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  1. in tank... pH: 7.6 Ammonia: 0.5ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm (WHY?) Doing a large water change. Like 70% then I'll add the salt back in. Other ideas? I can't loose these guys too.
  2. Oh and I got all of this only filter and water still cloudy.
  3. Okay guys @koko wanted me to start a new thread with the fish I have now. Soxxy passed away, now I just have mae and beauty. Mae is acting like she has swim bladder now and Beauty still bottom sitting. I gave Mae some of the medicated food with metroplex. I added salt to the tank. What should I do? ?
  4. Update: Soxxy passed away this morning. ? Now to figure out about my main tank..
  5. Adding aquarium salt to the main tank. Now I'm worried.
  6. Mae in the main tank is looking like she wants to go butt up too!! So I gave her some of the medicated food. Do I treat the whole main tank too?? Beauty isn't floating but still bottom sitting. I'm falling apart.
  7. Update on Soxxy: she got some of her medicine in her food earlier but will not eat this evening and is so upside down. ?
  8. And like, do I need a new filter?? what the heck is this?!
  9. I made it to 2 weeks and about 3 days and then stopped because I thought maybe it was the praziquantel making her act like that, but now that we've been off of it for almost a week with water changes and she's the same, I'm not sure. Should I add some of this Metroplex to the main tank? I added a little to the hospital tub and gave her some in her food as suggested.
  10. Should I add more Prazi to the main tank or is she still pouting from before? Since she is still bottom sitting like crazy? GAH
  11. @koko So I did a 65% water change on my main tank and Beauty is still bottom sitting. She comes up and swims but resides back down there. Should I be concerned it's no longer because of the Prazi treatment?
  12. Okay, I will run to the store tomorrow. Thank you friends. I appreciate your help. Poor thing is just completely upside down. I can't imagine.
  13. I have Seachem Kanaplex on hand, but I'm guessing that isn't the same?
  14. Thank you!!! I think my fish store actually has that! I'll check tomorrow, if not I will order it but I worry about Sox not making it. How much would I add in the gel food mix?
  15. If she does have swim bladder would this help as well? Can I at least get the metro from the fish store? How much would I add to gel food? Thank you!!
  16. This is what I'm thinking. She is now completely floating upside down but still alive!! I thought with swim bladder it causes them to be upside down as well? Do you have a brand I should look at the fish store for? Never heard of metronidazole food.
  17. Poor thing is upside down in her plastic tub. I have a wonder shell in there as well.
  18. She was last month with Prazi, the whole tank was but she started acting normal again and just since yesterday starting playing down by the filter intake and getting herself stuck. ?
  19. Yes I moved Soxxy in a tote very similar to the second one you linked. Thank you!
  20. Well it's just that the green and and awful cloudiness is new and we weren't having issues when it was clear. ? Came home and she was stuck to the filter again. She is acting like she hasn't been able to get oxygen because she keeps gettng stuck and just super topsy tirvey. just transferred her to a storage container. I'm adding Prime and a wonder shell, do I need to put a sponge filter in there? Daily water changes? ? @koko
  21. I think she deprived herself of oxygen.
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