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  1. Hello I need advice I have a 75 gallon tank and it's been cycling for 8 weeks. I did a 90% water change yesterday but it has never fully cycled, my NO2 levels has always been high. What should I do now? Should I add more NH3 or let it sit for another week? My NH3 levels are about 1ppm and I know by now both NH3 and NO2 should be zero Thank you Kayla
  2. Hi everyone, I am setting up a new tank and I wanted something quieter than a HOB filter so I was thinking of getting a Fluval 406 canister filter for up to 100 gallons. Would you recommend adding a HOB filter too? I plan on having 3-4 fancies in it (oranda, ranchus). Thank you Kayla D.
  3. Has anyone had a mostly white telescope fish (the body is white) change colors? My tank is being treated with salt for ich right now so I don't know if he or she is sick and this is another parasite or if he/she is changing from white to red/orange? Any thoughts on color change? Thank you ! I love this group! Kayla D.
  4. I need to set one up but I have two problems. Right now my 40 gallon tank is infected with ich, I have two fancy goldfish in there, both have the white spots and clamped fin but are eating and active. I ordered a fish from dandy orandas and it's on hold for a couple weeks because I wanted to get my quarantine tank set up. So....here are my questions Quarantine tank for one fish 1. Do you just use a Sterilite brand storage bin or a regular glass tank (15-20 gallon) I don't want anything too fancy, simple is great. If my current media is in the ich tank I can't use any of it to cycle the quarantine tank or my new tank to put my new fish in so what can I do? Everyday water changes and Prime? My fish comes in less than 2 weeks. 2. What filtration should I use in my 15-20 gallon quarantine tank or tub (that's not cycled now because of the ich) Treating my tank/fish with salt, I am confused on the dosage and I don't want to overdose the tank. In the "Complete Guide to care and collecting fancy goldfish" book he states: Add 1 tsp of salt per gallon of water every 12 hours for 3 applications, so I have a 40 gal tank so 40 total tsp's . So do I do this: 1st application: 40 tsp's 2nd application 12 hours later: 40 tsp's 3rd application 12 hours later: 40 tsp's So a total of 120 tsp of salt over 3 applications? That seems like A LOT Or is the 40 tsp's of salt the TOTAL Amount and needs to be divided into the 3 applications 1st application:13.33 tsp's 2nd Application: 13.33 tsp's 3rd Application: 13.33 tsp's Carbon is out of HOB filter, water is in good ANY CONSISTENT ADVICE WOULD BE SO GREATLY APPRECIATED Kayla
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