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  1. Thank you!!! Thank you. I love your quote in your signature. “In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.” -- The Doctor -- The 9th is my fave! Thank you!!!
  2. Actually no, I load my video in Sony Vegas and then find the loops I want then load them into Photoshop and make my gif there. Its a long process but I love the challenge.
  3. Here is another Gif I made of the two enjoying Peas...
  4. So going to give this Blog thing a try. About a week ago my Sam and Dean were living in closed quarters in a 29 Gallon tank... They just didn't seem happy. Yes I did have the tank overstocked with deco and they also were sharing the tank with two fantails. I decided to move them to a 55 gallon tank so they would be happy. I did my first water test after a week of cycling and everything turned out wonderful. Amonia, Ph, Nitrate, Nitrate all perfect! Debating on when to make a water change. Maybe Saturday. We shall see. I also started feeding my babies peas and god Dean is SUCH a PIG. He could not get enough of them and poor Sam was trying so hard to get one. The whole time and even after the feast Dean had a green mustache. Sam- "C'mon let me have a bite." Finally Dean decided to share. Two Peas in a Pod...
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