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  1. Hi, I am answering the questions so that hopefully someone can help me with my goldfish. A new problem has surfaced, the fantail has a few black spots on his gill and body. I read that it was a result of the skin healing but, I am not sure. Here it goes; Ammonia in tank- 0.25 did go to 0.50 did a water change went down. Nitrate-0 Nitrite-0 PH 7.8 Using an API drop freshwater test kit. Water Temp. 68-70 Fluval HOB 50-70 filter Tank is 37 gallons Water change yesterday 25% cleaned gravel as well 3 fish 2-orandas about 3-4 inches long and 1-fantail 3 inches long. Prime for ammonia, having problems cycling, ammonia goes up but not nitrate or nitrite. I use stress coat and also just API water conditioner. Sera (?) pellets which I soften first, peas 2-3 x a week. tetrafin flakes (I found out that it is not so good a food) I feed them now only 1x a day Medications in tank now is cupramine which I have tested every few days it is at 0.3% now. There is some antibiotic in there erythromycin for the septicemia which looks a bit better on two of the fish. One of the orandas looks much better the other oranda still looks ill, frayed fins, maybe a little ick. Two are swimming around fine, one is a bit slower.
  2. I am new to having goldfish. I have a 37 gallon tank with two orandas and one fantail. I didn't quarantine the fantail when I added him to the aquarium and now my fish all have ich. I have been using cupramine for two weeks with salt and ich is still there. The tank is not cycled so I am using prime as well. I called the company to see if I could use both prime and cupramine together and seachem told me that they could not be used together. Then, she said the opposite and said they could be used together if it was a day apart! I also am doing 25% water changes every three days. Lastly, they also came down with septicemia and I was treating that with erythromycin as directed on the package. I need direction where to go from here. One of the orandas does not look well, all three are eating well. Please help on what to do next.
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