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  1. Expensive, and lots of fittings that could potentially leak. Never used one - they scare me. I like to keep everything in the tank. Sponge filters and box filters just seem to be the least problematic.
  2. I prefer the versatility of goldfish. I can keep them in a pond outside. My sponge filters are on solar, so no electricity use. Tropicals are tempting, but then, I'd have the stress of tanks in the house (which could leak), and another addition to the electricity bill. The house is already crowded enough with vivs and bird cages - all of which require supplemental special spectrum lights, and/or supplemental heat. Outdoor goldfish are pretty much low-maintenance. Unscrew the plug at the base of the stock tank, and water the grass. Turn on the hose, and drop in a measured amount of Prime. I net out the gunk from the bottom to feed the potted plants. If we had more space and disposable income, I'd probably have a few 200 gal tanks in the house - one with goldfish, one with discus, and an oscar tank. Oscars are one of those animals that are so ugly, they are beautiful (like hairless rats).
  3. Strange. It WAS merged on my monitor after I posted it...double checked. Oh well, all is good. I find computers to be bit of a mystery.
  4. Dawn, I don't know how my post merged with yours. Still getting used to the new format on a few of the icons. Koko, do you know what I did wrong? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I'm sure it was rather unpleasant for them. I gave them a water change, and they seem to have come through it fine. After that one unexpected death a few weeks ago, however, I don't take anything for granted.
  6. I always thought the term, moor (spell?) meant that the fish remained a stable black. Jenny of Solid Gold had a recent update of her moors from the breeder Amy Shanka (spell?). I thought the fish were simply gorgeous, but they weren't black. Does this happen to all moors? I liked how Jenny set them up in the aquarium just for filming - very pretty. I want those fish, and that tank (although as a permanent home, it might have been a little overstocked). Wish I had more space....
  7. We had a nasty hail storm today. Hail the size of regular marbles mixed with big marbles. Intermittent heavy winds and hard rain at the same time. It crushed the roof in one of the out buildings, and of course, the tarp on the big tub was no real barrier. Both out door tubs basically had the equivalent of chests of ice dumped in with the fish. After that, a bunch of leaves and what-not blew in over the top. We had a bad roof leak in one of the bathrooms. As soon as it was safe to go out, my first priority was just to clear out and deal with the gutters. They weren't draining, as they were jammed with the piled up hail. I was afraid the weight might tear them down. (I think ice weighs nearly about as much as water.) Climbed on the slippery metal house roof to look for the leak, and found two holes, and smeared a bunch of roof tar over that (which didn't really want to stick, even though the label is wet/dry). So, with all that, the fish seem to be ok. I didn't feed them tonight - too much junk in the water as it is. I'll give them a nearly entire water change tomorrow. I HOPE we get decent weather for it. This afternoon was just still too crazy windy to make it worthwhile.
  8. I thought this was the best collection from Dandy Orandas I've seen yet. It was like entering a goldfish museum. Most of the fish are already sold, but you can find them on the side bar, and still view the close up pics. My favourite goldfish are always the long body hibunas, comets, and wakins. I like the way they move. There were some gorgeous offerings in hibunas and comets this week. ...and, they got snapped up. Lucky buyers. He keeps the prices lower on these beauties too, they aren't the $300+ ryukins, veils, etc. Worth a look, IMHO. Hope Ken buys more of the same on his next trip to China. No money, spare gallons, nor time for more fish right now, but if this is the direction the hobby in moving in, I'm all for it!
  9. I've read that they can be harmful in a mixed tropical aquarium. Can't remember where! IIRC, it was maybe something about the tiny bubbles getting stuck under a shrimp's carapace, and harming it. Have also read that it is better if dissolved gasses can have a chance to dissipate before adding the water to the aquarium. Not sure if that is exactly what goes on when mixing hot and cold, and adding straight from the tap.
  10. Whatever the cause (maybe breeding?), if one or more fish are getting stressed, then someone has to go. I'd remove the "bully" first, and see if that settles it. With a 100 gal spare, maybe separate two fish, so they all have company? Good luck with it.
  11. Thanks, everyone. They arrived at 2pm. Both in good shape. One eyed jack is cruising around like nothing happened at all. The one telescope eye is a BIG eye. Doesn't appear to be swollen, but big, as in, "are those real?" sort of big. (Reminds me of a lady on line, who is documenting her weight loss (90lbs and counting), who had a mastectomy, and reconstructive surgery back when she was much heavier. She said one side is like a water melon, and the other side is more of a fried egg.) Anyway, he is a cool fish, and I hope BF likes him as much as I do when he gets back from travel this week. The Tancho comet is enchanting. Looks like some other-worldly water sprite... a dream-like fairie fish. Definitely taking the trip harder than her tank mate, but I've had a few fish sulk after shipping. I expect she will perk up in a couple days. My apologies for the lack of pics.
