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  1. Chris here.... Yay!!! She looks so much better... :happydance I was wondering... If her eggs are slow to release are due to not having a male to chase her around??? I have seen in videos that the males are relentless in chasing the females, maybe that chasing activity helps the female push out the eggs.... :idont

  2. Huh. I do see it but it beats me what could cause it, especially in a tank without a tankmate. Weeeeird!

    Right?!  It's weirding me out!


    OK... so I got home and I could see that she laid some more eggs today.  As I got closer to the tank, her bum looks like it's about to explode with eggs!  Poor thing :(  What can I do to help her?  She looks soooooooo uncomfortable.  Also, it looks like she hasn't touched her breakfast... which I'm sure has to do with the fact that she's pretty full!


    Oh!!! Poor little mama... She must be miserable.... :(

  3. Try feeding duckweed only in a spacious shallow container.  You want the minimum depth that covers him.  The more he swims in an upright position, the better he gets at it.  After a month of normal swimming in the swallow tank,  you can try gradually raising the water level.  Maybe he can eventually return the the main tank, but certainly not soon.  


    If you can make space for for a large underbed tote, you can put a friend in with him.  I have kept two adult fish in a 10 gallon underbed tote for two weeks with daily 100% water changes and no filter.  With a large tote you can add a filter and not have to change so much water.


    After two weeks of duckweed only, you can add floating pellets one at a time.  You want minimum contact between the pellet and the water before the fish eats it to avoid creating an edible film.

    Thank you... :heart I will move both to a low water tub... I also will get some more duckweed, since I have that special "no" growth skill with plants... grrrrrrrr.

  4. I've tried something for the last several days that may minimize the surface slurping. I have one goldfish that had been doing surface slurping after eating, which then resulted in several hours of floating at the top. Now, after feeding them, each time this one goldfish would go to the surface, I would gently push him back down with a spoon and say "Down, down." I did this the first time yesterday morning. I had to hang around the tank for two hours to do this training. As a result no floating. Then at the evening feeding, I hung out for about 45 minutes and used the spoon while saying "down, down." Now this morning, I noticed that I did not have to use the spoon and words that much--he did not go to the surface as often. I did hang out for 30 minutes this time. This goldfish responded to "down, down" so I didn't have to use the spoon much. I'll do the same tonight. Hopefully with some consistency and patience on my part, this goldfish will be trained to minimize the surface slurping and avoid being floating for hours at a time.

    Hi Lisa, I'll give that a try.... :). Thank you!!! I just put Mr. Potato Head back in the tank... Oh!!! He is such a happy boy right now... He was seriously missing his tank mates... And I think his tank mates were missing that bossy boy as well... :rofl3

    I'm hoping that skimmer will help change his behavior... fingers and fin are crossed.... :bubbles

  5. Chris here... Built the skimmer and it's in the tank... Got to figure out how to camouflage it.... NOT the prettiest thing to look at.... I sure do hope that it it's an effective fix so that Mr. Potato Head can get over being floaty... it's been running all night...

    Shakaho, how soon should I try to put Mr. Potato Head back in the tank??? To day is day 3 of being in the in low water tub. His was butt down all day yesterday and is still but down this morning... :)

    Edit: Should I run the skimmer 24/7 or a specific number of hours per day, or a couple days per week???


  6. Chris here... Mr. Potato Head is not butt up nor floaty in the tub this morning but he is crooked swimming, listing to one side or the other... Silly fish.... Not getting excited yet because his floatiness has been random... I was reading on Amoonklein post about water issues, Shakaho recommended a skimmer for the tank... I looked at the diy video... Looks simple enough... Do you think this would be beneficial for my tank??? The floatiness Mr. Potato Head has is self inflicted by eating bubbles at the top of the tank... Now two of my other babies are starting to do the same behavior... But as yet they have not become floaty... your imput is greatly appreciated.... :)

  7. Well, I think I figured out what the problem could be!


    I figured I'd do a water change on the main tank since I got home early today.  My motto lately has been: when in doubt, change the water out.


    I gave the sump a drain as well and while draining it, I pulled the bottom drawer out and used the gravel vac in the media.  The amount of gross that came out was... well... gross!  Once I saw the amount of debris that I was sucking up, I pulled the whole drawer out and dumped the media into a bucket with tank water.  I took it outside and swished the "you know what" out of it and did a few rinses with old tank water.


    No wonder the goldfish have been sulky.  I wouldn't feel well either if I had to be around a bunch of decomposing organics   :(

    I feel pretty bad right now.  I've been "cleaning" the sump as part of my regular maintenance, but I've been cleaning it by draining, "swishing" the tower back and forth, and replacing the polyfill.  Ugh... I should know better.  I need to be treating it like a giant canister.


    I'm in the process of refilling the tank now and hopefully the goldfish start to perk up again?  I'm making the assumption that the dirty sump is the source of the problem and hopefully nothing else is going on... hopefully.


    I will be keeping a close eye on everyone to see if there is improvement.


    Lesson learned... the hard way.

    Oh dang!!!! I have been keeping a note book on water testing, WCs and filter cleaning... There is sooooo much to keep track of between tank maintenance, Quarantines, injuries, new fishys and now floaty fish... Really helps me keep my head on straight... I also discovered that the covers to the uptake tubes of my AC70s really makes a difference in how much gook is in the filter at cleaning time... I am thinking that I'm going to clean them 2 to 3 times a week... I cleaned them today at wc... wow!!! There's a whole lot of stuff in them... yucky!!! I have fingers and fins crossed that you found the issue that was making your babies act off kilter... :)

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