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  1. 3 minutes ago, fantailfan1 said:

    :yikes Not the POND!!! :yikes 


    i thought I was the only one who didn't loooove canisters.   If I realized there were so many of us around, I would have started a club!! :rofl   

    I have 2 AC70s on my 40B.   I don't think that would be enough filtration for my 75... :idont 

    Chris here...  I'm running 2 AC70's on my 40 gallon as well...  But I need the extra filtration because I'm overstocked...   :tomato: 

  2. On 6/25/2017 at 0:34 PM, mysterygirl said:


    Here's a poor quality photo of the Ryukins and Goldie. I couldn't catch one of the amoonklein babies, but she's fine.
    Perhaps doing the best, actually since I couldn't catch her, heh.


    Chris here...  My Nautilus is your Amoonklein babies brother :)...  your babies are looking fabulous!!! And are getting round!!!  Nautilus is getting a nicely defined hump and belly...  And he's tail is gorgeous and about 1/2 of his total length...  Ally's fishes know how to make beautiful babies!!!  We are soooo lucky that she shared them with us!!!   Hugs from Nautilus to his brothers and sisters...

  3. 39 minutes ago, fantailfan1 said:

    I mix my Repashy soilent green with NLS algae gel (I think that's what it's called :rofl ).  Then I've been adding some NLS Thera A pellets and a bit of koi clay.  I don't add veggies . . . 


    Broccoli probably isn't the best for them anyway as it can make them gassy. :o

    Chris here...  yes, broccoli does make for farty fishys...  But my fatties do love broccoli!!! :rofl3 

  4. On 3/13/2017 at 6:39 PM, Goldiegirl said:

    Sakura ryukin? 

    Love the unusual color pattern. When the fish gets big it will be a stunner I'm sure. :whistle

    Hi Goldiegirl,   Chris here...  As far as colors Nautilus is dark orange, yellow and white...  I originally pick this one out because when his markings looked like the markings on a cow... LOL!!! I thought he was unique in that way...  He was pretty much yellow and white, now the dark orange is more prominent but the white and yellow stand out nicely against the orang...   

    Thanks for your kind comments... :)

  5. Chris here...  I'm pleased to report that there has not been anymore poop monster sightings... :rofl3  And the hubby was really happy to be relieved of fish duty when I finally came home...  He says that he is now the official "Fish Whisperer" in the house!!!  At that pronouncement, Mr. Potato Head responded with a large tail splash while the hubby was next to the tank... :rofl2

    Gotta love a guy that battles poop monsters! :heart


  6. Chris here....  I have been using the search engine to find the posting regarding quarantine, Prazi Pro and salt issues...  I plead brain damage...

    So I'll ask... :crazy: 

    1) For quarantine:  raise temp to 80 degrees and Salt gradually raised to 3%.   1 week?  2 weeks?

    2) Prazi Pro:  No Salt?  5 or 7 rounds?  Raise Temp to 80 or leave at 75 ish?

    I have two juvenile orandas that I have adopted...  One has pronounced swimming challenges...  and the other has be come it's very best friend...  very supportive to the swim challenged one...  I'm hoping to provide a home that they can thrive in...

    both are in a low QT tub and will finish week one of salt tomorrow...

    Thanks so much!!! :heart 



  7. Chris here...  well the rain will be leaving tomorrow...  I was able to collect about 6 gallons of rain water....  I have a new fish coming on Wednesday...  So I set up a QT tub at about 70% tap and 30% rain...  the result of the blend is PH 8, Ammonia .25, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5....  I double dosed with prime and plan to add purigen to the filter and retest tomorrow...  I'm hoping that that will be a good start for the QT while our city water has huge run off issues...  the tap is still testing at PH 8, Ammonia .50, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10...  yuk!!!  I have about 4 gallons of rain water ? remaining for my 40 gal for a partial WC this week...  

    I may have to purchase water on temp basis until the city's water settles back down...  if so what is the best option???  

    Dang...  I really hate water issues.... :tantrum 

    Thanks for your help!!! :heart 


  8. Chris here... Buckets are out.. Trying to catch the rain....  The hubby thinks I'm nuts :crazy: as usual....  He says is is the "Fish Whisperer" you know... :booty Based on is wonder care of them, when I was 2 month away of a family emergency...  Which is most likely very true... But that doesn't include the poop monster emergency he had... :rofl3 And I didn't have the :heart to remind him of it.... :teehee 

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