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  1. I went ahead and dosed the whole tank with the Rid-Ick since two others now have dots on their fantails. I raised the temp, but it will only go up two degrees a day. Should I add salt? I vacuum my thin layer of sand with every water change. My house should be as clean as this darn tank!
  2. I know and I really appreciate all the help I get here. This chrome book is the pits!
  3. I give up. I went and clicked on Sharon's Help form and hit Copy. When I hit Paste here , nothing happens. This has been a problem before. My chrome book also makes me change my password for this site every time I log in. This isn't an issue on my work computer.
  4. I did my twice weekly water change yesterday and I can't believe I missed this! Two other fish are showing symptoms. Water parameters are normal. I have Epsom salt and Kordon Rid-Ick Plus. Kanaplex and Metroplex, too. My tank is 125 gallons with about 10 small goldies. There is a 20 gallon QT tank set up. Should I just dose the whole tank? You folks saved Fred last year with your recommendation of antibiotics. Please advise! Thanks!
  5. I do two large water changes a week and the python is the only way to go. The idea of draining the tank into the sink isn't appealing, so I run it out the back door into the garden area.
  6. Mine will stay in a corner If they're a bit constipated.
  7. I have tons of open space in a house without cement foundation (groans!).
  8. Collecting these guys can be addicting. We bought a stock tank and set it up in the corner of the living room. It's 150 gallons, but will only be filled half way. I'm planning to move my telescopes and ranchu over to the tank when it's done cycling. The water level will only be about a foot deep and the swimming should be easier for them. Ethel , my butterball oranda will also be moved over. She arrived with float problems and this should help. I really like the wide open swim area this tank offers. Will post a video when done.
  9. That was a big order. Nimit must love you! LOL! He doesn't post pictures of all of his stock, so feel free to call him and see what he has. I snagged two 3 1/2 inch Orandas from him when they were $20 each. Very pretty fish!
  10. Is that dried seaweed? Where did you purchase it?
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