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  1. Chris here... Sat. 7/2... Pre-WC... PH = 8.0 -8.2, ammonia = 0-.25, nitrite = 5.0, nitrate = 10...

    Zeolite tub: PH=8.2, ammonia = .50-1.0, nitrite =0, nitrate = 0...

    Shakaho, the zeolite tub ammonia is higher than tap water... I'm going to dump it and start over... ☹ I'll put fresh wat in today and see if I can get it or work.... I have the worst water juju....

    WC size recommendation???? 75, 80,100

  2. Chris here... Being a rookie at keeping water babies, I need to add to the plastic idea... I used a trash bag on the floor first then add a retired bath towel (folded twice) on top of it... I have learned very quickly that I can become distracted while siphoning out water after the vacuuming is complete... And the bucket got a little tooooo full... :(. More like a mini flood... I have done a lot of water changes in the last month... Necessity is the mother well learned lessons... :)

    PS: and to be very honest, I have had to run and get one, two or three extra towels.... But only twice so far... ;)

    Oh one more thing... I use my poop water to help with water the plants outside... At least till my husband says "STOP IT!!! (The leaves are turning yellow from too much water!!!). As I said... LOTS of water changes... :(

  3. Chris here... WC is done... Turkey baisted the filters as well. Will test the tank to see the post change numbers in about 1/2 hr... And post the numbers... :)

    Chris here... Post WC test results 2hrs later: PH = 8.0, Ammonia = 0-.25, Nitrite = .25 - .50, Nitrate = 0-5

    Prime, stress guard and aquarium salt used to treat tank...

  4. Purchased a new one and the store owner used test strips to test the water as well... My bottle and the new bottom tested to the exact same numbers....

    What  were the before and after nitrite readings?

    Hi Shakaho, I had after WC water with me... It tested at 2.0. :(. I'm getting ready to test this mornings numbers just as soon as I finish my coffee... It's 6:30 am here on the west coast...

  5. Chris here... This is a good question.... I'm a newbie so teach on... So far I have been giving my two ranchus two mouthfuls of the Soilent Green then giving them a mix if 8 pellets each of Hikari Alison head and New Life Spectrum Thera+A.... At there feeding... :)

  6. I sure don't know what's happening, but your fish are safe, so just hang in there.

    Chris here... Thanks!!! Will do... I'm going to have nice arms for the summer with all this bucket lifting and carrying... Thank god I don't have a super sized tank... I would be in deep doo doo... (Like I'm not already) ;)

  7. Your water issues are perplexing - you couldn't be in better hands though. Shakaho is wonderful :). I hope the zeolite helps out and we can get to the bottom of this.

    Chris here... Arctic Mama, thank you for the encouragement... I took my whole nitrite kit to another fish store and tank water as well... Purchased a new one and the store owner used test strips to test the water as well... My bottle and the new bottom tested to the exact same numbers.... My head just exploded... I think these two Raunchus are playing an evil eye trick on me... The man at the fish store recommended "Shark colony freshwater professional grade nitrifying bacteria" And stop doing water changes.... And my head exploded a second time.... I bought the new nitrite test and a KH test since my PH has the high range readings... My husband is threatening to lock me in a rubber room... But, at least my two Chus are not showing and ill effects of the high nitrites... I'm sure sure Shakaho has the patience of a saint, by her willingness to figure out this crazy puzzle... She has been wonderful... :)

  8. Chris here.... 6/30 am pre WC numbers: PH = 8.0-8.2, Ammonia = .25, Nitrite = 5, Nitrate = 10-20.

    Started the zeolite pump last night... This morning I tested the water twice for an ammonia reading.... Grrrrrr. Fist test showed ammonia at 1.0. Second test showed .50- 1.0 I must be a special kind of stupid in testing... It's worse than the tap water :( I also,tested PH = 8.0-8.2, nitrite = 0, nitrate = 0...

    Please just shoot me now!!!

  9. I'd put it in a bag.  A nylon stocking works fine.  I wouldn't bother with distilled water, just rinse it, unless the instructions gave a good reason why you need distilled water.

    Chris here... No that was the only instruction... I will set it up now and test the water in the morning....

    Thank you....

  10. Chri here... Shakaho, The Zeolite has arrived... The instructions say to

    Rinse the product in distilled water... I need to get some... That is the only information.... Should I place it in a nylon bag or should I just set loose in the filter chamber... Thanks!!!

  11. Just stop worrying about nitrite until you get a new nitrite kit (available on line). The tests you got at the shop say you can believe your 0.25 ppm post water change reading over the large reading before the water change. If you get that reading immediately after a 75% water change, you had 1 ppm before the change. If you get it after a 50% water change, you had 0.5 ppm. Your tank should complete cycling soon. I say all this because:

    Prime and 1 teaspoon of salt/10 gallons, protect your fish from both ammonia and nitrite, so your fish are safe.

    You have nitrate appearing regularly. This means you have a population of NOBs, it just needs to grow a bit.

    Since your nitrite level doesn't not appear to actually go over 2 ppm, it probably doesn't slow nitrite oxidation much.

    How old is your test kit? Do you find an expiration date on it? All the readings except for nitrite appear reasonable.

    Continue daily water changes until the nitrite goes away. You can do 50% or 75% as you prefer.

    Do use the zeolite to pretreat your tap water until your tank reads consistent zero ammonia and zero nitrite before the water change.

    Hi Shakaho, here are the numbers for today's....

    B4 WC PH = 8.0 - 8.2, Ammonia = .25, Nitrite = 2 - 5, Nitrate = 5-10

    After WC Ammonia = .25, Nitrite = .25-.50, Nitrate = 5

    Prime, salt, stress guard and turkey basted both filters... :)


    PS: 75% WC

  12. Chris here.... Dearest Shakaho, You are the bomb!!! Thank soooooooo much for your time and efforts to help me through all of this... This relieves my mind... I will test this morning before and after... Continue with prime and salt... The tub is full of water, mini filter in place and zeolite should arrive today... So tomorrow's WC should bet ammonia free... Yay!!!

    The Nitrite test bottle show an exp date of 01/2021, grrrrrrrr..... :(. Bad batch I guess... I will post today's numbers and go forward...

    I am so great full that your here and for this forum... Gratitude to Koko for pioneering this resource and making it available to all :)

    More to come....


  13. Chris here... I have just journeyed thru your stories.... They are wonderful!!! What a lovely home you have given your fish...:) and like everyone else I absolutely love your viewing dome soooo clever... I must show it to some dear friends that bought a new home and inherited a " Koi pond" with 7 fish... Oops, 9 fish... They added two fancys 1 Oranda and 1 Fantail... Thank you for sharing your journey... ;)

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