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  1. Hopefully I only have a little problem with Bert's tail fins. They have developed red streaks and in a couple place small dark red bumps. I recently did a 100% water change in his 29 gal tank and used quick start which works very well for me with the Ph and clear water. BTW the redness started months ago and seems to be slightly worse now. When I did the water change I put Bert in a 10 gal tank and treated him with Melafix for a week before putting back into his bigger home. The streaks seem lighter but are still there. We check the water regularly for nitrates,etc and the levels are normal and he has no tank mates in his bachelor pad. Bert shows no evidence of anything being wrong with him. He's full of life and still watches TV when he's not showing out and trying to touch our faces through the glass. He looks and acts healthy. Should I worry about the red streaks?
  2. Thanks. He has really grown. I'm not exactly sure how long his tail has become but its at lease 4 inches, maybe more. Hard to believe it has grown that much in the last 14 months.
  3. Bert is a 6 year old Veiltail Goldfish. He lived in my office until 3 months ago when I decided to bring him home to be with my wife. She had fallen in love with him. Bert is a fish with personality. He watches TV. We put it on cartoons when we are not watching it ourselves and keeps Bert busy looking at the screen. He does crazy things when I talk to him like swimming upside down across the bottom of the tank. He has brought a great joy to our home as all of our children are grown a out of the house.
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