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  1. Looks like somebody used it as a fish tank, so you should be OK https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R2RIO9YPM5DYGK
  2. Great point! In my case the pH is always as solid as a rock, out of the tap, or sitting aerated for days. My best guess is that it must be dissolved nitrogen? (since the oxygen test flatlines at zero). I am not a chemist, but I suppose it could be dissolved carbon dioxide (or a portion is), and the water is just sufficiently buffered to keep the pH stable.
  3. I think you're supposed to give it an extra day between dips? (Not trying to tell you what to do, but just to prove that I'm reading and paying attention, haha.)
  4. Well, she ate something, so that must be good news! I wonder what colour the inside of a goldfish's mouth is supposed to be? I have no idea! (I know that the inside of my mouth is red, and that seems to be normal for humans.) If her mouth is red, then does a little salt in the water help to ease irritation? Or maybe the Melafix/Pimafix products could be useful? But usually it's just clean water that's needed, and some time to heal. No need to complicate things unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Not sure if this helps, but I noticed this from another thread http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/105076-schedules-for-the-treatment-of-flukes-etc-using-praziquantel/
  6. The only cool thing I remember about my (pretty cheap) TDS meter, is when I dosed salt to 0.3% in the tank, and the TDS meter displayed 3000 (ppm). 0.3 out of 100 is 3000 out of 1000000! So I think it indicated that I actually dosed my salt correctly! I was pretty amazed by that, but maybe I have a small mind, haha.
  7. That is a very interesting observation! I didn't consider the "distance to the surface" as a measure of protection or satisfying their instincts to seek deep water. I may have inadvertently trained my goldfish to be so "domesticated" that he can't adapt to the "real world." I will add one other cautionary remark for large water changes -- watch out if you have well water. My well water tests to have a dissolved oxygen level of zero (undetectable). So I put the new water into large "bins" with an airstone for about a day prior to try to oxygenate the water to near tank levels. Also, well water can contain dissolved gases (because the water is under pressure?), and so this also allows time for the water to "gas off." I definitely had dissolved gases, because you could see bubbles forming in the water if it was just allowed to stand. I have no idea what this gas/these gases could be (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, ?). I could not detect any appreciable odour, although the gassing off could have been happening so gradually that my nose didn't notice the smell.
  8. I tested the water with my TDS meter, and got 66! What does this mean? Of course, there could still be lots of suspended solids in the water... are suspended solids bad? Shimmy's usual water is TDS 130, KH/GH 5/6. The pond water is TDS 66, KH/GH 3/3, which means the pond water is about "twice" as soft? (The TDS is half, and also the KH/GH are about half, assuming the KH/GH are linear measures?) I also tested the water again, and the pH was about 7.4 or 7.5. Same as last time, which is a relief. Temperature was about 76F (the thermometer in the TDS meter is +/- 2 degrees). I will ask to test the pond owner's tap water next, to see how the TDS/KH/GH differs from the pond.
  9. With any luck, and with the knowledge you already possess, your tiny babies will grow up to be... less cute, perhaps, but arguably with even more personality. Haha. I get the feeling that my fish thought, "Hey, if the water keeps dropping like this, then we'll soon be left high and dry!" But they seem to realise after a while that it's a water change, and it's not a leaky tank. Isn't that just it!!!!! Given how little I knew when I first started keeping goldfish, I think finding a goldfish forum like this one is one of the best gifts you can give your fish.
  10. I really miss those days. Now my goldfish is 14 inches long. He won't even fit in a 5 gallon bucket. I used to empty the water in my 140-gallon stock tank as low as I could before the fish started to panic, then refill, turn the filter on a while to mix it up, and then repeat. If we say that each time was a 70% water change, then two 70% water changes would be a 70% + (70% of the 30% left) = 91% water change. Which is the best I could do, if I felt really keen to make it clean.
  11. Conventional wisdom might say that gradual changes are always better, but my goldfish didn't mind large water changes after a salt (0.3%) tank treatment. After all, a salt dip at 3%, then back to fresh water (or even 0.3%), is undoubtedly more of a "shock" to the system, and most fish tolerate that just fine. How do people do 100% water changes? Wouldn't the fish be flopping around on the glass/gravel/sand? Haha. I suppose one could remove the fish temporarily, but that sounds like too much trouble/stress to do for every water change.
  12. The curse of Lou's sweet-tasting slime? I don't mean to joke, because it's all quite distressing. If he's "oversliming," then maybe it's parasites? A salt dip might slough off his slime coat, and then allow him to reslime afresh... or maybe the other goldfish will enjoy Lou's salted slime even more than his plain slime? Sorry, that sounded like another joke. Oh... and please disregard these comments, because I am not a mod, obviously.
  13. Thank you! In my short web searches I came across a link that mentioned the flukes might be only on one side, so to check both sides to be sure... sounds pedantic, but who knows. Also, it says to be careful about lifting the gill cover too much, because it's possible for bones to break (I'm cringing just thinking about it). http://www.koiphen.com/forums/showthread.php?96462-How-to-actually-scrape-for-gill-flukes&p=1602635#post1602635
  14. I just visited to check Shimmy's status, and he's as active as I've ever seen him in the pond so far. He's nowhere as active as the other fish, but he's not hiding, doesn't look stressed, and doesn't seem to look like a goldfish who hasn't eaten for the last 20 days (total time he's been in the pond so far). So at least he doesn't appear to be deteriorating, and neither of his eyes appear swollen. I didn't net him to check up close, because I don't want to stress him further unless absolutely necessary. His right eye looks the same (i.e., completely covered over and an opaque pupil). Probably it's a waiting game now. The prazi has now been in for 2 days, and the Melafix for 4 days. If I see any improvement at all in his eye I could re-prazi after 7 days, say (I really don't think it's eye flukes). My current theory is leaning heavily towards blunt trauma to the eye(s) when I dropped him. I just hope he stabilises or recovers to the point where he's not completely blind. I want to send myself to prison for animal abuse, but of course I didn't do it on purpose. Just one of those ridiculous moments of pure carelessness, and Shimmy is paying for it. Next time I'll take my TDS meter, so that maybe I can get a better idea of what the water is really like. Thank you so much for all your help! I will now add "AOA" to my acronym library.
  15. Maybe you could help out with simple instructions for preparing a slide? What instrument do you use to do the actual scraping of the gills? My fish wriggles around so much it's almost as if I would have to use clove oil to calm him down first.
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