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  1. Those 10 gallon orbs are really pretty, my lfs has one with some neon tetras and plants in it, it looks good. I'm sorry, I have to agree that 10g is really only good for one goldfish.
  2. Hi there, Bubbleboy makes some good points, or your fish could be ill and struggling to maintain a proper position. Fancy fish with big bodies and tiny fins use much more energy to swim than their sleek common cousins. It's possible your fish is trying to sleep in this video but there is nowhere for it to find shelter from the current, so it gets bobbed around like flotsam. Some of my fish like to nuzzle nose first into the base of a silk plant so it provides a barrier for them from the current. They sort of semi lodge themself into the leaves for stability. I suggest a few things: a) firstly check your water parameters for pH, ammonia, nitrIte and nitrAtes; b) next feed your fish some cooked peas to relieve possible constipation. Fish love peas regardless and they make a good treat. Pop the cooked peas out of their shells by squeezing between your fingers and squish into bite size bits; c) add something to the tank that provides the fish with a shelter from the current, something that they can hide behind such as a sik plant, rock, log or ornament. If none of these suggestions help with the swimming issue then start a thread in diagnosis/discussion as it would seem that your fish is sick.
  3. That is very strange. See if you can find any pics of fish TB and compare the fin damage.
  4. Hopefully, due to the large volume of water, any levels of ammonia or nitrIte formed during the cycling process will be so diluted so as not to cause a problem.
  5. It is every common to see telescope fish with uneven eyes, and I would think if you've been watching the fish for several months and it appears to be healthy, then it is healthy. Shame you have nowhere to keep him.
  6. Yes, 4 1/2 inches is full grown, they may grow another inch or so but bristenose rarely get bigger than 5-6 inches. My breeding pair are both around 5 1/2 inches and the female is about 3 years old and the male is about 18mths. My tanks are rather minimalist when it comes to decorations, perhaps a silk plant and a rock because I find the larger goldies like non-cluttered swimming space (but I do have gravel). My pleco tank is the most crowded with silk plants, logs, hidey caves, etc because they seem to like to hide and have plenty of cover. I do have gravel but only about 1/2 inch thick, deep gravel seems to encourage hydrogen sulfide production.
  7. That's because the pool was empty and powerwashed only 10 days ago. ALready the falling leaves are sinking in before I can scoop them out. Personally, I think the fish are over-awed and quite skittish by all the light, compared to the murkey water they lived in before. Oliver Yes, all the 'bright light' probably would freak them out when not used to it. How have you managed to preserve the 'cycle' of the pool when it was emptied?
  8. How do you keep the pool so clean? Do you vacuum the bottom? It looks awesome!
  9. I leave my shells in the tank all the time. I use crushed shell, a small handful per 10 gallon. For the moment I suggest testing your pH daily, if that remains stable or slowly starts to rise then all is well. Otherwise in the short term I would use a commercial pH adjuster and allow for the gH to increase with the shell, within a week you should notice an increase.
  10. Your fish doesn't sound well. It's very difficult to diagnose and treat these symptoms but some of my fish have come good after isolation in clean, salted, heated water. Do you have a hospital tank? Experiment with different types of food, some fish bloat up in reaction to certain foods, it's an individual thing. You mentioned about your history with black moors and the fact that this fish hasn't grown much. Even though you got this fish from a different store it's very likely that it came from the same wholesaler and probably the same breeder. I think that it is just not from strong stock and therefore will stress to the slightest change in environment.
  11. Hi, changing your tank ornaments during cycling is not a problem. I don't know how you could use a python with pre-dechlorinated water unless perhaps if you had a large drum to pretreat the water. Alternatively, if you add enough declorinator to treat the whole tank volume before you add new water, then you could add water direct from the tap.
  12. It could simply be a bacterial bloom brought about by change in temperature/seasons. Cloudy water is not necessarily a bad thing, just as clear water doesn't mean that everything is great. If it is a bacterial bloom then excessive water changes can prolong the problem, just continue with your regular water change routine, it can take weeks to settle down. Try cutting back on food, do vigorous gravel vacuuming to remove solid waste and I would definately suggest using a bacterial water suppliment such as Cycle with each water change. Personally I always use Cycle and recommend it, some people don't believe in it but try it for yourself. It won't fix the bacterial bloom problem straight away but it will stabilise in it's own time. Also with your low water hardness it will always be difficult to maintain an alkaline pH. Try one handful of crushed shell or coral in a stocking that can hang on the side of the tank or sit on the floor, or if you have room it can sit in your filter. This does wonders to maintain a steady pH, one handful is all you need.
  13. Pumpkin is a real treat that my fish love, it needs to be cooked soft and fairy squishy.
  14. That's a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Your two new tinies would probably harrass your larger, older fish by nipping it's fins and constantly following it because they would think the larger fish was food. On the other hand it would be a shame to break up the trio of happy campers, they sound like friendly, easy going fish so I would suggest transferring all three of them in with the older fish and keep a close eye on them. Either the older fish will attach itself to their little band or would just benefit from the reassurance of having company. If may take a few days for the older fish to click with the new friends but give it time, use your own judgement, basically so long as everyone is getting their share of food and no bullying is happening then all should be well.
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