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  1. Was looking good and acting normal Sunday evening when I came home from the weekend. Then I fed him 4 pellets and he didn't take that too well as soon after started swimming randomly and twisting, Now it's 2 days that he's been bent towards his left side, kinda apathetic, sitting on the bottom of the tank and only rarely swimming/twisting. I'm considering killing him, as I don't think he'll get over this and it just stresses me out seeing him like that... Any idea what might have happened to him Sunday evening? Maybe I learn something new...
  2. Ok, thanks a lot for your help, everybody. I will quarantine the fish with salt and not operate him, as I don;t think I have the useful tools for that...
  3. Hi, I've been away over the weekend. When I came back I noticed that the filter intake grill had fallen off and my black moor gut sucked in by it and cut is eye pretty bad (see pics). The cut piece still hangs by the bottom of his head. He is swimming almost normally, albeit looks slower than usual to me and hangs quite a lot on the surface. Also I don;t know what the white stuff is. Do you have any ideas how I could help him? Many thanks.
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