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  1. Only read the first couple of pages, but great article so far! Thanks for this I'll finish it later when I'm home and not when I'm supposed to be working
  2. Thanks, she sure is pretty. I hope her colours stay true. Yep. I’m Amy (too) and I’m obsessed by my weirdly named squishy heads! There, I said it! I think you mean Fimble (tabby & white - the other is Midge) and her belly is probably full of tuna or salmon but just the tinned variety. Although when we had a pond we did catch her munching on a ghost koi. She’s never been bothered by fish in tanks though, she just likes drinking out the tanks.
  3. Pleased they arrived safe & sound Taryl, good job on the packing Myra. Your kids reactions were sweeeeet! P.s. I like the mushy heads too!
  4. Wow! Some stunners in there.
  5. Hi Dawn I’m just doing my WC - their first experience of one in the main tank. So far all ok. Had to keep my beady eye on Pip as he’s small enough to get sucked up the gravel vac. He was quite curious about it, but no issues. Parameters have remained stable all week, so pretty happy about that ☺️ Nitrates rose but that’s to be expected & it wasn’t so high to cause concern. Have put a fresh nitrate filter on my water supply so they should come down quite a lot following the WC.
  6. Yeah, figured they'd be fine for a day or so. Woke this morning to Pip chasing Pepper. Must be her turn to drop some eggs today. It looks really funny - Pip is dwarfed by Pepper but it isn't putting him off one little bit. Nice to actually know their sexes. Guess it's eggs for dinner again! And I have flowers on all my anubias Here's one that opened up last night. Just thought I'd share these pics of Hector - she's lost so much of her black colouring since I brought her home eight weeks ago. It's almost completely gone from her dorsal now. I knew it was to be expected, but I didn't think it would happen so quick! I'd like to think her tail will stay stripey, but I won't hold my breath. That too has changed quite a bit already. Before After
  7. I know! Daft head The lights went off about 1.5hr ago - Hector was still at it & everyone was still having a feast. Was I right not to feed them or should I just carry on as normal? I didn’t want them to be over fed.
  8. Just got in from work, went straight into the kitchen to boil some peas for their dinner before checking on them, but I don’t think they’ll be having any dinner tonight - think their bellies are already full. Hector is busy releasing eggs!! Everyone is having a good munch, even Hector who is releasing then spinning round to gobble them up
  9. NO BUGS!!!! I need everything to stay A. OK thank you!!
  10. Not Pip though, no? What did he ever do to you?!
  11. Piggy the dog-fish! Thanks Dawn. It's been a long time coming eh? I've had my share of issues - hoping for a quiet, non-eventful time now
  12. Thanks Mandy. Pip had joined in with the rest of the gang by the time I got home today. Well chuffed!
  13. Probably! "This is my bit....so is this bit. Oh and this bit too. Infact, GET OUT!!" Here he is chasing them off!!
  14. I introduced my newbies into the main tank yesterday So far, so good. Pip was somewhat when he saw Piggy for the first time - well he is bitesized! Piggy, Hector & Pepper seem to be firm friends already. Pip is a little more segregated for now - he's much smaller than the others, so I think he just needs some time to find his fins. I'm keeping a close eye on him - I was concerned he would struggle with the output of the 2 FX6 filters, but he's found a little quiet spot to chill in. Hopefully in a couple of days he'll join in with the others more. I've witnessed them all do a full lap and swim at all levels, so hopefully the depth isn't issue for them (2ft). And Piggy is more active than he's been in months - I'm so happy he's got some friends again. Oh and I weighed them before adding them in... Hector (tiger oranda) - 137g, Pepper (calico oranda) - 99g & Pip (kirin oranda) - 29g. Piggy was 371g back in July. I was going to reweigh him, but he's a clever little so-and-so and can outmaneuver me in this tank! Here are a couple more pics - I'll have to get a full tank shot later. Follow the leader Group shot
  15. Hi Dawn. Happy new year to you!! Hope you’re well. All ok me thinks (but what do I know eh? ). On day 3 of the 3rd round of Fluke Solve. Everyone seems to be tolerating it well (no bottom sitting or pouting). I’m feeding peas exclusively at the minute - I haven’t seen any poop from Hector or Pepper for quite some time, so want to try & clear them out. Pepper had a bit of white fuzz on his wen a few days ago but it dropped off and so far I haven’t seen any more. Piggy’s blister is back, but the vet said that was to be expected, so I’m not freaking out about it (which is a breakthrough for me!). Apart from that, nothing really to report. Just want things to go smoothly for the next couple of weeks - I desperately want everyone in the big tank Edit - no idea why some of my text is a different size. Wasn’t intentional
  16. I will contact the seller, but it’ll be after the holidays now (busy visiting family over the next few days). Not sure how I’d prove they were ill when I bought them though - he’d had them all for a minimum of 4 weeks (the time he QTs them before selling) with no symptoms arising until I got them home. This, I guess, is why I’m concerned it’s something I’m doing or issues with my water. Maybe I’m jinxed Should I medicate the others as a preventative measure? Everyone has already had metro soaked bloodworms for 14 days (ended last Sunday) and have today finished round 2 with Fluke Solve.
  17. I thought things were looking better this afternoon - he was more active & the pineconing appeared to have reduced. I’ve been out of the room for 2-3 hours & just came back now to feed him his meds, but he’s gone He had a lesion on his cheek which I spotted this morning after posting here. Any ideas? Should I do anything preventative for the others?
  18. Do you think this is an issue with the fish then & not something I’ve done? Previously you picked up on my recent issues with other fish & suggested that it could be something to do with my water supply. Could that be the case? I feel helpless. He’s much worse this morning. Pineconing is much worse. 🙁
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