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (25% per WC) Based on this, if I fill the water container up (approx. 200 litres), heat and aerate, it'll last me for a full week of water changes. I'm just trying to find a way to simplify my WC - I have to filter the water because of high nitrates out the tap and the Pozzani filter I use only runs at 1-2 litres a minute. Might not sound much, but it would make life a lot easier if I could do all the filtering on a Saturday to store for the week, rather than having to filter on a Monday for Tuesday's WC, filter on a Wednesday for Thursday's WC etc etc. I want to be sure I'm getting everything right and really appreciate your input & advice. If you're happy I can store, heat & aerate without a problem, I'll move forward with regards to finding suitable heater(s) and airstone(s). Any recommendations in terms of the wattage I'll need etc? I guess 2 heaters are better than 1 big one? The same for airstones?
  12. Unfortunately, that still wouldn't be warm enough for the tank. At the moment I fill buckets the day before my WC and let them stand inside next to the tank. This only brings the temp up to about 18/19deg max. The tank runs at approx. 25/26. I have to boil a few litres and add back to the bucket before adding to the tank. Just so I understand, can I ask the reason you're against heating the water in storage?
  13. Hi Sharon - thanks for that. I would need to heat it however, as it will be stored in the garage and will be vastly colder than my tank, which means I can't just pump it straight in for WC, which defeats the whole idea. I already have the storage container and pump, but just trying to make my mind up ref: heater(s) and air stone(s).
  14. Out of interest... If I filled my water container with 200ish litres, kept it heated and aerated, could I just siphon off what I need during each water change (60litres every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday)? i.e. would the water be ok to stand for up to a week or would it go 'off' so to speak?
  15. Great news. I'll get some suction cups ordered & start sticking
  16. Woop!! Thank you! Koko - Since removing the bogwood & attached plants, it's a bit bare/boring. No doubt for Piggy too. Can I add some plants (the same ones if I remove them from the bogwood) back in? Was thinking of attaching them to the back wall with suction cups & aquarium glue (think I saw someone's DIY for this on the forum). Would that be ok or do you still want me to leave it completely bare for now?
  17. Ok, results are in... Main tank @ 8.2 Filtered tap water @ 7.4 3:1 (tank:tap) = 8.0 Still unable to aerate tap water as I don't have a spare air stone I'm afraid.
  18. Ok. Will do tomorrow during WC. Have bought baking soda & raised the ph for dad's 100% WC. Took 20g to raise 40 litres from 7.4 to 8.0. Will do the the same for WC in main tank & Winstons WC tomorrow. Not ideal but ok in the short term. Main tank is currently at approx 26 degrees
  19. So you're happy for me to ignore packet & use both at the same time yes? And just to be clear, we're taking about Metroplex right? Am I using salt as well? Does 100% WC every 2 days constitute as regular enough? If so, I'll make a concentrated solution of FS as before. For a weeks supply of dosing every 2 days for a 40 litre container that'll be; 40litres x 4WC = 160 litres of water for the week 1g of FS does 250 litres, so 1 / 250 = 0.004g per litre, multiply by 160 litres for 0.64g of FS I'll mix this into 1 litre of water which is 250ml dose per WC (4 per week) I take it I'm dosing for minimum of 2 weeks?
  20. Yes!! That is my plan at some point, but I would need a way to heat the water up to tank temperature beforehand. I've already got the water container (200 litre) & pump but have been researching about a suitable heater. The container would reside in the garage. Doesnt help in the short term though.
  21. Not the answer I was looking for!! Lol! Out of interest, how/why do you think it's changing? FYI - I did Winstons WC last night using 7.4. By morning it was at 8.2 - approx 12 hours Don't really know where to go from here ref large WC then. Could do the baking soda trick but run the risk of build up in the tank. Could do smaller more regular changes but daily really isn't an option I'm afraid. Could possibly do 3 WC per week (tues, thurs & sun) - if this was the way forward what volume could I get away with each time? Depending on the volume I change each time, could I continue using 7.4 ph water as the ph change wouldn't constitute too much of a shock (ie so small it would be negligible)? Also, as an aside, I'd thought about adding an air stone to the main tank (when one becomes available from one of the QT). Is that likely to increase the tank ph further and therefore a bad idea?
  22. Basically 1g treats 250litres, dosed once per week. When we used it before I made a concentrated solution & dosed every day following 100% WC. Apparently prazi loses potency after about 4 days? However, the pack does say not to use at the same time as any other treatment. The only other thing we used before at the same time was salt at 0.3%
  23. So we would be taking hours then? Not something that's likely to happen in say 15 minutes or so? (Just thinking logistically/practically for my large WC)
  24. Ok metro days to dose every 2 days. I'll make a concentrated solution of FS as I did before. Can I dose this every 2 days? How long do you want me to treat for? At least 2 weeks?
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