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  1. Maybe if I win the lotto!!! I would love ❤️ to have an RO system... Then I wouldn't have to scape the top glass every dang week...
  2. Chris here... Dang! I got a water issue again... California has been a 5 year drought... The rain fall we are getting this winter has officially ended the drought in th north but we in this south have not had an official declaration as yet... But after 5 years of minimal rain... The large rain runoff is messing with the city water... Grrrrrr... up until last week my tap water has always been PH 8.2, Ammonia.25, Nitrite 0 and Nitrates 0.... Now with all the runoff my tap is PH 8.0 - 8.2, Ammonia .25 - .50, Nitrite 0 and Nitrates 10 . So guess who is doing a WC every 3 days... I know it's temporary... But dang it all, I'm not liking it!!! Does anyone have any suggestions to assist me in managing this short term pain in my booty??? Thanks in advance...
  3. Chris here... I ordered the balls, before they landed in the gutter... I'll use a couple of them in a QT tub to check the potency... .
  4. Chris here... Yay!!! They really are "fantastic"!!!!
  5. Chris here... awesome water piggys!!! . When did they come???
  6. Chris here... Thanks so much!!! My hubby did an awesome job growing and fattening them up while I was away... I'm amazed how big they are now!!!
  7. Chris here... When is Chunk coming home??? You got a cutie!!!
  8. Chris here!!! Just had to do an update on my Amoonklein baby that's NOT a baby anymore! I just came home from being away from my fishes for two months and look what happened!!!
  9. Chris here... what kind of fish will this baby grow into??? Soooooo cute!
  10. Might be a good idea to fast for a day or two . . . The fish, not your husband. Sounds like the husband needs food! Chris here... You are toooo funny!!! Love it!!!
  11. Chris here... Thank you all!!! When I told my hubby what the consensus was of what he was seeing, catching and putting in the garbage disposal was poop... His response was WTH, "I don't even poop that big!!!" The way it was moving around the tank he thought for sure it was alive... Really bad videos for sure... but I thought to ask the experts just in case since I'm not there... I hope to get home next week so he won't have do care for the fishys any more... They are mine... So he really is doing a great job with some thing he has not done before... (And doing it for two months!!!) I think I'll keep him...
  12. Chris here... Hi all... I need your help for my Hubby... I'm still I'm the Pacific Northwest on a family emergency... Almost 2 months now... but we do what we can for our loved ones... My hubby has been bravely caring for my water babies while I have been gone... And has been doing a great job... But 0'dark thirty this morning he sent me two very poor quality videos and asked me "WTH" is this??? (That was the exact message with the videos). Of course I have absolutely no clue... I asked him to take a picture of it out of the water... But he had sucked it out of the tank and sent it down the garbage disposal before he messaged me... I asked him if it was poop... He said it was too big for poop... I asked him if it was alive, he said that he thought so... I told him I would try to find out if any one on the forum know what it was and how it got in the tank.... The hubby has been doing weekly WCs of 90%. Tank is 40 gallons with 2 AC 70s, 1-24" air wand, 1- air stone and 1 diy skimmer to skim the protein from the surface water... Tank temp is set at 75 degrees.... I believe that he did the last water change on Friday, which is 4 days ago... I know my son's girlfriend has been testing the tank daily with the API Master test kit... I will have to get the latest numbers from her... but if any of the results were less that top quality, she would have let me know right away.... My hubby's last txt to me before he left for work was to contact "Seaquest DSV" for help! at least he has a sense of humor about freaking me out at 4:30 in the morning when I'm a few thousand miles a way... http://s86.photobucket.com/user/thelaphams/media/9769245D-27B9-4BD5-A3BA-7764ECFB4B8C_zpsenjxbehs.mp4.html http://s86.photobucket.com/user/thelaphams/media/D7198283-42F3-4826-B61E-1CB08279829D_zpswfygqlza.mp4.html Please advise.... Thanks in advance....
  13. Chris here... Soooooo sorry for the loss of your friend...
  14. Chris here.... beautiful water piggys and tank!!! .
  15. Chris here.... great looking water baby!!! You did good!!!
  16. Chris here.... love those chubby chus!!!!
  17. Chris here.... OMG!!! Your tanks are stunning!!! And you water piggys are awesome!!!
  18. Chris here... I think you can feel really good about your choice... There are quite a few green eyed members out here.... . Bravo!!!!
  19. Chris here... your baby is looking awesome!!!!
  20. Chris here... wonderful pictures... And the models are pretty stunning as well...
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