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  1. Hi! Chris here...  Here is the finished layout of the tank...  I’m sure it will evolve over time, but for now this is as good as it gets....  My boys think they are interior decorators...  every time I turn around the are rearranging glass pebbles and plants...I guess they think they have a better idea... :rofl2

    Enjoy!  😉



  2. 1CCA42FF-93DC-4DBC-B616-6F22D7D32C9E.jpegChris here....  Houston we have a problem...😱😱😱.   The AC70’s (2) May be enough filtration along with the 2 sponge filters...  But they don’t fit on the rim of the tank! 😖😖😖...  Not a good thing, especially since I found out mid transfer from tank to tank...  Got one to hang on temporary till this morning and have to run out and upgrade to 2 AC110’s...  They fit perfectly...  So now I’m over filtered again...  Oh, darn.... :rofl I’m never ever getting a larger tank than this one!!!  This one is huge!!!  It’s amazing but huge... I’m going to have to really look at it for a while to how to lay everything out...  but definitely stay mostly bare bottom...  but for now it’s a work in progress...  😉😉😉

  3. Hi!  Chris here...

    Santa brought me a 75 gallon tank this holiday season...  Holy cow!!!  And I I thought my 40 gallon was big!!! :rofl my question is ....  Will my 2 AC70’s, 2 4 inch sponge filters and one skimmer be enough filtration for this mansion that my fishys are moving into???  I know that I was over filtered in the 40 gallon tank with the 2 AC70’s, one 4 inch filter and the skimmer...  But It was necessary because I was over stocked and that  filtration kept the water pristine between WC’s...  I’m hoping the additional sponge filter will be enough to keep the 70 gallon in the same pristine condition...

    Your advice is greatly appreciated...

    Thanks soooooo much,

    Chris. ;)


  4. Chris here...  My Ranchu, Mr. Potato Head loves to be pet... And he loves to flirt with people...  Most of our friend can’t believe that a fish could have soooooo much character... His picture is part of my signature... :heart


  5. Hi, Chris here...  I would continue testing your water daily until your sure that your cycle is stable with your water change schedule...  I also run a small sponge filter in the tank rather than an air stone, that also adds to the good beneficial bacteria...   In the beginning I struggled for months to establish a strong tank, but with the awesome expertise here in KOKO's I was able to get there...  As for Safe or Stability use...  use what ever is working for your water...  I live in Corona, CA and our water is krazy hard municipal water...  There are soooo many products out there, again benefiting from the groups experts will get you there...  definitely check out the great resource materials here on the site as well...  There is sooooo much to be learned ...  I learned something new almost every day my first year...  Best wishes... :)



  6. Hi, Chris here...  my Ranchu gets this same white dots... I agree that they look like wen growth...  They usually go away within a day of me seeing them... :)   As for your filter, I have Aqua Clear on my 40 gallon tank...  I run 2 AC70's on mine, but I am over stocked in my tank...  I do 100% water changes every Monday and alternate cleaning 1 of the filters each week...  I also have .25 Ammonia in my tap water...  I find that Prime and Stabilty keep my cycle balanced with the weekly maintenance...  Best of luck with you fish...  They are very nice looking water babies... :goldfish: 

  7. Chris here...  my favorite Ranchu (Mr. Potato Head) does the same thing...  Yes it is very frustrating...  I even made a skimmer as Shakaho suggested, to no avail...  He also loves to go over the airstone to play and eat the bubbles...  I have faught the battle for over a year and the wacko still does it...  What I have done is put a glass container into the tank.  When he gets tired of fighting the floatys, I would direct him inside so he can rest and easily keep his little back for to much exposure to the air.  He will now go in on his own...  I wish you the best of luck in trying to change this goofy behavior... ;) 


  8. 4 hours ago, mjfromga said:

    Proper pearl scales will have the scales and roundness quite young. A user here named @Chris1251 got a tiny pearl scale named Hindenburg. He was super teensy but was very round already with his proper pearl scales. Yours won't ever get proper pearl scales. I like the way they look though. Very cool. She's very pretty.

    I have two boys that are 12 grams or so I've had for two months now. They've already got their breeding stars and joining the chase against the adult females. My female comet had a outtie vent at 13 grams and so I knew she was female. With some fish you can tell early.

    And yes I see a tiny crown. It probably won't get very big but we shall see. I will also ponder some names. 

    Chris here...  Here is a picture of the a for mention Hindenburg.... ;)




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