  12. Will be shipped tomorrow, for Wednesday delivery. One is a tancho comet - always wanted one. The other is...umm...a one eyed black telescope. BF took a liking to it (For an extra fifteen bucks, we could have bid on the one with TWO eyes.) Well, at least it will have a loving home. Dandy Orandas auction. Quarantine will be a fifty gallon stock tank on the back patio (in mostly shade). I'm setting up that this evening.
  13. Koko, you don't understand; I live in the Stone Age. No cell, and old digital camera (gift) no longer has the cable...as if I even knew how to work that. I'll catch up someday. Promise.
  14. Old thread, so maybe moot, and a bit of a long shot, but maybe contact ThePondDigger? He has a channel on YouTube. He seems to work out of SoCal (could be wrong, but that is my impression). The fish would get good homes.
  15. Gengi came out of quarrantine today. He has been doing much better (floaty issues). His indoor tub needed a water change, and the three hundred gallon tub outside was newly water changed and siphoned. Also, their temps matched, which was nice. So, in he went with the six girls. They swam over to to him to investigate...do fish greet each other? Do they remember each other? Was Gengi lonley by himself all Winter??? ...I'll probably never know. Anyhow, Gengi has breeding stars. He seems to be enjoying himself. I hope the girls don't find him too fresh.
  16. I keep several worm bins. When one starts to get a bit deep and heavy, I just start another. Any tote will do, just don't fill it too high. The shallow bedding solves the same problem that Linda's set up solves with the draining fleece - anerobic bedding from too much moisture. Promotes happy, healthy, abundant worms.
  17. Yup, busy. (Maybe I can loose some weight now, too. Packed on a little extra padding this winter.) Fish are back enjoying the big tub (I want a couple more of those!). They spent all day today covered under a tarp, however. Bad windstorm. They wouldn't appreciate getting pelted with falling pecans, and the tar paper from the roof across the street is in little pieces all over our yard. (Not very happy with the owner of that abandoned property, at the moment.) One of my greenhouses actually flipped over. Fortunately, it was empty, so nothing hurt, and not too much damage done. Here is a lesson to Y'all: Don't go "window shopping" unless you are planning to buy a fish! Found something beautiful, lovely, mysterious, of a delightful and unusual shade, moves well in the video....Haven't yet asked Steve at RG for an invoice yet....
  18. Six of the goldies overwintered in the 300 gallon tub. Genji spent the winter inside. He wasn't doing well in the cooler weather. Anyway, we are getting a Conex shipping container for storage and it is going into the space that the 300 currently occupies. Also, the weather is much warmer now here in NM. Huge yard clean-up and re-arrangement. Things will be more attractive, and MUCH more efficient. The plants and fish tubs will actually be reasonably close to the hose - duh. No it was not quite like that before - lots of awkward turns and tight pathways while carrying buckets. So, I set up and filled the 100 gal to hold the six fish until I've finished draining and cleaning and levelling for the 300 gal. I also set up and filled a 50 gal so Genji can have a little more space (I don't want him in with the others just yet.) I think the six aren't very happy crowded into the 100 gal. I hope to have the 300 levelled out and filled tomorrow, so they can go in the following day. All this has me (of course) over at Raingarden window shopping all the pretty fish. 'Cause after all, things will be more efficient, right? Fortunately, money is a limiting factor at the moment - we just bought a Conex box. remember. Those things are not cheap, but now I can better organise the house, yard, and out-buildings.
  19. Too cute! Love the background. Photogenic little guys.
  20. That winner is a beauty. Cute too.
  21. Ok but I think a 55 can do 3 fancies it's my opinion don't get mad. Nobody will get mad. Of course you can put 3 goldfish in a 55, but you have to increase your water changes over what we recommend. I wouldn't put ANY fancies in a 55, because they do better in a tank that allows easy turns for a fish that doesn't bend, but you could certainly do 3 comets. Well the main selling point of the 60 gallon to me is the LED lights. Is there any cheap LED lights for a 40B? Re. LED, check the recent YouTube by the KingofDIY. He got some cheap lights off Amazon, and has had good results with them.
  22. Distaff

    My Betta

    I like him too. Very striking. Reminds me of a Spanish bullfighter. Name?
  23. Tastes differ. The fish that win at shows look extreme and unbalanced to me. In my observation, market demand seems to follow the form of the show winners, so breeders select for more extreme fish. I notice this in Ryukin, esp. I prefer a modified hump, and a graceful circular impression, with a *nose* (proper term?) that faces straight forward, and is not tilted up. I don't care for the shape of the bottom heavy fish with the stacked top that appears to be taller than long, and can barely swim. When they are just right, to my eye, they are striking, and I'll take a pretty one that isn't even quite there, over a show winner any day. My taste, certainly not the judges'! To each his own. Maybe contact a breeder and describe what you specifically want? There may be some culls available that would fit.
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